Three ideas for a romantic Christmas season for two

Updated Nov 22, 2017
10-minute read

Although spring flings, summer love and Valentine’s Day get a lot of hype for being the seasons of love, Christmas can be one of the most romantic times of year. With all the twinkling lights, steaming cups of hot chocolate by the fire, frosty air that’s perfect for cuddling, and of course, mistletoe, how could you not feel the need for a little extra romance?

This year, World Vision’s gift catalogue has some pretty spectacular artisan products to help set the mood for that perfect cozy night in- while also helping those in need. Use these tips to plan the perfect romantic holiday interlude, or (not so) subtly pass them along to your special someone.

A little mood lighting

1. Dim the lights and set out some candles from your local Christmas market. The soft glow will create a charming ambiance and the flickering flames are great for warding off the winter chill.

The way to your heart…

2. Create your own tapas plate with a heart-shaped cheese board crafted by expert artisans. It’s an easy way to get a gourmet meal going, and everyone knows that conversation flows easily around delicious food. 

You know them so well

3. Show off your generous side with a meaningful gift. A fair-trade silk scarf made in Vietnam or an artisan necklace from Delhi will not only bring a smile, it will also give the creators a leg up to escape the cycle of poverty. 

If you’re not attached this Christmas, it might be time for a little self-care, or a night in with friends. Christmas wishes are great, but it’s even better when you can make them come true- for yourself, or the ones you love!