Laos Pledge News 

World Vision’s work in Laos is focused on the most vulnerable, with programs in nutrition and health for mothers and children, water and sanitation, education and child protection. We also invest in economic empowerment to help families increase their income and in infrastructure improvements for schools and health facilities. Today, World Vision Laos benefits more than 200,000 Lao children. 

Your support means that,

  • 36 teachers learned child-friendly teaching methods to improve the quality of education for children.
  • ​117 farmers received livestock, seeds or tools to improve productivity and help meet their family needs.
  • 167 people are part of savings groups, helping them save money and learn about personal finance


** Results achieved from October 2018 to September 2019

Where is my money going? 

As a Laos supporter, you will help to provide long-term resources for lasting change for children, families, and communities.  

Your donations, combined with other partners, will have an immediate and lasting impact, that includes: 

  • Access to clean water 

  • Better nutrition 

  • Basic healthcare 

  • Education 

  • Economic opportunities 


You can also help to provide new or restored water wells, new or renovated schools, and health clinics, as well as improved agricultural and vocational training. 

Why can't I sponsor a child in these areas? 

Raw Hope supports work in the most dangerous places where it is too unstable for child sponsorship to be established. 

Is my donation to World Vision handled responsibly? 

Yes. We account for every dollar of your donation. Of the funds given to World Vision in 2018, 80.8% went directly to programs that helped children, families, and communities, 13.1% went to fundraising, and 6.1% went to administration. To learn more about how your donation are used, check out our Annual Report (URL).  

What will I receive as a donor? 

As a Laos donor, you will receive a welcome package as well as regular email updates on how you are helping to change the lives of children living in Laos.