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In 2020, the community transitioned from sponsorship to self-sufficiency and World Vision is no longer on site. Because of the dedication and partnership of Canadians like you, local people and organizations have been equipped to continue leading the community’s development – and that is something to celebrate!  

With the help of your generous and loving support, life in Umvoti has transformed. Children and families are much stronger now. The community has met its goals, and its members are working together to tackles new ones. Your support will have a lasting impact for years to come.

The rural Umvoti (pronounced Oom-vote-ee) community is quite remote, with a population of about 120,000. Umvoti's landscape is breathtakingly beautiful, ranging from massive sandstone cliffs and valleys, to deep gorges carved out by the Umvoti River. The climate is arid, but some roads are impassable and dangerous in the rainy season. Most people live in traditional thatched dwellings.

Many families rely on subsistence agriculture, cultivating beans from January to March and then maize each September. Unfortunately, food production is low and employment opportunities are scarce. Chronic poverty makes daily life in Umvoti very challenging, and social problems include child abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, and high rates of crime. The lack of jobs means many men are forced to leave to find work in urban centres.
Thanks to the generosity of Canadian sponsors like you, life in Umvoti has improved. Your support will have a lasting impact for years to come. Let’s celebrate these accomplishments!

  • School enrollment for children 6-18 years has increased and is currently at 91%
  • 3,251 children received early childhood education
  • 600 children benefitted from the distribution of bicycles, improving their access to education
  • 79 children are benefiting from reading clubs in their respective communities
  • 31 teachers were trained on improved teaching methods and child friendly techniques
  • 86% of children confirmed that their parents help them with their learning, helping improve literacy.
Child Protection
  • 72% of the households felt that their children are safe from danger and violence in their community
  • 81% of the households felt safe reporting a suspected case of child abuse in the community
Health and Nutrition
  • 90% of children 0 – 6 months were exclusively breastfed
  • The rate of HIV positive people tested declined from 11% to 6% in two years
  • 89% of mothers of 0-59 months took their child to growth monitoring and promotion sessions
  • 50 church leaders and 3,500 children received HIV education and training
  • HIV testing coverage increased from 44 % to 67% in one year
  • Proportion of households using safe water storage containers increased from 54% to 83% in two years
  • Proportion of parents or caregivers with appropriate handwashing behavior increased from 68% to 87% in two years
  • 61% of households reported that they had regular income to meet their needs
  • Proportion of parents able to provide basic needs for their children without assistance increased from 69% to 84% in two years

*Results for this community updated for 2020

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Life cycle of a sponsorship community

Umvoti,  is in Phase 3

PHASE 3: Enhance sustainability

Children and families enjoy improved living conditions. They're ready to become independent and continue the work you helped start. We invite you to help another child and community!