At the start of every partnership, World Vision has one goal in mind: to reach the day when we’re no longer needed in the community. Driven by the continuous support of our sponsors, we work with parents, children and local leaders in identifying challenges and finding sustainable solutions that equip a community to walk forward independently.

Once a community reaches the point of self-reliance, our team transitions out and begins life-changing work in a different area. In doing so, we invite our sponsors to continue the journey with us by sponsoring a child from another community.

A family of eight outside their home, smiling and waving.

Phase 2: Evaluate and grow

As the community progresses, we adapt to the situation and make necessary changes to ensure goals are met. More community members get involved and take ownership of their success.

Phase 1: Build the foundation

A solid foundation is essential to transformation. We partner with community members to understand their needs, goals and resources, and come up with long-term solutions to their current challenges.

Phase 3: Focus on sustainability

With continuous support, families in the community enjoy better living conditions. They are empowered by the knowledge and skills to create a better future for their children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of sponsorship is to help communities become self-sufficient. Once the community reaches this point, it goes into an exciting transition – local leaders, community groups, children and families are ready to move forward on their own. They now have access to essentials like quality education, health care, clean water and improved nutrition. You’ve contributed to long-lasting changes and progress.

We gather solid evidence from formal reports and strict metrics that prove people are significantly stronger than when we began – not just as individuals, but as groups, associations and networks. When we’re confident the community can continue to move forward without us – sustaining and even improving on what we’ve built together – that’s when we know the partnership has served its purpose.

A community graduates once it has demonstrated a readiness to meet children’s needs without our assistance. With essentials now available, your sponsored child and the community can continue developing independently. Many former sponsored children continue their education and pursue a wide variety of careers.

The goal has always been to help the community become self-sufficient. Families need and deserve the chance to see themselves as self-reliant. Only then can they experience the sense of dignity to which they are entitled. Throughout the partnership, World Vision has put in place infrastructure and life essentials to ensure all children can continue thriving without the sponsorship program.