5 ways to donate school supplies for kids

Sep 07, 2015
10-Minute Read
September marks the return to school for millions of children around the world. For some kids, the transition back into the classroom is easier because they have the supplies (things like books, notebooks, pencils, and backpacks) they need to enter the school year with confidence. 
But for many children living in poverty, something as simple as a piece of blank paper may be an impossible luxury.
This September, you can help put a smile on a child’s face and a full backpack on their back. Here are five simple and affordable ways to donate school supplies:
1. Educate a girl $60: It’s an unfortunate fact that girls in the developing world are often at a disadvantage when it comes to getting an education. Many are forced to stay home to help with chores or care for siblings, others are forced to work to help support their families. By purchasing the Educate a Girl gift through World Vision Canada, you can help give a girl an education and in turn, hope for the future. 
2. Supply a Classroom $50: A barren classroom is no place to learn. Children should have the equipment and resources they need to learn successfully. But so many don’t. Help supply a classroom with learning tools like books, pencils, paper, notebooks, rulers and more. Thanks to generous donations from partner companies, your gift multiplies 7 times in value!
3. A Gift for Your Sponsored Child’s Community $50: If it’s your sponsored child you have in mind, then we have the perfect gift for you. A gift for your sponsored child’s community will provide presents like books, toys, sports equipment and more for the entire community. Imagine the joy on those little faces when they receive this crowd-pleasing gift! 
4. School Feeding for 50 Children $75: Every single child should start their school day with a full tummy, but that is often not the case. When you give the gift of a school feeding, you’re providing 50 growing kids with the nutrition they need to be successful little learners. 
5. Help a Canadian Child Living in Poverty: 1 in 7 Canadian children live in poverty. It’s a staggering number, and one that many of us may not even be aware of. When you donate $40 to our Canadian Programs, you will help ensure that at-risk children have after school programs that will keep them safe and productive.
You can make an even bigger impact on a child's life, by choosing to sponsor a child. Your support will ensure a child has not just the education, but nutritious food, safe water and health care she needs to thrive.