Chickens and Childhood Dreams

Dec 19, 2018
Javier (second from the left) and his family with the chickens that have changed his life. Photo: Stephen Woo/World Vision

Javier was only a small boy when he discovered his life’s dream: to provide scrumptious, warm and wholesome bread to those around him. Growing up, he watched as his grandparents baked Italian bread that nourished both the body and the soul. He saw their passion for baking and wanted to continue the family tradition.
Circumstances took his life along a different path, however, eventually leading him and his family to World Vision. His son and daughter are sponsored children. The family lives in Coina, in the Alta Cicama region of Peru.

Their life is quiet, somewhat isolated and with no real market place to buy and sell food. Therefore, food is not always easy to acquire, and it’s difficult to make a living. “I thank God that my children were sponsored,” comments Javier.

Alta Cicama sits at the base of the Andes Mountains. As you drive along the constantly weaving cliff-side road, the breathtaking beauty of the mountain range gives way to valleys of green foliage. As a first-time visitor to Peru, it’s hard for me to imagine a more idyllic existence.

Unfortunately, due to the high altitude, just one main road and limited employment opportunities, life in Alta Cicama is not easy. As a result, World Vision has been working in this area for over a decade, partnering with the community to improve economic conditions, nutrition and access to health care.

In 2016, Javier, his wife and their two children received a gift from the World Vision Gift Catalogue. Thirteen chickens came to live with the family, their eggs providing much needed nutrition. Javier knew what these chickens could mean for his family, their future and the community. The chickens, combined with some strategy and investment from Javier, led to quick results.

For Javier’s family, these chickens have been the key to a better life. Photo: Stephen Woo/World Vision

With each chicken laying one egg daily, the bounty added up and provided a source of consistent income for the family. Now Javier’s children go to school with full stomachs. They can concentrate and are receiving good grades. In their free time, they help their father with the chickens.

Now, his children have the possibility of also making their dreams come true. “I never thought I'd have so many people from so far away come to see my business,” Javier said.

With his knowledge and just a little resource in the form of 13 chickens Javier’s childhood dream became his day-to-day reality. With a steady income and more time, Javier could once again take stock of what he had and what he could do with it. He invested in a small oven and is baking yolk bread and Italian cakes and breads.
Javier’s success has fueled his plans. His next step is to purchase equipment to run his baking business more efficiently. But until then, he continues to provide another source of nutrition to his family and a means of income for others who sell his eggs and bread in other cities.

One childhood dream came true because of a simple gift of 13 chickens. Imagine what childhood dreams your gift will make come true.