Sri Lanka: the Flood in Photos

May 31, 2017
10-Minute Read

Above: World Vision staff are on the ground providing aid.

Heavy monsoon rains in Sri Lanka have led to massive flooding and landslides. Over 500,000 people have been affected, with 169 dead, 102 missing, and 75,308 have had to flee their homes.

World Vision is on the ground providing emergency relief, as the rain is expected to continue this week. We will continue to provide updates as they come.

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Mudslides in some regions have led to blocked roads.

Flood waters encroach on this house.

A helicopter delivers emergency assistance.

A man clears the mud from his living space.

Families walk through thigh-deep water to get aid.

Residents of this town have resorted to using boats.

Photos by World Vision Sri Lanka staff.