Montana De Fe

Montana De Fe's Community News

Thanks to the generous support of donors, we’re making great progress toward the well-being of children and their families. These are a few of the areas we focused on in the past year: 

The Montana de Fe community is located in northwest El Salvador, in the municipality of Ciudad Barrios, one of the country's poorest and most remote areas. Access to basic services is limited. Two-thirds of the population here live in sub-standard housing, and homes are usually made of sun-dried brick with thatched roofs.

Most residents practice subsistence farming on small plots of land. However, the area is hilly and rocky, as well as susceptible to landslides and soil erosion; all of which impact crop yields. Coffee is the only cash crop, and work on large plantations nearby is the area's main source of temporary employment. There are few job opportunities or other businesses in Montana de Fe. Most households are headed by women because so many men have left in search of work.
Child Protection
  • 1,745 children received guidance on their spiritual journey to discover, understand and grow their relationship with God
  • 105 people participated in campaigns to educate the public about child rights and safety
  • 416 community members learned about child rights and protection issues to help ensure children's safety and participation
  • 52 teachers learned child-friendly teaching methods to improve the quality of education for children
  • 679 young people were trained in essential life skills such as critical thinking, self-esteem and communication
  • 903 children were trained in essential life skills such as critical thinking, self-esteem and communication
  • 14 people received vocational, business and finance training, improving their opportunities to earn a steady income
  • 86 people were trained on practices to preserve and manage the environment and its resources
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • 585 people learned about the importance of water safety, proper sanitation and hygiene to stay healthy
*Results reported for projects in this country from October 2018 to September 2019