Raising the (Chocolate) Bar

Where ever these symbols are used, a company has been independently verified to meet the standards for Fairtrade International Certified, Fairtrade USA Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, UTZ Certified and Fair for Life Certified products. Be on the lookout for them when you're doing your shopping:


Fairtrade logo    Fair Trade Certified logo    Rainforest Alliance Certified logo    UTZ Certified logo    Fair for Life Logo


When these certifications aren't available, engage with the brands you buy and the places you shop. Ask whether their products and supply chains are free of child labour. Make it habit to become a conscious consumer.

Chocolate is just one of many products consumed by Canadians that is at a high risk of being connected to child labour. By choosing to buy certified fair trade chocolate, you can use your purchasing power to help protect children from dirty, dangerous and degrading jobs.