Get a goat give a goat: Rosemary's gifts keep giving

Nov 06, 2017
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You may remember that last year we shared the story of Rosemary, a plucky sponsored child whose life was changed when her family received goats through World Vision’s gift catalogue.

This year, we wanted you to know that Rosemary’s story didn’t end there. When her grandfather Danford and grandmother Patricia (pictured below with the whole family) received the goats, it was through a “get a goat, give a goat” program called Pass On. Through this program, families receive goats with the expectation that once their flock is thriving, they will give the same amount of goats they received to another family in need. 

A family of five children and their two grandparents

A committee of ten from Danford’s community selected an at risk family for Rosemary and Danford’s family to donate to. 

“I’m happy that my family is now living well, that we are healthy. It is exciting. But most importantly, that excitement should not just end up at my household. That excitement—I have now a responsibility that I pass it on to someone else,” Danford said. “The way we struggled is the way others also struggle. So once we pass on the goats, we know it will ease the lives of the next family just like it has happened to us.”

One of the families that has benefited from the program is Eunice, Diyo, and their six children. 

A family of six children with their parents

Last September, the family received goats passed on from another member of the community. The children danced upon hearing the news. 

They said, “Oh now we are going to drink some milk from the goats.” 

Eunice said that the children understood that the goats would help improve their future. Already, the goats have begun to help. With the manure, the family’s crops are improving. One of their goats has already given birth, bringing their total up to five and counting. 

Seven year-old Nathan (below) is the goats’ primary caretaker. He leads them to the pastures for grazing and drinking. “He takes really good care of them,” said his mom Eunice. 

A young boy carries a small goat on his shoulders

Things are still difficult for Eunice and her family. Diyo finds it hard to find work so he can provide for his family, and sending their children to school has been a struggle. But through the “Pass On” program things are starting to look up. 

This giving season, you can “pass on” the love in your own way. Visit World Vision’s Gift Catalogue to see how you can support a child, a family, and a whole community with a simple gift.

A group of children hold candles at night-time
Rosemary her friends sing "This Little Light of Mine", outside her church Zambia.