Running for water, on water: No excuses for the Global 6K

May 04, 2017
10-Minute Read
Above: Ed and Dyanna Lewis in their race day t-shirts on the deck of the cruise ship they'll be racing on.

Raise your hand if you're great at making excuses.

Whether it's a party we don't want to go to, donating a dollar to charity at the cash register, or blowing off the person gathering signatures for a petition on the sidewalk, we're all pretty good at justifying our inaction.

Then there's Ed and Dyanna Lewis. Much of their family life and free time has been devoted to important causes.

"Our family has been involved with development and disadvantaged support for many years," Ed says. "We were also World Vision Child sponsors for years."

As the director of a church charity that has sponsored water projects in Africa, Ed says he is "aware of the incredible benefits of safe water." 

So when Ed and Dyanna's church was hosting a Global 6K walk for clean water, for them, there was no excuse not to participate.

Not even the fact that they'll be at sea on the date of the event.

"If we had been at home we would have walked there," Ed says. "Since we will be at sea on the 6th, we decided to walk on the ship." 

The next time I start to make excuses, I'll be remembering Ed and Dyanna.

Intrigued? Sign up for a Global 6K event near you- or, pull and Ed and Dyanna and throw your own!