Christmas gift ideas for 2023: Gifts for everyone

Updated Nov 20, 2023
It feels like we welcomed 2023 just yesterday, yet here we are, preparing for another Christmas season and a brand-new year.

While you’ve been busy decorating and prepping holiday lists, we’ve been creating a list of our own (and checking it twice). A list of Christmas gift ideas for him, for her and for everyone in between.

So to kick-start your search for the best holiday gifts, we have a list of 7 gifts we love to give and receive, plus a few that do good, because we know the holiday season can bring many emotions, besides just the warm and fuzzy ones.
  1. Gifts that give back
  2. Christmas gift ideas for her
  3. Christmas gift ideas for him
  4. Christmas gift ideas for friends
  5. Christmas gift ideas for kids
  6. DIY Christmas gifts
  7. Did we miss anyone?

1. Gifts that give back

Two children posing happily outside, while holding wrapped Christmas gifts.A story of how World Vision and South Korea’s JYP Entertainment’s medical assistance brought back joy to a young boy named Justin, and his friends. Photo: Lanelyn Carillo

Gifts from the World Vision Gift Catalogue give children and their families the resources they need to thrive, ensure artisans receive fair wages for their work and provide necessities like clean water and medical supplies to communities that need them most.  When you give gifts that give back, you’ll discover the joy behind the saying “It’s better to give than to receive.”

2. Christmas gift ideas for her

A woman sitting on a carpet, peeping at a large Christmas gift.Find the perfect gift for the special women on your list.

They say it’s the thought that counts, so we’ve put a lot of thought into our Christmas gift guide for the most important women in your life. Whether you are thinking of Christmas gift ideas for mom, your wife, sisters, or just a friend, we bet she’ll be thrilled to unwrap one of these: 
  • Jewelry: Bigger doesn’t always have to be better. Understated jewelry like Handmade Adjustable Ring adds just enough sparkle to everyday outfits, enhancing her natural shine.
  • Home accessories: Give her a beautiful mirrored jewelry box for storing her treasures.
  • Spa and beauty products: Pamper her from head to toe with gifts that make her feel just as good as she looks. Make daily skincare routines more enjoyable with this cute foam maker or these vegan and cruelty-free body moisturizers that are all the rage lately.
  • Journals and planners: Choose a bullet journal with dotted or blank pages, or a monthly agenda to keep track of everything from goals and accomplishments to habits like sleep, exercise and water intake.
  • Something cozy: She won’t even notice that the weather outside is frightful because cozy presents like this pair of sustainably made puffer mitts or recycled tassel knit throw, are so delightful!  

3. Christmas gift ideas for him

A man and woman sitting side by side at a table, grinning at the laptop in front of them.We can’t predict how your guys will react when they open their gifts, but it might look something like this … if you follow our gift guide.

When did you become a mind-reader? That’s the question the men in your life will ask you after unwrapping the gift they’ve been hoping for. Start practicing your humble smile now because our Christmas gift ideas for dad, significant other, brother, uncle and all the other men in your life will have everyone rocking around the Christmas tree!
  • Tech gadgets: There’s a reason why the Wyze Cam V3 with Night Vision is one of the most-wished-for tech gadgets right now. Praised for its great features such as a low-light function, two-way talk feature and seamless device-pairing capabilities, this device will make you want to upgrade your home security.
  • Grooming products: Bring out your guy’s glow with the perfect shave kit or a three-piece skin care set.  
  • Apparel: Help him stay warm and cozy in this stylish organic original zip hoodie. The signature stripes along the hem and cuffs complement the speckle colour so well.
  • Stocking stuffers: Top off his Christmas gift haul with a little something extra, like a Yeti tumbler or a toque that proudly shows off his love for our national pastime.  

4. Christmas gift ideas for friends

Three young adults sitting on a sofa, while one happily holds on to a large wrapped present.
Take the guesswork out of Christmas shopping with our comprehensive gift guide.

You’re so good at reading your best friend’s thoughts, you could say it’s a gift. See what we did there? This Christmas, surprise your BFF with a present as awesome as they are.          
  • Subscription boxes and memberships: Who doesn’t like to get a little gift out of the blue? With subscription boxes, you can surprise your BFF with new, curated goodies like vegan-friendly lifestyle items and snacks or healthy meals throughout the year. Amazon Prime and Spotify memberships also make great ideas.
  • Make-up with a heart: Mica is a widely used mineral that adds shimmer to many make-up products. Unfortunately, it’s also connected to child labour. You and your girl squad can help break the chain of child labour by switching to ethical, Canadian make-up brands like Pure Anada and Haut Cosmetics.

5. Christmas gift ideas for kids

A woman and her young daughter seated, working on a puzzle.
Tatyana came to RomExpo in Romania with her 4-year-old daughter, Maria. The two of them visit often and Tatyana is thankful that with the help of World Vision, Maria can play and have something joyful to look forward to. Photo: Laura Reinhardt

We’ve written a list (and checked it twice) of some Christmas gift ideas the little ones in your life will love.
  • Educational toys: We love toys that are fun and stimulate young minds at the same time! This Laugh & Learn musical play toy is highly interactive and is perfect for keeping the toddlers engaged. Older kids, on the other hand, can try a more immersive VR learning experience with the MasterChef activity set.
  • Toys that spark creativity: Is there anything that sparks the imagination better than the classic Lego set? We’re talking about the kind that we all played with as kids – assorted bricks of every size and colour that pushed our imagination to its limit. If your child has an artistic flair, you may want to get them a paint set that includes everything they need to get their creative groove on. And, because all the paints are washable, you don’t have to worry about doing any permanent damage to the walls, the cupboards, their clothes, their faces, we could go on…

6. DIY Christmas gifts

An image of hands holding a heart shaped cookie delicately.
Not all presents have to be store bought. Why not try your hand at making something from scratch?

If you’re the type who likes to add a personal touch to every gift you give, these are some ideas to keep your creative juices flowing.
  • Baked treats: Whether you’re using an old family recipe or need a little help from Canada’s baking sweetheart, everyone will know that your secret ingredient is love.
  • Personalized gifts: Embroider or engrave a personal message on a keepsake item to make it even more special.
  • Photo books: Part album, part scrapbook, a photo book is a beautiful way to showcase and share your favourite memories. With so many styles and layout options to choose from, this is one gift you might be tempted to keep for yourself.

7. Did we miss anyone?

An image of assorted presents.
Here are some more ideas to make sure we didn’t leave anyone off your list. With all these ideas…we hope not! But, if you’re still scrambling for last-minute gift Christmas presents, we’ve got you covered.   
  • Foodies: These days, it seems like there’s a gadget for pretty much every purpose in the kitchen. A mini food processor, a handy egg cooker to help you whip up breakfast within minutes, or the much-coveted Instant Pot will have the foodie on your list dreaming of all the new recipes they’re going to try, from now until next Christmas.
  • Students: Organization is key to successful student life. You might want to consider gifts that are both simple and functional like this minimalist productivity planner to keep all those tasks in check and to-do lists updated. It also goes well with these file folders options, perfect for keeping important documents.
  • Friends in the service industry: Healthcare workers, Postal workers, waste collectors, and grocery store staff. They’re just a few examples of the many people that have been weathering through the pandemic. Show them your appreciation with delectable chocolates from our growing list of certified fair-trade chocolate producers.

Edited by Anita Latzoo & Alicia Dubay