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Thanks to the generous support of donors, we’re making great progress toward the well-being of children and their families. These are a few of the areas we focused on in the past year: 

Child Protection
East Halmahera is in a region isolated from most media and outside information sources, making it difficult for parents to educate themselves about what’s best for their children. As a result, child well-being is not well understood or prioritized. In fact, many in the community believe that children should contribute, working as miners or stone breakers or missing school to watch their younger siblings. Some children are left home for days at a time while their parents are at work.
Children also lack opportunities and spaces to express themselves and their dreams. They’re not encouraged to speak up or participate in conversations that affect them and don’t have clubs or groups where they can come together. Unfortunately, programs dedicated to supporting the healthy physical, emotional and spiritual development of children are non-existent in East Halmahera. Other issues that threaten the well-being of children include poor nutrition and instances of violence or abuse.
Child Protection
  • 23 spiritual leaders partnered with World Vision Canada to bring positive changes in the lives of children and families
  • 28 community members learned about child rights and protection issues to help ensure children's safety and participation
  • 136 parents learned about the importance of education and how to support their child’s learning
  • 2 children are developing vital language and motor skills, setting a solid foundation for their education
  • 10 malnourished children were enrolled in nutritional programs and monitored to ensure they are growing healthy
  • 2 malnourished have reached a healthier weight after participating in a nutrition program
  • 30 parents learned about proper feeding practices and how to keep their children well nourished
  • 33 health workers were trained to provide quality health services, especially for women and children
  • 122 people were trained on practices to preserve and manage the environment and its resources
  • 75 people harvested nutritious fruits and vegetables grown in community, school or family gardens
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • 25 people have safe water for drinking and cooking thanks to improved water sources
Results achieved from October 2017 to September 2018

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