Staff focus makes World Vision a top employer

Jan 11, 2022
Focus on employees makes World Vision Canada a Greater Toronto Top Employer in 2022
More job seekers are looking for an employer who supports them as an individual. Not only with recognition, but with forward-thinking policies in health and wellness and flexible employment opportunities.  
Job seekers are looking for organizations that are agile, able to pivot to address the ever-evolving work environment. Combine that with a career opportunity that applies and grows their skills, and a meaningful mission that matches their values and you are moving towards the pinnacle of job satisfaction.
Does it exist?
World Vision Canada ticks all these boxes, in fact, they were recently recognized again, for the 12th consecutive year, as a Greater Toronto Top Employer for 2022, for just these reasons.
World Vision Canada recognized as a best employer in Toronto
To be one of the best companies to work for in Toronto, you can’t just copy what other businesses are doing. You need to reinvent and create policies that meet the ever-changing needs of your diverse workforce, and you need to implement them efficiently.
World Vision Canada is demonstrating over and over again that they are setting new benchmarks and redefining ways of supporting employees as individuals. All while focusing on their overall mission to help communities lift themselves out of poverty – for good.
Being a great place to work means responding to employee needs
As workplaces moved their businesses to operate remotely, many employees started re-evaluating their current situations. The difficult balance between work and life became even more challenging over the past year and a half, and for many employees, flexible work options are now deemed essential.
World Vision Canada quickly responded to these needs and created progressive policies like Orange Days, where full-time employees are allotted an additional six flexible paid days off either before or after a long weekend. They added Wellness Days, an additional five paid days off specifically introduced during the pandemic to allow for employees to take time off for personal reasons in flexible increments.
Along with the flexible paid days off policies, the organization is pushing the envelope further on flexibility options by rolling out their WorkAway Program in 2022. This program ensures that a flexible workforce is sustained moving forward. Offering a mixture of in-office, hybrid (one to three days/week in office) and fully remote roles to employees with the expectation that approximately 85 per cent of the organization will remain working remotely long-term.
Defining positions as fully remote allows the organization to source the best talent from across the country. Qualified candidates are no longer hindered by geography or proximity to the head office, instead the best candidate for the role can be hired from anywhere in Canada. This is a win-win for both the organization and for job seekers.
Mental health support through effective health and wellness programs
Workers have come to expect health and wellness programs from their employers. World Vision recognizes these needs and has placed increased focus on employee mental health and wellbeing, especially throughout the pandemic. For example, employees were invited to attend mental health management support sessions provided by wellness experts at LifeWorks and have expanded their mental health benefits to include psychotherapist services.
These are just a handful of the innovative programs that Mediacorp’s Canada’s Top 100 Employers identified in awarding World Vision Canada as a Greater Toronto Top Employer 2022. The policies recognize the fundamental value the organization places on their employees, their health and their wellbeing.
While this checks off one of the boxes for job seekers, the other box is working for an organization where they can make a difference and where their work matters.
Meaningful jobs at World Vision
World Vision Canada is Canada’s largest global relief, development and advocacy organization. They partner with government, communities, faith partners, peer organizations and the private sector to support and promote the wellbeing of children, families and communities internationally.
Their advocacy efforts span from local-level advocacy interventions to improve social accountability, to country-level efforts to change policies. They also support international programs aimed to change the way we as a society approach important topics like child labour.
The goal is to bring real and lasting change to the lives of the world’s most vulnerable, for good.
While the mission is ambitious, World Vision’s track record and its impact internationally provides employees with the opportunity to make a difference.
Job seekers will be encouraged to know that World Vision Canada is that winning combination of award-winning employee programs with an affirming mission to improve the lives of individuals globally.
Visit the Careers and Internships page for current opportunities at World Vision Canada.