Teachers lighting the path to education

Aug 10, 2023

Every child is unique, but they all have the same right to go to school and receive an education. And a huge part of a child’s positive educational journey lies in the hands of their teachers.

World Vision is keen on empowering teachers with essential knowledge to help them develop a better educational path not only for themselves but for their students, too. Discover why these four educators from different parts of the world have a passion for teaching and how child sponsorship helps pave the way for them to share their excitement and knowledge.

1. Cidalia, Mozambique
2. Kim Long, Cambodia
3. Dassari, Honduras
4. Mona, Lebanon

Sharing knowledge with her community in the classroom and on the airwaves

A woman wearing a light brown uniform stands in front of a landscape with her arms in the air in a gesture of pride and accomplishment.

“I have this profession, thanks to my sponsors,” Cidalia says. “With my work, I provide for my siblings and my two children. I was able to defeat poverty.”

From Mozambique, Cidalia was once a sponsored child. She is living proof of World Vision sponsorship and how it creates change that lasts.

After Cidalia’s parents died, she and her three siblings went to live with their grandparents and Cidalia had to grow up fast to help the family make ends meet.

“After some time, I became a sponsored child…and they began to take care of me.” Cidalia says. Her sponsors provided her with a uniform and school supplies. She finished school and received a scholarship to become a teacher.

Today, Cidalia is a history teacher at a local school in her community and is inspiring a whole new generation of children. She even hits the airwaves with her lessons, broadcasting educational programmes on local radio.

See Cidalia in action in this video created by our child sponsorship content team.

Former sponsored child studied hard to give other children the opportunity to attend school

A teacher stands behind three of his students. He rests each of his hands on the shoulders of two boys in front of him: one to the left and the other on the right.

"I gained knowledge and experiences from World Vision to help children through my teaching. It helps much for children, not just me but all children in communities." Kim Long says.

Kim Long is a former sponsored child living in Cambodia with parents who are farmers. “Living not in a rich family, earning through farming was not enough, so my dad went fishing for food," he says.

The sponsorship programme brought many benefits to Kim Long and other children. School supplies like bags, books, pencils, pens, bicycles and hygiene kits were provided to them. He says, "I particularly received support from World Vision and brought help from sponsors to other children and me.”

Students with a desire to become a teacher had to study hard from 1st grade and well into high school. "I didn't spend time on anything else, and it is important to study to achieve our goal today of becoming a teacher." Kim Long says. "I know about facilitation skills and helping others, encouraging young people and children in my community, many changes were happening."

Kim Long's journey as a teacher has come full circle. It has been his childhood dream to inspire and educate others. "Being a teacher, I could help children who do not yet have the opportunity to learn and help them access school." He adds, "I want to thank sponsors for supporting me and other children in communities through World Vision."

Spreading and teaching kindness to young girls and women

A woman standing in a classroom, turning the page of a book as she smiles at the camera.

“I was trained with World Vision,” she says. “I could say that thanks to God I learned what I needed and I know that I still need to be trained in many areas, but I am achieving it,” she says.

It all started with a letter Dassari received when she was just 15 that created a bond between her and her sponsor. They share the same passion for teaching others and transforming an entire community into a better place.

“I remember her name is Angie,” Dassari says. “She told me that she had started working as a teacher for an elementary school. At that time, she was 21 years old and I was 15. I was happy because I got to know her a little more, her profession and the things she liked most. She said that she was happy to be my sponsor.”

That letter motivated Dassari. She participated in leadership training that helped her understand she was destined for something different. Inclusion training and community participation inspired her to create a better future for her community and Dassari has had the opportunity to empower other girls by visiting other communities with World Vision.

At 21, Dassari is now a school teacher in her community in Honduras. She learned that her dreams must be connected to the longing in her heart. Being a teacher is important to Dassari, but she wants to obtain a degree in psychology. Her calling is with other girls and young women who deserve a little kindness in their lives.

"I want to listen to them, help them, know what they are feeling and know what they like, help them if they have a problem so that the best of them comes out as light for other people”, she says.

Teacher’s students radiate positivity into her life

A teacher with a black headdress stands in a classroom and smiles at the camera, as a few students sit at their desks behind her.

“Children are positive energy, if I ever arrive feeling down when I see them, I feel motivated and they elevate my mood instantly,” Mona says.

Mona is an Early Childhood Education (ECE) teacher with World Vision in Lebanon and recognizes how crucial it is to teach 5-year-olds. “We are establishing educational and personal skills for the children, how to deal with the society or with each other. They are like a white paper; therefore, we have a big responsibility”, she states.

Being surrounded by children can be intimidating for some, but not for Mona. Her students come to class excited to learn, play and sing. The children get to embark on a new educational experience each week, where they learn fresh objectives through interactive activities, which keep them motivated to keep attending. “It is our fifth week, and I can already notice improvement either through their interaction with me and with each other.” Mona explains.

Parents are keen to tell her that their children are very excited to come to school, “They are speaking English with them at home, which is the foreign language in the ECE programme.” Mona confirms.

The training Mona underwent with World Vision helped her improve herself personally and professionally, “After the training, I saw ways to better improve myself, even on a personal level with my children,” she affirms.

Teaching is the profession that inspires all other professions. Cidalia, Kim Long, Dassari and Mona all share an unwavering vision of transformation, fueled by the belief that education is key and a right for every child. The impact of their dedication extends far beyond school walls.

Together with your partnership, World Vision provides vital assistance and training to empower these educators with the necessary resources to excel and motivate young minds in crafting a brighter future for themselves and their families.