World Vision has zero tolerance for incidents of violence or abuse against children or adults, including sexual exploitation or abuse, committed either by employees, affiliates or others associated with our work.

As a global relief, development and advocacy organization, World Vision partners with children, families and communities to help empower them to reach their full potential by tackling causes of poverty and injustice. We are committed to ensuring that every child and family is safe from harm when they participate in activities with us. We also aim to protect children, their families and their rights against all forms of abuse and violence.

Child and Adult Safeguarding Policy

At World Vision, Safeguarding means preventing, reporting and responding to harm or abuse of children and adults in the communities (all known as “beneficiaries”) where we serve. We believe that Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility, at both the organizational and individual level, for all our employees, affiliates and others associated with our work. Our Child and Adult Safeguarding Policy expands upon World Vision's Child Protection Standards, in place since 2000, to cover all vulnerable populations, especially women and children.

World Vision Canada’s Safeguarding Policy is applicable to all employees, volunteers, contractors, affiliates and others such as sponsors and donors. The following sections outline some of the different responsibilities related to our commitment to Safeguarding.

Sponsors and Donors

  • Sponsors may only include a child's first name and their country when sharing images or content with others; sponsors may not share any other information. Sponsors must comply with WV Digital Safeguarding protocols and be familiar with and responsible in the use of social media in all communications. Similarly, WVC will never use a child's full name on our websites.
  • Sponsors may not communicate with a child in World Vision program areas via online or digital platforms (e.g. email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, SMS, etc.) without the consent and knowledge of the child's legal guardians. WVC discourages direct communication between sponsors and beneficiaries without WVC's knowledge or facilitation.
  • Sponsors and donors may not share personal contact details with any child or adult beneficiary, or their family.
  • Sponsors and donors may not visit sponsored children unannounced or participate in visits which have not been approved by WVC.
  • If sponsors or donors become aware of any harm or risk to any child or adult beneficiary, they must report incidents immediately. (Reporting instructions below.)

In the Sponsorship Welcome Kit, sponsors will receive additional guidance and explanations on other Safeguarding procedures relevant to them.

Employees, Volunteers and Board Members

  • World Vision Canada will screen all employees, volunteers and board members. This includes asking relevant questions during interviews, obtaining references and police background checks.
  • All WVC employees and volunteers, including Board members, must sign an acknowledgement of the receipt, understanding and acceptance of the WVC Safeguarding Policy.
  • All WVC employees and board members will receive mandatory Safeguarding training, with periodic refresher training, at least once every 2 years.
  • If employees, volunteers or Board members become aware of any harm or risk to any child or adult beneficiary, they must report incidents immediately. (Reporting instructions below.)

WVC Contracts, Contractors and Vendors

  • All contracts will include a copy of the WVC Safeguarding Policy.
  • Contractors, their employees, and any subcontractors must comply with WVC Safeguarding Behaviour Protocols, and any other reasonable Safeguarding measures that WVC may specify.
  • Any individuals with access to children or adult beneficiaries, or to their personal data, must have a clean criminal background check for offences against children or abuse of adults, to the extent permitted by law.

Download the WVC Safeguarding Policy

The World Vision Canada Safeguarding Policy can be downloaded and viewed in full.

Reporting Concerns & Questions

If you are made aware of, are concerned about, or suspect a safeguarding incident, please report the matter immediately to:
  1. The WVC Safeguarding Focal Point, by email at;
  2. The WVC Whistleblower hotline, which is available online at or by phone at 1.888.291.7583 (toll-free), when confidentiality is required or preferred.
For any other questions about Safeguarding at World Vision Canada, please email the WVC Safeguarding Focal Point at