Make a splash with these costume ideas for the Polar Bear Dip

Dec 27, 2018

Once again, Oakville’s Coronation Park will see hundreds of colourfully dressed dippers participate in the Courage Polar Bear Dip for World Vision, to raise $120,000 for clean water projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With each passing year, the costumes get more imaginative! So, put on your creative hats, design your wear and jump into Lake Ontario. Who knows, you may even win one of the prizes for the most creative costume

Here are some ways dippers at our previous events made a big splash.

IDEA #1: WrestleMania  

Over the years, we have had Lucha Libre wrestlers. This time, we hope to see “Cold Heart” Romero form a tag team with “Ice Shock” Lamar! Photo: Darren Calabrese/The Canadian Press

IDEA #2 – Back to the Ice Age

Cavemen and women… Fred and Wilma would be so proud. Photo: Chris Young/The Canadian Press

IDEA #3 – This is KISS-MET 

Members of the rock band KISS… Find your tone and the right note to dip right in. Photo: Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star

IDEA #4 – The Grinch Stole the Attention

The green monster took our breath away…. “I know he’s mean and hairy and smelly. His hands might be cold and clammy, but I think he’s actually kinda… *Sweet* - Cindy Loo Hoo. Photo: Jayson Mills

IDEA #5 – The Smurfs Day Out
Smurfs… I think this is Smurfette and Handy Smurf? La la la-la la la. Photo: Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star

IDEA #6 – Flesh Off the Boat!
 Zombies on their Graveyard Shift! We liked their Dead-ication. Photo: courtesy of Jerry Thistle

IDEA #7 – Go Bananas!

The Cultural Ambassador of Banana Republic gets a peel for the cold water. Photo: Steve Russell/Toronto Star

IDEA #8 – The One-in-a-Minion idea

Minions not too far away from “BANANA!” Photo: Kevin Patrick Robbins/The Canadian Press

IDEA #9 – Freeze A Jolly Good Fellow

The Arctic avian feels right at home in the freezing waters. Photo: Kevin Patrick Robbins/The Canadian Press

Idea #10 – Simply Captivating

When he’s not fighting the bad guys, Captain America loves to chill out in the water. Photo: World Vision Canada

As great as all these costumers are, our favourite all-time costume is….

 the Polar Bear Dip mascot of course! Photo: World Vision Canada

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