Kintampo South

The community of Kintampo South is graduating

Kintampo South’s community is making strong progress toward caring for all its children, not just those who are sponsored. They are now transitioning to self-sufficiency. Together with other Canadians, you’ve played an important part in helping Kintampo South get there. Thank you! 

With the help of your generous and loving support, life in Kintampo South has transformed. Children and families are much stronger now. The community has met its goals, and its members are working together to tackles new ones. Your support will have a lasting impact for years to come.

The Kintampo South community is located in midwest Ghana. In this primarily rural area, 80% of people rely on agriculture to earn a living. Most of the people in the community live in simple, thatched roof structures made of wooden stakes plastered with clay and sand.

The geography of the area ranges from heavily wooded savannah grassland in the north to deciduous forests in the south. Unfortunately, these forests are being depleted because of the felling of trees and unrestrained fires set to clear land for cultivation. The exposed soil is left susceptible to erosion during heavy rains.
People in Kintampo South are celebrating that they are now empowered to move forward without World Vision’s presence. Here are some of the accomplishments:

  • 45 individuals learned about child rights and protection issues to help ensure children's safety and participation
  • 45 people learned how to work with local authorities and influence decisions to improve services and child well-being
  • 5 community groups are engaging with local authorities to advance their rights and create positive changes for children
  • 35 spiritual leaders partnered with World Vision Canada to bring positive changes in the lives of children and families
  • 3,650 children and adults learned about the importance of water safety, proper sanitation and hygiene to stay healthy

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current conditions

To protect the privacy of children, this map shows only the general area of the community, not the exact location.


Life cycle of a sponsorship community

Kintampo South,  is in Phase 3

PHASE 3: Enhance sustainability

Children and families enjoy improved living conditions. They're ready to become independent and continue the work you helped start. We invite you to help another child and community!