A Renewed Vision for Marife

Nov 14, 2016
By World Vision Philippines; Edited by Katie Hackett

Marife used to be constantly stressed. Besides working at a day care, she helped her husband sell fish. They worried and argued over money, and sometimes Marife lashed out at her children.

Afterward, she’d feel frustrated with herself, and her self-esteem suffered

Three years ago, Marife started volunteering with World Vision as a child monitor, checking up on kids in the community to ensure they were doing well. She found the work fulfilling and enjoyable. It gave her a sense of confidence and time management skills.
When she had the chance to attend a literacy training event for day care workers from the Albay and Sorsogon communities, she found fresh motivation in her teaching work, and brought home books for her class.
Marife found her attitude changing even more after learning about children’s rights. Today she says she’s a more responsible partner to her husband, mother to her children, teacher to her students and volunteer to her community.
Help a child realize their full potential. Give the gift of education.