A dream fulfilled

Updated Sep 12, 2018
Written by World Vision India; Edited by Kaija Hutteri and Katie Hackett
Pritima sets her sights on college

Like many young women in Guwahati, Pritima had dreams for her future. She had her sights set on a prestigious college. However, she knew that her parents’ low income would make it difficult, or impossible, for her to attend.

A few years ago, Pritima developed an interest in martial arts after taking part in a self-defence camp organized by World Vision. The contributions of Canadians who sponsor children in Guwahati make it possible for us to provide opportunities like this for children from vulnerable families.

Through the self-defence camp, Pritima discovered her love for martial arts. After attending, she enrolled in martial arts classes to continue honing her skills. Pritima trained hard and participated in many events and competitions at the state and national level as she grew older.

A young girl wearing a karate outfit showing off her medals.
Pritima displaying some of her martial arts medals. Photo: World Vision
Martial arts—an unexpected way to achieve her goals

Although her parents were supportive of her martial arts training, they struggled to pay the monthly fee for her classes. As a result, the family fell behind on her payments.

After passing her high school exams, Pritima learned that she might be eligible for a sports scholarship to the college she hoped to attend. Knowing that her parents would not be able to afford admission without it, Pritima began the rigorous application process.

The college selected only 25 youth to showcase their martial arts abilities in person. Pritima exhibited great skill and was one of the top contenders among the applicants in her category. After a verbal interview, she was one of five youth in her category offered admission.

To finalize her admission, the interview panel required a certificate from her martial arts instructor. Pritima was so close to achieving her dreams—but she couldn’t produce the document. Because the family was behind on payments to Pritima’s instructor, he refused to provide the certificate, even when Pritima’s mom promised to catch up in the coming months.

When the interview panel learned about the family’s situation, they were very upset. They were so impressed by Pritima’s talent, they took it upon themselves to contact the instructor and collect the certificate themselves the next day.

After much hard work and determination, Pritima is now happily preparing to attend the college of her dreams.

“I thank World Vision sponsors for supporting and helping me,” says Pritima. “My dream to study at a prestigious college is fulfilled.”