World Vision Canada is committed to bringing sustainable development to the lives of the girls and boys we serve and the communities we partner with. Our goal is to do the most good we can for children who are most in need.

Part of this is dedicating our time and expertise to measuring the results of our work. We ensure that our programs undergo a thorough assessment to identify our strengths and weaknesses. This helps us remain accountable to the families we serve and the generous donors who continue to trust and support us.

The Sponsorship Report for Fiscal Year 2021 is now available for viewing. It provides a detailed account of our explorations, challenges, and solutions, as well as the impact we have and continue to achieve thanks to our sponsorship partners.


A small child plays with a basin filled with clean water from a faucet right outside his house.

Highlights from the report


children actively sponsored in 41 countries.


girls, boys and adults reached through child sponsorship.


communities graduated to self-sufficiency.

Send a small package to your sponsored child


Choose small, inexpensive items that fit into a 6”x 9” envelope, and then mail it to your child’s World Vision national country office.

Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly encourage you to write to your sponsored child. Children love to hear from their sponsors and often treasure the letters and photos that are sent.

When writing to your sponsored child, please use the World Vision national office address located in the picture folder for your sponsored child. All correspondence must include:

  • World Vision's national office address (exactly as it appears) on the front of the envelope.
  • Your sponsored child's name and child ID number on the back flap of your envelope and on the top of your letter. Please do not write your address inside the letter. Your letters may reach your sponsored child in a few weeks, but the response time can be quite long for some countries – up to six months, in some cases.

Definitely – but please send simple gifts tucked into your letters and cards. Flat items such as photos, bookmarks, stamps or stickers, in an envelope no bigger than 6” x 9”, are ideal. Please don't send parcels or cash. Your sponsored child's picture folder — which you received in your welcome package — contains all the address details that you need.

Yes, you can email sponsored children in some communities. To do this, you will need to create a My World Vision account by clicking the "Create an Account" link at the top of the page. If you need help, please contact us online or give us a call at 1-866-595-5550.