In the News Famine and hunger in East Africa: facts and images
In February, UN agencies declared a famine in parts of South Sudan. They estimated that 100,000 people faced immediate threat of starvation. They also raised a serious alarm that other regions in Africa are at risk of famine.
Change Makers 5 things I am learning from wearing one dress all month

Minimalism is a growing trend these days. Basically, it’s the idea that to focus on what’s important, we need to get rid of the unnecessary objects, activities, and baggage that clutter our lives.

Change Makers Canadians share joy with kids in Tanzania

In September a group of Canadians collected donations provided by friends, family, colleagues, doctors, and even dentists to give to children in Tanzania. Read more about what it was like seeing those donations distributed.

Change Makers How do Canadians give?

Canadians are pretty generous - that's a fact. How do we know? We've got the numbers to prove it! 

Voices My trip to India was unforgettable and so is this shocking fact
Everyone knows Indian weddings are extravagant, colourful and dazzling. When I received the invite from one of my best friends to attend her wedding in India, I couldn't say no.
From the Field These Christmas gifts are human rights

This Human Rights Day, we're reflecting on a few gifts that offer hope for a better future, and can impact the lives of children and families forever.

In the News Do something for Syrian refugees this Christmas

For years, our hearts have been broken by the conflict in Syria. As we near the holiday season, the images of children who have been hurt and even targeted by the violence, especially in Aleppo, seem almost too much to bear. 

Change Makers Actress Laura Vandervoort launches jewelry line

In early 2015, Vandervoort went on the journey of a lifetime to Kenya, to see the different projects that World Vision offers the community.

From the Field See how children celebrate Christmas around the world

Learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world! Read about joy and traditions from Ethiopia, Colombia, Bangladesh and more. 

From the Field Christmas sheep help families thrive in Mongolia
Dulamsuren is a 12 year-old girl in Mongolia. She lives with her family in this house, called a ger. A few winters ago, a blizzard devastated her father's herd of sheep and goats. 
From the Field A father's love: fighting gender discrimination in India

In India, a father is one of the biggest advocates a girl can have.

In the News Syrian children from Aleppo build snowmen in a displacement camp

In a rare moment of winter cheer, these displaced Syrian children had some fun in the snow, north of the city of Aleppo. 

Change Makers Meeting my sponsored child

Questions raced through my mind as we got closer to the remote family farm. I was about to meet my sponsored child!!

In the News 3 ways to remember Syria this Christmas

For years, our hearts have been broken by the conflict in Syria. This holiday season, the images of children hurt and even targeted by the violence, especially in Aleppo, seem almost too much to bear.

Voices Meeting Malala: World Vision youth volunteers on empowering girls

Malala Yousafzai is a name that, by now, should need no introduction. The youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, and a courageous champion for girls' right to education, she is a hero to girls everywhere.

In the News Aleppo in ruins, World Vision calls for peace in Syria

The ceasefire in eastern Aleppo has shattered, stalling the evacuation plan to get people out of the city on buses. As eastern Aleppo lies in ruins, the reports of violence against the children of Aleppo signal a terrifying new chapter in the Syrian Crisis. 

From the Field Providing access to clean water in North Korea

Recently, I returned from North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, where I had the opportunity to visit some of World Vision’s alternative energy water projects. 

From the Field Syrian refugee stories

Winter is here. And children are freezing. Literally. The Syrian families who’ve fled their homes have nothing except the clothes on their backs. It’s not enough. They’ve given up jobs, warm beds, school, loving friends, security, stocked pantries and more — all to stay alive. Here are their stories.

From the Field What’s a Child Friendly Space?

World Vision answers your frequently asked questions about Child Friendly Spaces.

In the News Tackling mental illness in the world's toughest places

As someone who survived a mental illness, I'm glad conversations around mental illness are beginning—especially for women in the world’s toughest places.

From the Field Child labour in Haiti: One child’s story

Fourteen-year-old Haitian Sonite Edmond despondently recalls being forced to work as a restavek when she was just six years old. Meaning “to stay with” in Creole, restaveks are children working in domestic slavery, as Sonite was forced to when she went to “stay with” her godmother in Port-au-Prince.

From the Field Waterborne disease facts and how to help
Water is a lifesaver, but it can also be a major threat to human life when it's contaminated. Learn more about waterborne diseases.
From the Field Haiti earthquake: Three years later

In the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince on January 12, 2010, World Vision initiated the largest single-country disaster response in the organization’s history. Over the last three years, as the focus has shifted from emergency relief to long-term development, World Vision has helped several million Haitians.

From the Field Forced into sexual slavery by poverty

For fifteen-year-old Mao, poverty turned an innocent sleepover at a friend’s house into a childhood trapped in Cambodia’s sex trade.

From the Field Life of a child miner

Children should be playing, learning to read and write and experiencing happy, healthy childhoods. But when there’s not enough money to put a meal on the table, children have no choice but to earn their keep. It’s a growing problem, particularly in countries that don’t have strong governments, laws and regulations to make sure children are going to school, not down mine shafts.

Change Makers 5 gifts for your sponsored child

Sponsorship is about more than just giving money to someone in need — it’s about letting children know that they’re loved!

From the Field 12-years-old and homeless: Sonia's story

Young Sonia works long hours every day, hoping to make enough money for a few vegetables. She’s homeless and sleeps wherever she can, covered only in a thin sheet. Recently, she’s been unable to see at night – a symptom of malnutrition – and fears going blind altogether. Not to mention all the other reasons a girl on her own has to be afraid of.

From the Field Ethical chocolate changing lives in Ecuador
Despite its delicious taste, chocolate does more harm than good when it's sourced unethically. But ethical chocolate can transform impoverished cocoa-producing communities into thriving ones... just ask Mayra!
Voices Girl Rising: Education is an ally to girls

My first public screening of the film Girl Rising was in Seattle. The theatre was sold out. The energy was electric. Despite five years of work on the film and a huge campaign to support it, I wasn’t nervous. I was more curious to see how people would respond to the stories on the screen.

From the Field 5 kids' unique journeys to school

For these five children, getting to school is no simple matter. But mountain ranges and rivers won’t stop them from getting an education. And, like their commitment to learning, our admiration for them knows no bounds. 

Change Makers Meet two Canadian change makers

What started in 1985 as a way to shake the cobwebs off after New Year’s Eve has now grown into a family affair for the Courage clan. Gaye Courage, the “Queen Polar Bear” and mother to Co-Founders Todd and Trent, was the one who instigated the whole thing when she told her boys to “go jump in the lake”. Today, Gaye joins the family on New Year’s Day to take part on the largest charitable polar bear dip in Canada.

In the News Who can afford to marry my daughter?

One hundred dollars a month: that’s the price Amira is paying for the small one-room shack her family is living in off of a main street in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. It’s an exorbitant price for Syrian refugees. And one Amira isn’t sure she can continue to afford.

From the Field Backbreaking labour: Srey's story

Srey Neang packs 4000 heavy bricks onto a truck every single day. It’s backbreaking labour, work not meant for a 13-year-old girl. In fact, she spends more time working than she does in school, making her dream of becoming a teacher seem like an unlikely reality. 

From the Field Birthday party for sponsored kids

Ever wonder what that extra gift for your sponsored child's birthday buys? Group birthday celebrations held once a year, like this one in El Salvador, are happening in your sponsored child's community too. With group birthdays, every child in the community gets to feel special and most of all, loved!

Change Makers Meeting Ruben, my sponsored child

One day, about seven years ago, I was in a mall and came across a World Vision kiosk. Normally I'd just pass it by, but this time something, or should I say someone, jumped out at me. I saw a picture of the cutest little boy that instantly made me stop. Right then and there. I started sponsoring Ruben.

Change Makers Canada fights slavery

They may not share the same views when it comes to politics, but on the issue of child slavery, these five Canadian MPs all agree: it needs to stop. Wayne Easter, Russ Hiebert, Dean Allison, Wai Young and Isabelle Morin, took to the bustling streets of Phnom Penh and Bangkok, where they met slavery’s youngest victims.

In the News Factory collapse puts spotlight on child labour

In 2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh, killing more than 1,100 people. Many workers had received an ultimatum that day after complaining about dangerous cracks in the structure: go to work now or lose your pay. In the days that followed, Canadians watched in horror as information was released linking some of their favourite clothing brands with garments being sewn in that very building.

Change Makers 5 ways to donate school supplies for kids

September marks the return to school for millions of children around the world. For some kids, the transition back into the classroom is easier because they have the supplies (things like books, notebooks, pencils, and backpacks) they need to enter the school year with confidence. 

From the Field Hope through education in India’s slums

They’re known on television as the Property Brothers. Good-looking and confident, they stride into millions of Canadian living rooms each week with real estate and design advice. But when World Vision’s brand new ambassadors, Vancouver-born twins Drew and Jonathan Scott, stepped into a one-room hut in Delhi, India, they were clearly treading new ground.

From the Field A world of classrooms

As Canadian children get ready for back-to-school next week, they’re joining millions of children who are learning all around the world. Some study in school buildings with desks and chalkboards. Others learn under a tree, on a mountaintop, or in a refugee camp.  

From the Field Syria's moms: Real heroes

This Saturday, I got to meet real-life superheroes. They were refugee mothers, recently arrived from the Middle East having escaped Syria. All of them had come to a giant playdate organized by World Vision and the Mennonite Central Committee for their families. 

From the Field How we respond to disasters

When disaster strikes, World Vision is positioned to respond, to help mitigate the impact on vulnerable communities. Here's how.

Change Makers World's best mom

Mãe, Mère, Maji, Induk, Mama, Ammee, Mom; the word ‘mother’ in any language represents strength, love and security. And these moms are no exception!

Change Makers Honouring dads around the world

As Father's Day approaches, I wanted to learn how dads around the world encourage, mentor and care for their children. Looking through the World Vision photo database, I found dozens of men who go to immense lengths for their little ones.

From the Field "I feel like I can fully participate in life again"
Justine, 31, is a wife, mother and rape survivor from the Eastern DRC who found purpose after joining a savings group, supported by generous donors like you. This is her testimony.
From the Field Child friendly spaces help kids learn to be kids again

Children like Hamaad, Manal, Ahmed, Aman and Raqwa* have been through more terror before the age of 14 than most Canadians will endure in a lifetime. In fact, Iraq is now home to 3.3 million internally displaced people and 8.4 million people in need.

Belal, 2, is alive today because of your generosity

Rahima was married at 14. Her husband wanted sons, but life became difficult as child after child passed away.

An Afghani mother’s letter to Canadians

This is a real letter from 35-year-old Rahima, an Afghani mother who had given up hope when she learned her son Belal was severely malnourished.

From the Field Latrines help restore dignity for girls like Nimco

13-year-old Nimco lives in the Baki district of northwestern Somalia, an area of the country that’s been devastated by years of civil war. Her village had a serious shortage of latrines. Until recently, 70 per cent of people were relieving themselves outside, causing sanitation issues that led to sickness and even death.

From the Field 17 reasons to hope in 2017
Hope shines a light in the darkness. It’s infectious, even healing. But what is there to be hopeful for? Let’s look at the year ahead with 17 reasons to have hope in 2017.
Change Makers Striving for peace on Remembrance Day

Growing up in Senegal, I went to school with kids from all over the world. In that environment, surrounded by the poverty of our host country, my parents taught me to value the cultures and traditions of people from all walks of life, to practice compassion for all, and to celebrate the things that made each of us unique.

In the News In the Philippines, Kaye rises above the storm

Kaye has a smile that puts you at ease right away. The 14-year-old student made friends easily when she transferred to a new school several years ago. Smart, driven, and kind, she was an instant favourite with teachers and her peers.

In the News Syria, you have not been forgotten

People around the world have been expressing solidarity for those suffering in Syria by lighting a candle in their honour. 

Voices 3 tips for buying ethically-sourced flowers

You want to purchase flowers for someone special. You also want to be socially responsible. Where do you start in the search for ethically sourced flowers?

From the Field Goats empower families out of poverty in Tanzania

We all gathered under a large Baobab tree in the community of Manonga, Tanzania. It seemed as though the whole community had come out to see us and share the progress they had made with their irrigation project.

Voices How child marriage, FGM and obstetric fistula impact the lives of women and girls forever

Learn how child marriage, female genital mutilation and obstetric fistula negatively impact millions of women and girls around the world. 

My pregnancy made me grateful to be Canadian
It was four days after my 30th birthday. Looking down at the two lines on that little stick, I knew that my life had already begun changing in so many ways.
From the Field These gifts transformed Rosemary's family

It all started when Rosemary's grandfather Danford received five goats in 2011. "Here comes the freedom," Danford said he told himself.

From the Field Video: Inside a refugee camp in Iraq

With the military offensive approaching Mosul, Iraq, scores of children and their families from outlying villages are already fleeing to an overcrowded Camp near Erbil in northern Iraq.

From the Field Latrine helps restore dignity in a camp for Syrian refugees

World Water Day is about more than clean water. It's also about sanitation and hygiene, since proper sanitation and hygiene (in conjunction with clean water, of course) can help reduce the risk of deadly diseases. That is why toilets, or latrines as they are called in some countries, are so important.

From the Field In Haiti, a goat can equal financial security
What does financial security look like for you? Money in the bank? Good investments? To my great surprise I found that in Haiti, financial security can look a lot like a goat.
From the Field Access to feminine hygiene helps girls get an education

I remember missing a few days of school over the course of my education. Seeing me doubled over with cramps, my mom would take pity on me and sign me out of class.

From the Field 5 global dishes with deeper meaning

I lived in Haiti for 8 months after college. Immersing yourself in a different culture is exhilarating - I thrived on the challenge of trying new foods and learning a new language. What was most fascinating to me about Haitian culture, was the purpose behind their daily details. Specifically, in the food they made.

From the Field Canadian children welcome Syrian refugees to Canada

In case you missed it, this is our most-viewed video ever!

In the News Rebuilding Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

On October 4th my colleagues and I anxiously watched the news as Hurricane Matthew tore through Haiti. All of us were hoping and praying that the damage would be minimal, but the storm was deadly.

From the Field How to build a reading corner
Making a reading corner in your home or classroom is as easy as A, B, C!
From the Field During disasters World Vision is first in, last out
World Vision is often one of the first responders to natural disasters and emergencies. But that doesn't mean that we simply dump our aid supplies and leave.
Voices Food waste and garbage, not the same thing
I live in Toronto, a city full of high rises and a population over 6 million, if you include the surrounding suburban area. While the city is not usually known as a hotbed for sustainable living, you will find farmers; markets scattered around the city.
From the Field "Unsafe water keeps my friend from school."

But sometimes Otília is too weak to play soccer…or go to school. This happens when she has diarrhea caused by the water the family drinks from the stream.

In the News 8 tips for talking to kids about tragedy

Talking to children about tragedy is a job most parents would love to avoid. If only our children did not need to hear about things like terrorist attacks, hurricanes, earthquakes and wars. 

From the Field Equipping teens for adulthood in El Salvador

I was in El Salvador when I met Edwin, who is not much younger than my own son Aidan. Although the two boys have similar commitments to their education, I quickly realized as I listened to Edwin’s story that the hurdles he faces to achieve this basic right were far different than my son’s.

From the Field Sri Lanka: the Flood in Photos

Heavy monsoon rains in Sri Lanka have led to massive flooding and landslides. Over 500,000 people have been affected, with 169 dead, 102 missing, and 75,308 have had to flee their homes.

Voices The little blue dress that changed how I see child labour

This World Day to End Child Labour is a poignant one for me. It’s been over three years since I started living as a more conscious consumer, by educating myself about child labour in the products I buy and use. That all started with a little blue dress I bought in England.

From the Field For girls in India, a simple trip to the washroom can be life-threatening

In many urban areas of India, families live in old, one-room houses. The houses do not have toilets, so everyone is forced to rely on public toilets that are shared by several families. The lack of dignity makes using these facilities a harrowing experience for young women.

Change Makers 5 tips for capturing a social media-worthy meal

Food writer and photographer (and Hungerfree spokesperson) Dennis the Prescott knows a thing or two about fab food photography.

From the Field 5 Ways to Get into the Soccer Spirit
I’m not afraid to admit that I’m in love; even though I’ve been playing for nearly two decades, soccer and I are still in the honeymoon phase. Sure, like every relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs. But there is something magical about soccer that brings people together. That’s what I can’t get enough of.
Change Makers To me, sponsorship is giving moms a helping hand
With just one glance, Safira, with her cherub cheeks and pouty lips, took up residence on our fridge, and in my heart. And with each new similarity I discovered, it became more apparent that God had placed Safira in my life for a very distinct purpose.
Change Makers Running for water, on water: No excuses for the Global 6K
As the director of a church charity that has sponsored water projects in Africa, Ed says he is "aware of the incredible benefits of safe water." So when Ed and Dyanna's church was hosting a Global 6K walk for clean water, for them, there was no excuse not to participate. Not even the fact that they'll be at sea on the date of the event.
Change Makers An honest talk about Mother’s Day, and how you can make it count
As a mother myself, I can tell you that I don’t need bubble bath, a box of chocolates or any more candles. But I would love to know that another mother’s life has been changed, even just a little, because of me. And that’s why I’m asking you to consider honouring a woman in your life this Mother’s Day, by helping a mother in need.
Voices Coffee, brought to you by child labour
Meet Melvin. He's only 11, but he says he can't remember the last time he played as a child. As a worker on a coffee farm, Melvin let go of childhood a long time ago.
Voices Positive supply chains: A view from Honduras
In 2004, Gennri became part of a World Vision-sponsored savings group, which serves as a bank for the poor.
Voices Citizen advocacy gets action in Uganda

The health clinic in Nnalinya, a village in central Uganda was in very poor shape. And as things go in Nnalinya, being one of the poorest and least serviced parts of Uganda, it would have remained that way for many years if not for the determined advocacy efforts of local residents.

From the Field What the new school year will bring for these two girls
Eight year-old Maddy is pretty excited about back to school in Canada. In Ethiopia, the hunger crisis has stolen that joy from 10 year-old Marta.
From the Field Portable information technology lab gives literacy a boost

For students in remote areas of Kenya, a portable learning lab could be the boost they need on the road to literacy.

Change Makers Learning to stay alive in today’s humanitarian world

This World Humanitarian Day, as the threats to aid workers increase, their protection has not, which is why more and more humanitarians require military-grade survival training to do their job

From the Field African Hunger Crisis Keeping Kids from School
The place my nephew was born in enables him to get excited about lessons of math and reading, about lunchboxes with sandwiches and fruit and playground games of tag. In other corners of the world, children are not so lucky.
In the News Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria: Updates and facts you need to know
Hurricane Irma has passed over islands in Latin America and the Caribbean, but Hurricane Maria is now braced to hit the Dominican Republic.
In the News Earthquake in Mexico: Updates and facts
A second earthquake in Mexico has caused extensive damage and more than 200 casualties, including children. Hundreds are trapped inside partially collapsed buildings. 
Voices 10 ingredients for a Hunger Free world

We’ve gathered 10 unique ingredients for food activism. These life ingredients take care of the earth and share the bounty with the most vulnerable in our global community.

Change Makers Dennis the Prescott: Food Is Community

Dennis is that guy from Instagram that makes you drool on your phone- chef, author and all-around nice East Coast guy. He’s also a change-maker who believes a hunger-free world is possible.

From the Field How generosity can build the world
In the Dominican Republic, in slums pressed between vacation resorts, there is a café without tables, without chairs. You’ll never find it on Yelp. It's a café that taught me about true generosity.
From the Field We pray for rain: Drought & hunger in Somalia
I've never seen a place so dry. “You have places like this in the U.S.?” asks Mohammud, a nutritionist with the Somali team. “Kind of,” I say. “There’s a place they call Death Valley.”
From the Field Young woman starts program to feed 1,200 schoolchildren
Wawira’s story began with a single realization, “What did I do to deserve a better life than other kids around me?” While she grew up with comfort and three meals a day, there were those in her community of Ruiru, Kenya who didn’t have access to nutritious food or quality education. 
From the Field What happens when refugees are given land instead of tents

More than a million South Sudanese refugees have poured into Uganda in the last year, forming one of the biggest refugee settlements in the world. 

Change Makers What food insecurity means to teenagers like Jennifer

It was at a youth forum where I met Jennifer, a World Vision Kenya volunteer. By the age of nine Jennifer was expected to work every day or go hungry. This Day of the Girl, I’m remembering Jennifer’s courageous commitment to a Hunger Free world, and I’m even more determined to join her in making that a reality. 

From the Field A nutritionist’s take on Somalia
I'm travelling along a jagged road in Puntaland, Somalia in a land cruiser. My companion is a nutritionist from World Vision Somalia. His name is Mohammud.
In the News The F-word: What is famine?
In Canada, where most families have enough to eat, it's easy to become complacent about the idea of hunger. In the developing world, it's a different story.
Change Makers Carve a Heart and share the love!

Put a little love on your doorstep this fall. Carve a heart into your festive pumpkin, and show your neighbourhood that you support the world's most vulnerable children. 

Change Makers A world-changing idea: the Live Like Alex Water Walk

She led a life dedicated to making the world a better place. Though I never met Alex, I still consider her a role model of mine. Because of this experience, I've become inspired to make a difference in our world- and you can too. 

From the Field Get a goat give a goat: Rosemary's gifts keep giving

You may remember that last year we shared the story of Rosemary, a plucky sponsored child whose life was changed when her family received goats through World Vision’s gift catalogue. Well, her story didn't end there!

In the News Rohingya Crisis: fast facts and how to help
The plight of Rohingya refugees has been at the forefront of international news here in Canada, but you may still have questions about the Myanmar and Rohingya crisis. Here are some fast facts to help you better understand what is happening in Myanmar and neighbouring Bangladesh.
From the Field A Rohingya refugee family flees violence

Razia is one of the 900,000 refugees who have fled across the border from Myanmar to Bangladesh. As a member of the Rohingya group, she has been a target for violence in her home country. Many of the refugees are living in the same conditions as Razia – no food, water, healthcare or proper shelter.   

Change Makers When Mauro meets Arman
Mauro visits his sponsored child, Arman, bearing gifts and seeking genuine connection.
From the Field Prarthana’s wish: story of a young teacher
Prathana (13) gives her time and skills reading to children in her neighbourhood, to help improve their reading skills and provide mentorship.
Jaciele gets by with a little help from her friends

When the start of the school year rolled around in Brazil, six-year-old Jaciele was excited to begin her education. Her mother, Marizete, was less thrilled. Learn more.

From the Field One stitch at a time
Yupida empowers six other women to join her in a new business endeavour, while their husbands give their time to take over household duties.
From the Field Generosity runs in the family
Two sisters training for the 100-metre dash barefoot, now train with proper equipment thanks to a gift delivered by World Vision.
From the Field Strength in heroic kindness
Hamza's dark and violent war stories are transformed into stories of kindness when his teachers at the early childhood education centre show him what it means to belong.
From the Field Encounters with generosity
A first-hand account of one Ghanaian community's generosity by Cindy Cook-Leamen, who is a Child Sponsorship Ambassador.
From the Field Blanket of warmth
Odiille's old blanket wasn't keeping her warm during cold nights, so Canadian donors shared their warmth with a new blanket through Gift-in-Kind.
From the Field Universal Children's Day from a Rohingya refugee camp
Lindsay Gladding, World Vision Canada's Director of Humanitarian Emergencies and Affairs, reflects on spending Universal Children's Day with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh
Change Makers Five ways for families to give back together
I believe that love can heal, empower and transform people’s lives. That’s why I feel extremely compelled to teach my daughter what it means to show love, compassion, generosity and empathy towards others. And what better time of the year to put this into action than Christmastime? Here are 5 ways for your family to give back this season.
Change Makers Three ideas for a romantic Christmas season for two
Christmas can be one of the most loving times of year. Use these tips to plan the perfect romantic holiday interlude, or (not so) subtly pass them along to your special someone.
Change Makers Beating the need to get it right at Christmas
When the pressures of the holidays seem to be too much, this article reminds us of what is important.
Change Makers Five minimalist Christmas gift ideas
Five ways to make gift giving a little easier
Change Makers Hope from the humble egg
The humble egg is making an exceptional difference in the lives of children and families around the world. 
From the Field Moms sew seeds of hope in Bolivia
In this corner of Cochabamba, Bolivia where urban meets rural, a group of women is changing lives, one tiny seed at a time. This Christmas, it is making all the difference. 
From the Field Gift Catalogue blankets bring warmth against the chill
The gift of warm blankets is helping the children of this Bolivian community stay warm and healthy. 
Change Makers Forget the sales: This is the best deal there is!
This young World Vision blogger gives you the moo-down on what a cow can mean to a family in need.
Change Makers Four things I learned from spending Christmas far from “home”
A sandy Christmas can look pretty different from a white Christmas. But the spirit of giving and spending time with family is the same wherever you are.
In the News Syrian Refugee Crisis: facts and how to help
Since 2011, conflict has devastated Syria. Now the Syrian refugee crisis is recognized internationally, as the largest refugee crisis of our time. The Syrian civil war has set Syria’s national standard of living back by decades – destroying health care systems, schools and water and sanitation facilities.

Change Makers Five reasons we still do the Polar Bear Dip every year
With 32 years of experience braving the frigid waters of Lake Ontario, the Courage Brothers are Canada’s highest authority on how to keep yourself motivated this Polar Bear Dip.
Hungry for hope
Chanelle, 12 years old, dropped out of school so she could work to support her family in a time of famine. There is hardly ever enough food, as her community is often hit by drought. Read more.
New Home, New Hope
Aline, a 12-year-old girl who suffered from pneumonia, now enjoys beter shelter, thanks to World Vision's Service-in-Kind program.
Passing the Flame of Peace
Communities in Burundi are still healing after decades of ethnic violence. In Rutegama, youth are taking the lead to create real unity through children's clubs called "Flame of Peace."
Making it personal
As a World Vision staff member in Burundi, Marie has always been committed to helping struggling families in her country. But when she met more.
Bitter past, better future
Fulfilling a day in the life of typical working-class parents, 40-year-old Samnang* and his wife left their two girls, Chenda* and her younger sister at home. Upon their return, it was clear that something terrible had happened. Chenda was... 
Sponsor journals: a heart for Cambodia
Jennie Paasche has been a World Vision sponsor for more than a decade. She has travelled to Cambodia twice to visit both of her sponsored children, Phearun and Sokleng. This is her story. 
Seng's family no longer fears him
Seng is married, the father of six daughters and one son. He's held jobs as a fisherman, construction worker and is now a photographer, but for years, his family feared him.
A sweet source of income
The sponsored child is helpful at home, too. After school he does house chores and takes care of his little brother. It helps spell off his parents. Read more.
Young boy, wise man
In crisis or conflict, children's drawings tell the tale of what they have lived through. They also reveal how kids look back at their land of origin.
Sylvie Has Power to Defeat her Handicap
"In our village, women are the ones who run the household, next to their husband,” says Sylvie. “As a handicapped [person], I had little chance to have a home, let alone a husband. But this is no longer the case.” Sylvia smiles with her son during...
A Story of Transformation
When Rachel's husband died in 1994, he left her on her own with seven children to care for." Day and night I prayed and asked God's help," she remembers. "And God heard me."
Clean Water Aids Education
Education is a tool that has the power to equip a person for life. Whether formal education or workshops for everyday living, World Vision prioritizes learning of every kind. Sadly, not every child has the opportunity to go to...
Parental leave and its affect on kids
Ruyan stayed back when their parents moved to the city when she was just seven months old. Now eight years old, she is supported through child sponsorship in her community in China. Photo: Michelle Siu/World Vision   When it comes to her days at...
Safety on stage
“The drama scene is so much fun! I can also learn safety knowledge from it,” says nine-year-old Hui Ying, “I’ve taught my younger brother what I just learned.”  The third-grader lives in a small village. Her parents are migrant workers in...
Embroidering the Sky
Xiaohe’s family has always struggled. Her mom is disabled and her brother is paralyzed, leaving Xiaohe’s father with the significant burden of providing for their family. Xiaohe’s birth brought new hope to them, but when she reached Grade 3, tragedy... 
Xiujuan Says Goodbye to Freezing Showers
Just one mention of the new solar water heater in her community, and Xiujuan’s face reveals a brilliant smile. She lives in the mountains, where weather conditions can be more severe and winters are cold. People here rely on firewood to heat their...
Bakery Sweetens Family Life
Ana’s kids aren’t being held being held back by poverty. That’s because Ana’s bakery is changing their family’s life. To take their business to the next level, she and her partner received training in pastry-making, marketing and business... 
A Change for Miguel's Mom
Miguel, 10, is a sponsored child in Dulce Tierra Nuevo Sol. His dad is a bricklayer and until recently, his mom Leydi stayed at home.
Child Labour to Soccer Player
A coffee drinker in a distant country might sip a cup of hot joe and taste the Colombia roast, but may not know how child labour is linked to its production.
A new narrative for Fonseca
The town of Fonseca has been affected by conflict and poor educational facilities for years. Now, hope is reborn, and with the help of World Vision, locals write a new story for the children of this region.
Arnoldo teaches child rights
Arnoldo always had a passion for people. When World Vision first partnered with his community, he was already the president of a local development committee.
"I have a dream!"
Children in Latin America have dreams, just like children all over the rest of the world. “My dream for the place I live is that nothing bad happens, I want good things to happen,” says eight-year-old Tadid. Children...
Planting "Green" Bombs
More than 450 children, youth and adults have worked together to combat hunger by planting “green bombs” throughout Costa Rica. The bombs, made of mud, clay and seeds, are a teaching tool to motivate people to naturally grow food and fight hunger.
Family changes
Raising sons and daughters can be a complicated endeavor. In Costa Rica, family issues can sometimes be linked back to parents’ own upbringings that involved harsh discipline. When parents repeat these kinds of patterns with their own children, the...
Educating young entrepreneurs
Students at World Vision's vocational training school learn how to become independent with hands-on education. One student learns to cut and style hair. 
Meet sponsored child Josefa
Tall, sturdy, majestic trees stand guard over a cozy-looking wooden cottage. A river flowing past it exudes tranquility and calm.
The power and joy of giving back
Jesus' tender love for children was so beautifully reflected as we were welcomed to the El Prodigio community in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Education = Freedom
Education is a right, but it's not necessarily secured for children like Estefania, 12, who is without a birth certificate. Learn more.
A new home, a new hope
For 22 years, Eulalia has lived in this community. Even though she constantly struggled in terrible conditions, her neighbours didn’t have the means to help.
Sponsor visit: seeing is believing
There’s a well-known African proverb that says that it takes a village to raise a child. One company and its employees in Saskatoon embrace this philosophy through sponsorship. Modular Storage has sponsored more than 30 children over the years...
The Many Gifts of Sponsorship
Note to readers: While visiting their sponsored child in the Dominican Republic, Anna and her husband had the opportunity to observe some of the changes and developments taking place in his community. Anna writes more about that experience...
Reading empowers girls
Saverine struggled often while reading in school. So, she joined a Reading Club to improve her literacy skills. World Vision has trained 30 community volunteers to lead reading clubs for children in areas like Kabondo. 
Jenny fights for child rights
When she was just 10 years old, Jenny noticed her friends were being treated unjustly. She didn’t understand why kids in the neighbourhood were severely punished by their parents. 
Paying for school with rabbits
François, 53, is married and the father of five kids. The dad makes his living as a farmer, but for the past few years he’s been raising rabbits on the side to increase the family income.
It started with a well
“Since I began participating in World Vision activities in the Simba community, I feel more confident,” says Mr. Lea. He first came in contact with World Vision when a local staff member and health professional approached him about drilling a new...
Sponsored child works to build city of her dreams
Emily is one of several students who had the chance to attend a youth conference, designed to empower young people to make positive changes in their local community and dream about the possibilities for worldwide change. Emily thrived in this...
"Backpack, Backpack!"
During Emira’s trip to Ecuador, she visited a school in Santa Ana. She met with students, teachers and parents to hear about their experiences in collaborating with World Vision.
Recovery happens in child-friendly spaces
The sound of children singing and clapping their hands echoes in the hallways. Two volunteers are leading activities and playing with a group of children. Elders sit on the tables outside in the shade, wiping their brows under the hot Ecuadorian...
Working toward family peace
Deisy, 38, lives in Santa Ana. She's the hard-working mom of two teenage boys, Cesar and Jordan. Today the family is united and happy, but Deisy recalls more tumultuous times in their not-so-distant past.
Korey meets Herberth: A sponsor visit story
Korey with his soccer buddies, Herberth, Jose and their mother. Some World Vision staff joined them for a photo! I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit four of the five children I sponsor through World Vision. My command of the... 
Maria's success story
The World Vision office in Jubileo has launched a pre-school program called the Integral Development Center to help educate three- to five-year-old children in the Jubileo community. Maria, one of the children participating in this...
Salvadorians working together for greater good
“A clean community, free of diseases, and with well-nourished children is the community we all dream of and for which we work”, says Clara, a 27-year old woman who works with the food program, run by World Vision.
Meet Daniel – Wheelchair Athlete and Aspiring Policeman
Daniel’s winning smile and sparkling eyes show no hint of his daily struggles.  Like most 13-year-old boys, he loves sports and playing with his friends. Perhaps unique from the average adolescent is Daniel’s appreciation for what life offers him...
A Plan in the Works for Unaccompanied Children
​The topic of illegal immigration is often in our news cycles, and even more so in recent months. Migration between countries in Central American is an issue, and when Mexico pushed for stronger border enforcement last year, the number of unaccompanied children being deported or sent back increased by over 50 per cent.
Advisor's encounter with youth sparks discussion
​“I was amazed to hear their stories and learn about the challenges and problems that children from Africa suffer,” says Mario Stephano, a World Vision Child Participation Advisor.
A 'total transformation' for Birtukan's family
We had a hard and difficult time, says Birtukan. The mom of four from Hidhabu Abote remembers how they used to struggle.
Weaving a New Future
Bereket’s family was dependent on agriculture for food and income. But due to the lack of adequate agricultural land, the family wasn’t able to produce crops for food.
"Life was a struggle to survive"
​“Life was a struggle to survive every day,” remembers Askual. “Me and my six children – four girls and two boys – usually ate one meal a day.” 
Labs and Libraries
Schools in some regions don’t have libraries or laboratories. Where could students have access to books and hands-on research to support their classroom lessons?
Child-centered teaching
One Kindergarten school in the Samtskhe Javakheti community has integrated children with disabilities into the classroom, thanks to World Vision teacher training.
Children Savor the Sweet Taste of Success
Zaza Ivanidze stands before a room full of pupils.He calls out questions and picks out hands.A child goes to the front of the room and is given a honeycomb to hold as Zaza points to different areas.Today’s lesson is on how honey was discovered years... 
New water brings new life
Dariko, 65, remembers a time when her family didn’t have water for their land. Like everyone in the community, their only source of water was 30 km away—a river up in the mountains.
A safe place from the streets
When she first arrived at the centre, Mari looked distraight and neglected: dirty, with worn clothes and a scalp full of lice. She, like many other children in Tbilisi, come from the streets. In 2014, World Vision established a crisis care intervention centre to give children living or working on the street access to essential services in a safe and caring environment.
High-five for hand-washing!
With a radiant smile, nine-year-old Sherifa spoke about the benefits of the life-changing WASH Up! program she experienced at her school. Learn more.
"Today I can provide for my children"
Provider, bread winner, budding entrepreneur—these are the words that come to mind when Gladys tells her story. She's a 45-year-old mother of five. For years she and her husband, Kweku, were struggling to make ends meet. They started out their...
Clean water made accessible
​Not long ago, the lack of clean water was a major concern to the Nadowli community. As their major source of water was not suitable for consumption, schools, households and farms were affected.
A Story of Transformation
As a young boy, he was upset because he couldn’t go to school. With a large family, his parents couldn’t afford the textbooks, shoes or uniforms that were required.
For the love of reading
Upon reaching the sixth grade, Isaias joined World Vision’s reading comprehension program. Something awakened in him, as he was finally given the tools and encouragement to read.
Youth Seeking Development
The participants of the course belong to a network driven by World Vision, where they address issues of leadership, value formation and entrepreneurship. The aim is to support young people to expand their knowledge and undertake activities that allow them to generate sources of income.
Guide Mother Santos
Santos can’t read or write and doesn’t have much money, but she is passionate about improving her community. Learn her story.
Good glasses, good grades
Maritza is a sponsored child from San Pedro. Her family makes a living by farming and her mom is a housemaid. She has a sister and two brothers. When Maritza started school at age six, she formed good relationships with her teacher...
A mom and a teacher
“We must be alert to signs of malnutrition among our children, because if we neglect them we can seriously limit their development,” says Maria, addressing a group of 12 attentive mothers in her back yard. Read more.
An Update on Cobocol after Hurricane Matthew
World Vision continues to monitor the effects of Hurricane Matthew across Haiti and in communities where Canadians sponsor children. In Cobocol, the homes of 22 sponsored children have been damaged. Thankfully, none of the children were hurt. “Our...
Hygiene and Health for All: A Young Boy Shows How
All too often in Haiti's rural communities, children fall sick with diarrhea, cholera and parasites. The culprit? Dirty hands due to a lack of clean water and knowledge of the importance of hand washing.
Books and beyond
Children gather at the reading club to improve their reading and social skills. Photo: Guy Vital-Herne/World Vision In rural Haiti, books are not readily available in the communities, and children don’t have many opportunities to practice...
Marching for children's rights in Morne Pelee
A youth march in Morne Pelee brought community members together to raise awareness about children's rights and violence against children.
Free to be a boy
Ronaldo, a proud, beaming teenager, sits on the couch next to his mother in a humble slum that serves as their home. Learn more.
An update on UDICC after Hurricane Matthew
World Vision continues to monitor the effects of Hurricane Matthew across Haiti and in communities where Canadians sponsor children. In UDICC, the homes of 26 sponsored children have been damaged. Thankfully, none of the children were hurt. “Our...
Cooking Classes Transform Children's Health
What if the food you had grown up learning how to cook ended up leaving your own child malnourished? Many families in Honduras rely on corn alone for cooking ingredients to feed their children. Learn more.
A committed church in action
In a community that typically suffers from broken family relationships, many fall prey to alcohol and drug additions. For those seeking good moral guidance to a healthier life, a committed church community supports its members in many ways: living...
The principal of the matter
In August 2015, Robert Edwards traveled with World Vision to Honduras as a Child Sponsorship Ambassador. Learn more.
Hope is Contagious for Farming Family
Glenda comes from a poor, hard-working family of field workers of two parents and eight siblings. She loves everything about her hometown.
Joel Victor's New Venture
Joel Victor, 17, is from Renacer. He recently went through an entrepreneurship course with World Vision’s support. Learn about his newly “planted” business venture. I am 17 years old, living with my parents and two sisters. Since I was very young, I...
The Impact of a Toilet
Sanitation is lacking in many parts of the Faridabad community, and Razia’s family was feeling the effects acutely. Day-to-day life has dramatically improved with a toilet. Photo: World Vision.   Her family of 12—including three adolescent...
Wonder women of India
Less than a decade ago, young women from Faridkot were discouraged from pursuing education, let alone chase after a career of their dreams. 
Through Malavika's lens
Since birth, 17-year-old Malavika has suffered from hearing and speaking impairments. Her father, Naren, has always been protective of her. Read more.
From danger to dreaming: Karan's story
Karan shares a one-room apartment with his mother. The space holds a kitchen and bedroom for both of them to sleep in, and they share a bathroom with other tenants.
An oasis of health
Each week, upwards of 70 children gather at the local health centre in Cilincing with their parents. This health centre is like an oasis, a "one stop shop"  for expecting moms, children and growing families.
Freedom from fear
Three years ago, at the age of 16, her parents accepted a dowry for her marriage. It was a dark day for Asti, as her dream to continue in her high school education was pushed aside.
Educating Mothers on Malnutrition
Malnutrition threatens the lives of children under the age of five in the Timor community. Read more.
Seeing remedial classes in action
World Vision’s health care and education initiatives are making a difference in the West Bank Region. Learn more.
A Story of Transformation
Thanks to sponsorship, "I feel that I have the information needed to protect my children," Fatima says. "World Vision has changed our lives and has positively impacted the life of each member of my family."
Raja's Road to Success
When Raja's husband fell on his back at work, everything changed for their family. The injury rendered him unable to work, and the 34-year-old mom of three became responsible for their livelihood. 
Providing education: You can help
At the age of 14, Belinda is a primary school dropout. “I was in class four... and because I could not read, I was taken back to class two.” Feeling defeated, the young girl dropped out of school. Kenya’s low literacy rate continues to...
Water yields big results for Margaret's family
Margaret stands in the field near her home where she and her family grow cassava, papaya, tamarind and mango. A few years ago, World Vision provided the community with a new well, pipeline and water system.
From hunger to plenty
Before World Vision came to Taveta, Jackson says his farmland was waterlogged and useless. There were food shortages and many families relied on handouts from the government.
An end to FGM
Traditions are strong among the Pokot people in northwest Kenya. But one tradition in particular can leave lasting damage. Female genital mutilation (FGM) – also known as ‘cutting’ or ‘female circumcision’–is the practice of cutting...
Community Collaborates on New School
In Tunyo, World Vision is working to improve the quality of children's education. That includes making sure children have proper spaces to learn.
Plant a seed, grow a future
Fields, forests and farms provide food for families in Yodamphone's village" but it's not always enough, especially if you have eight mouths to feed.
Safe places where children can heal
For months, there have been reports issued about Syrian children and their families who’ve been desperately trying to escape from the conflict in their country.
Sharing supplies and support with Syrian refugees
Working in communications with World Vision in Lebanon, I have visited dozens of Syrian refugees over the last year and a half.
Families Seek New Homes in Lebanon
Syrian children are living a nightmare, as the largest humanitarian crisis in the northern hemisphere continues. Many have lost relatives and friends, and are fleeing violence.
Aisha finds her purpose
After Aisha got married, her whole world seemed to close in. She had been teaching for a year at a local public school when she married a man from her village. But she was forced to give up her job when she started having children. “We lived by... 
Chief Kawanula makes changes for children
Two years ago, several village chiefs in Chamba went through a training where they learned about children’s rights.
Books are for everyone!
Malawian students, each with their own book. Photo: George Mhango/World Vision In Malawian schools, two things are undeniable: there are not enough classroom spaces, and there are not enough books in the libraries. How can students practice...
How Child Sponsorship Works
Have you ever wondered just how we make sponsorship happen? Watch this behind-the-scenes video that takes you through the steps of child sponsorship. Thank you again for your support!  
One school club sets an example
As part of a child protection project facilitated by World Vision, primary school students have formed advocacy and support clubs to address low enrollments and low literacy. 
Making child sponsorship a family affair
Passion and purpose drive Christy and Colin Zacharias in their life, but most especially in their 18-year commitment to World Vision.  Their efforts can vary in size and scope, from taking part in two World Vision-led trips to Africa, to sponsoring a...
A School worth celebrating
“I came to this school in 2006,” says Rodgers Duwa, head teacher at one of Mposa’s schools. “Life was tough then.” Just three teachers were responsible for 719 students, with two classrooms and no toilets. The school was badly in need of help, but...
The Family That Succeeds Together
Mwanza’s family has come a long way. For years, his three kids went without enough food or proper clothing. Today, Mwanza and his wife, Emelda, are role models in the community because of what they’ve achieved.
The Joy a Swing Can Bring
Salif, a sponsored child, enjoying the new swing set. Photo: Francine Obura/World Vision In 1993, World Vision constructed kindergarten classrooms in one village school in Jigiya. Nearly 40 students age three to six benefited from this...
Child sponsorship: Not just about the kids

“I thought sponsorship was a relationship between the children and the sponsors, but actually, my parents also enjoy the World Vision sponsorship program,” says Karia, laughing at her mom and dad. At 11 years old, Karia is joyful and full of life....

Support in family, support in education

Niame, 11 years old, was once a borderline street child. Her father, Namakan, lost his left eye and went blind due to a terrible accident a few years ago. Learn more about their story.

Salamita: mother and mentor
“I come from a modest family. Due to our difficult situation and the absence of financial support, I had to drop out school,” says 23-year-old Salimata. Unfortunately, this is the case for many other young men and women in the Kankossa...
Fridges fund families
The local primary school doesn’t have enough rooms for children or teachers, water facilities are not up to par, and parents find themselves helpless to financial burdens. Read more.
A New Spokesperson for Family Health
In Aminetou’s community, faith leaders are getting involved in something that was once deemed only a woman’s concern: child and maternal health.   Imam Mohamed Ould Salim is one such leader. After going through a training with World Vision, he...
Co-operatives help moms keep kids healthy
Moms in Aicha’s community are resilient, trying hard to provide for their families with very little.  Even so, despite their best efforts, many children suffer from malnutrition. Unemployment, lack of training and few ways to make...
Latin American kids learn about Canada
During a recent trip to Manos Unidas, World Vision’s Program Portfolio Manager, Chris Ortiz, was able to see the impact of Canadian donations on the field level.
Sponsorship brings hope for Natalie
​Marina* and her daughter Natalie* live in the slums of Mexico. They do not have a luxurious life, but they feel safer than in their home in El Salvador.
An unexpected business venture
Almost 17 years ago, Esteban travelled to a different city for work. During lunch, he was invited to a trout restaurant located next to a spring where fish were being bred. Amazed by the landscape and by the food, he decided to start selling trout. Read more.
A Little Loan Goes a Long Way
​“Comedor Casa Blanca” is a place of fond childhood memories for Gloria, the hallways filled with delicious smells wafting from the kitchen.
Tailor-made success
What’s the most important thing in your home? For 44-year-old single mother Ariunaa, it’s her sewing machine, which has transformed the struggling homemaker into a professional tailor. Since World Vision donated an electric sewing machine, Ariunaa...
Tuul's recovery
Tuul was very young when both her parents died, so her survival story entails a lot of moving in and out of extended family homes. Learn her story.
New teaching approach benefits students
Some classroom pedagogies in Mongolian schools are outdated, focusing only on lecturing but not active participation. This is where the ‘Good Child’ program comes in.
A new start for Saikhantuya's family
Saikhantuya knows better than to look too closely. As sparks bounce from the end of her father's welding sticks, the 14-year-old sponsored child’s eyes dart around the yard. Various metals are piled on top of each other – materials to construct a... 
Lifting literacy with community cooperation
​Improving literacy levels is a top priority in the A Hi Kulene community, and a new reading program that started last year is already showing promise.
"We demand ownership of our bodies"
​“Dear mom and dad, we are very much aware of the tough society that we are living in,” says Cátia. “As girl children we must remind you that marrying us off shouldn’t even be a solution to consider.”
Plans for Mozambique's Girls

​In Mozambique, early marriage, where girls marry before age 18, is among the highest in the world. When girls marry young, they drop out of school and are far more likely to face extreme poverty.

Better Desks = Better Learning
Learning in a comfortable classroom environment is not a luxury that all students in northern Mozambique can afford. For Anabela, a 12-year-old sponsored child, the absence of desks in her school has compromised her quality education, not... 
Belita: from child bride to aspiring teacher
Early marriage is very common in Mozambique. In fact, the country is currently ranked 11th in the world for child marriage. Learn Belita's story.
Salmina's escape from early marriage
"A man came [to] our home one afternoon," recalls Salmina. "He told my father that he wanted to marry me."
From shy student to bold leader
​Holding a book in her hands, Sujita walks down the stairs to address a group of students on the school grounds. She is preparing to share some new more.
Overwhelming generosity from Mina's sponsor

At 14, Mina has a kind smile. On a visit to Butwal in April, I had the privilege of spending some time with her family. They haven’t had it easy. Read more.

More than practice leaders
We are practicing at being leaders in the future,” says Prakash, a 16-year-old boy from Doti East. We’re sitting in a low-roofed building close to the high school campus, where Prakash is the chairperson of the “child club.”
Young Girls Speaking Out
18-year-old Manisha*, keeps a pendant around her neck called ‘Jantare’. It’s made of herbs and coated in copper, signifying protection: a physical reminder of an invisible grace that she carries with her everywhere. Manisha shows the...
From child labourer to child leader
Ericka, a young teacher, wakes up at four o’clock in the morning and walks 90 minutes to get to work. She arrives at the school and prepares early before the 13 preschoolers arrive.
The joy of reading

Valentina, an 11-year old sponsored child, is in the sixth grade. She’s part of a group of 43 children who participate in the ‘I Read, Comment, Imagine and Believe’ (IRCIB) program.

Jennifer Turns Things Around at School
​“I wasn’t interested in my classes,” says Jennifer. “At age ten I didn’t know how to read or write. I had been in the same grade for four years.”
Oscar Takes on a Personal Cause: Child Abuse
Meet law student Oscar Zamora, age 24. He’s been volunteering with World Vision since 2012, raising awareness about important issues like hunger and child abuse. Abuse of children—particularly domestic abuse—is a problem in Nicaragua that Oscar is...
"My dream is to become the first village doctor"
Malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea are most common illnesses causing child mortality in Niger. In an effort to decrease these childhood illnesses, World Vision has partnered with World Health Organization. Read more.
Chores or classes?
A common problem in Niger is the lack of accessible, clean water. This issue can affect many things, including going to school.
Ali's illness brings a family together
​At first it was just a tiny white spot on Ali’s leg; another one on his arm. The then ten-year-old didn’t think much of it, and neither did his parents.
Despite his disability, Mourtala loves to learn
Nine-year-old Mourtala contracted polio, a highly infectious disease caused by a virus that invades the nervous system. As a result, he’s unable to stand and walk, but gets around on his hands and knees, despite the pain this causes. 
A Changed Family
​According to Gladys, 47, she wasn’t a leader “even in her dreams” when she first came to the community as a young mother with her husband Emiliano.
A special space helps kids love to read
When Milagros remembers the old room in her house, she sees her notebooks and books lying on the floor, some even with food on them.
Toys make reading fun
World Vision has implemented a new, creative idea to foster and develop reading comprehension in Peruvian children.
A Story of Transformation
Local leader Jose Matias, 72, remembers the time when everyday life was a struggle. Basic services were scarce and social problems widespread.  “When I moved to Ventanilla in 1999, every day was a shocking reality,” said Jose. “I was particularly...
A Renewed Vision for Marife
Marife used to be constantly stressed. Besides working at a day care, she helped her husband sell fish. They worried and argued over money, and sometimes Marife lashed out at her children. Afterward, she’d feel frustrated with herself, and her... 
Cash transfers assisting typhoon survivors
One of the harshest repercussions of Typhoon Haiyan is that it pushed the poorest families even deeper into poverty. These are people who lost everything, including their loved ones, homes, and jobs.
One mom's dramatic story of change
​I am Sylvia Garlan, a volunteer leader for World Vision. I am married and have five kids. This is my story of change.
A mother's courage for Justice
My name is Anna*: I’m 37, and a mother of five children. Anita*, is my only daughter. When she was born, we treated her like a princess. Read more.
Proving Her Doubters Wrong
Tall and thin, 20-year-old Queenie seems like an average young adult. A passer-byer may not know the power she harnesses in her seemingly gentle fingers. She has already mastered the forging of two metals. After passing her welding exams,...
The benefits of breastfeeding
“I didn't know that breastfeeding has so many benefits for me and my child," says Heidi, 21, single mom to one-year-old Patrick. Heidi and Patrick at home in Sorsogon. Photo: World Vision. Because her husband left them, Heidi has to rely on her...
Pastor Stanley's Change of Heart

​Stanley is a pastor in South Cotabato, but in the past he wasn’t focused on caring for children. “I didn’t think of defending children’s rights as part of God’s creation,” he admits. Read more.

Ready, prepared and looking forward
Like many kids in Romania’s rural areas, Angela didn’t have opportunities as a young child; the limits of her village were the limits of her universe. Read more.
The boy who doesn't exist
Matei is 14 years old, born in August, 2002. At least, that’s what his parents told him. But there is no way to know for sure, since he wasn’t registered at birth.
Mia's Story
Six-year-old Mia has the prettiest big, blue eyes. She’s the youngest of five children, and the challenges she faces would be unbearable for most of us, but her eyes are filled with optimism.
Andrew and Callixte: Families at War
“I was living a great life,” says Andrew, 50. “I had many relatives around me and many friends and neighbours who were like a big family.” The peace in Andrew’s village dissipated in April 1994 as neighbours turned on neighbours at the beginning of...
Shining a light on learning
Two years ago, Marie Angel was struggling in school. Although she loved her classes, she couldn’t do her homework at night because there was no light in her home. Everything changed, however, when her parents decided to participate in a household...
Textbooks a-Plenty
This 14-year-old is no backbencher: she often sits very close to the front of the class where her teacher stands. Photo: Martin Tindiwensi/World Vision Sandrine is a shy girl. She’s among the most devoted senior students, and often wears...
Covered market means quality produce for Rugarama's farmers
When an enterprising group of 32 women started selling produce along a main road in Rugarama, they quickly encountered a challenge. In the hot sun or rain, it was impossible to keep their fruits and vegetables in good shape. Women sell their...
The road back to school
Codou was a student at the village school but stopped primary studies because her parents could no longer afford school expenses.
Brave new girl
A forum was held by World Vision for all ages on the rights and responsibilities of the child. Among them stood Farmata, a 12-year-old girl with a strong message to deliver on child protection. Despite her trembling hands, Farmata asked...
Testimonials from the Kounkane Community
As World Vision’s time in the Kounkane community nears its end, children, parents and community members share some of the achievements that have made the biggest difference in their lives. Read on for a few personal testimonies, made possible..
Mamadou's community learns to accept him
Mamadou and his mom were marginalized from everyone in their community. Mamadou was born with a disability that prevented him from using his arms and legs.
Bringing an end to domestic abuse
Isatu, 42, is happy about the good work being done in her community. Of the accomplishments they’ve made, she’s most proud of the fact that, through the mothers’ club started by World Vision, family violence has seen a major decline. The...
Standing up for Children's Rights Post-Ebola
In the wake of the Ebola crisis, many people—especially children—are still coming to terms with the events that unfolded.   Schools were closed for nine months, relatives and neighbours were lost, children weren’t allowed to play with their... 
After-Effects of Ebola: Salmatu's Story
The Ebola virus has had far-reaching effects in the lives of Sierra Leoneans.  Children, especially girls, have suffered. Many became pregnant during the school closures, others have been sexually harassed by men. These girls are left even more...
Coming Through the Crisis
​“Hunger was one of my greatest fears during Ebola,” says Mariama, 12, remembering one day when she went to bed after only eating coconut.
A Recipe for Passionate Reading
Pella Primary School in Atlantis launched a reading project with the help of World Vision. The event attended by many children, parents and teachers, all of whom participated in reading workshops.
Solidarity in uniform
Eight-year-old Mlungisi was ready to enter Grade 2 when he was handed a uniform that had been previously owned by five other children. It was faded, threadbare and ready to fall apart.
Mrs. Mokubung paints orange farm green
Mrs. Doris Mokubung is a community member in Orange Farm who refuses to be intimidated by the erratic weather patterns that have tormented the area for the past ten years. She’s one of six members in the Perseverance Cooperative. The group started...
Try this classic South African recipe
On the trip, Elizabeth was served “malva pudding.” The dessert has Dutch origins but it’s considered a classic in South Africa. Want to try your hand at it? Here’s the recipe.
A Reputation for Quality
At the age of 11, Priya made a decision to be “independent” when she grew up. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. She only knew she wanted to have her own source of income. "Although my parents worked on the tea estate, they did other things too...
A motherly mission
Many would say that teachers are the pillars of a school. What would a classroom be like without a teacher to lead it? This was the reality of the grade two students in the local village.
From street kid to shining star
The streets are dense, dusty and dirty. People hurry to the stations, boarding trains and busses to get to work on time. Amidst the hustle and bustle, a five-year-old girl sits quietly on the pavement beside mother. No one pays them...
Ovini's story of transformation
Ovini loves to talk, and as a young girl, she had the opportunity to practice her speaking skills within the Child Society, a World Vision club for children.
Safe haven at Sangilwa Dispensary
​In September 2016, Markham, Ont. resident, Cheryl Pitchford, traveled to Tanzania as a World Vision Child Sponsorship Ambassador. Here's her story.
A story of transformation
When World Vision partnered with Isagehe, Ester was in a desperate situation, raising nine children on her own as a single mother. Despite her efforts to earn money, it was never enough.
When schools and sponsors meet
​In September 2016, Markham, Ont. resident, Cheryl Pitchford, traveled to Tanzania as a World Vision Child Sponsorship Ambassador. Read about her experience.
Poverty doesn't define her
Meet ZamZam: an ambitious 12-year-old girl who hopes to become a doctor someday. Zamzam is studious and hard-working. She hopes that one day she can support her family. Photo: Lena Renju/World Vision Her father was the...
Fishing for a better future
In September of 2016, Child Sponsorship Ambassador Stan Barriault traveled to Tanzania to visit children and their families. While there, he met one industrious father using fish to further his family. On my first day visiting families in Tanzania,... 
The Buzz on Beekeeping
Child Sponsorship Ambassador Katana Bosetti traveled to Tanzania to visit children and their families. While there, she met one unforgettable character.
A family, a farm, a future
​In September of 2016, Child Sponsorship Ambassador Cindy Cook-Leamen traveled to Tanzania. While there, she met a hard-working family. Read more.
Birthday gifts bring joy
Kind gifts from sponsors have made it possible for children in Manonga to have real birthday celebrations! In addition to parties with juice, cookies and fun activities, children across the community have also benefitted from gifts that will help...
Coffee crops a success!
Dong is ten years old, living with his family in a rural village in northern Thailand. Like most people in their village, his parents grew corn and cabbage. Learn more.
Sponsor Visit Story: Jenny Meets Paul!
​Meeting your sponsored child is an incredibly memorable experience. Jennifer Carter, a sponsor for seven years, traveled to Uganda to meet her sponsored child, Paul. Here is Jennifer’s story.
Food for the Family
After peeling off her school uniform and dropping her exercise books on her bed, nine-year-old Lillian rushes to the maize garden near her home. She quickly breaks off several mature cobs and heads back to the family kitchen to roast them. “I like...
Joyce Avoids Her "Last Resort"
At age 18, Joyce was in a bad place. Her parents had stopped supporting her education and were pressuring her to get married. But Joyce had ambition.
Still, he persisted
Because Sylvesti’s parents were unable to provide 8,500 shillings ($2.50 US), he was unable to take his primary exams. Now, having to repeat the class, Sylesti still doesn’t have school requirements.
More Than Just a Blanket
Parents and children in the Tubur community express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the donation of blankets. Thank you, donors!
A Story of Transformation
Boyd is a father of ten with a successful honey bee business in Kalomo. He was farming bees before World Vision partnered with the community, but his yields weren’t significant. “We were doing traditional bee farming,” he remembers. Boyd smiles...
Child marriage: Mulenga's story
Mulenga* lived in extreme poverty with her single mother. She traveled regularly to her grandmother’s farm, collecting food and other needs to sustain her and her mom.
Super farmer, super dad
Mackswin, 45, is many things. He's a husband and a father, a fisherman and a farmer. He's a hygiene promoter and the first "caregiver"  in his community.
Education > Child Marriage
World Vision’s support in areas such as Michila has been helping to eradicate harmful traditional practices like early marriage. Early marriage takes many victims in Zambia, but there is hope for girls and their futures. Photo: World..
Water irrigation empowers village farmers
On the dry and dusty road to Thamsanga Makhuyana’s village, the effect of the prolonged drought is evident — crops, grasses and even trees are yellow and brown.
Melissa Joins Girls' Club
IGATE stands for Improving Girls’ Access Through Education, a program run by World Vision to empower girls, like Melissa, through various programs such as girls’ club. 
A library full of books
World Vision's Gift-in-Kind program donated library books to a school in northern Zimbabwe, bringing smiles to 760 students.
Mothers on a mission
Learn how women operate savings groups and business ventures with one mission: to remove the barriers that prevent girls from staying in school. Read more.
How Does Child Sponsorship Work?
Have you ever wondered just how we make Child Sponsorship happen? Watch this behind-the-scenes video that takes you through the steps of Child Sponsorship.
Living with uncertainty
Mahi, a 6-year-old girl, lives with her parents, Masud and Banu, in a nearby village. Little Mahi, 6, is recognized for her big smile. Photo: Juliet Mondol/World Vision Sadly, helplessness is a familiar feeling for Mahi’s parents. “I eat...
From victim to victory
While working her job in a bread factory, 13-year-old Joytun went into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. While nibbling her food, her scarf caught on the stove and a fire quickly enveloped the young girl in a cooking flame.
Gultaz Beats the Odds
Once unable to read or write, baffled by basic arithmetic and hiding the truth, Gultaz has changed her family's fate and given her children a chance to dream.
Next Level in Special Education
Maria helps Dalia with her homework every day. She even learned sign language to better communicate with her daughter. Photo: Jose Luis Roca/World Vision Delia, 13, wants to go far in life, and dreams about traveling when she grows up.... 
Eggs for Sale!
Eight-year-old José lives in Arani with his father and two older brothers, Wilder and Ilber. José never knew his mother, but thankfully he has the care of his grandmother and aunt, who live with the family and make sure the boys are well... 
Lucio becomes a leader
With each swing of his pickaxe, Lucio breaks the dry ground of his onion garden. He walks along the perimeter, gently uprooting the onions beneath his feet. Shaking off the loose dirt, he collects the fruits of his labor. Lucio is breaking... 
Support at home, support at school
This year, Kiria was enrolled in school for the first time. The transition was an overwhelming experience for her.
A new world for Karina
Through artistic and cultural activities, youth like Karina are developing confidence and a stronger sense of identity in Bom Jardim. Read more.
A new path for Laiane
Laiane lives in Mundau and has been sponsored since she was nine. She didn't used to communicate well, especially with her family. 
World Vision vs. Zika
In the wake of the Zika virus outbreak in Latin America, World Vision has pulled together with community members and field staff to provide an emergency plan.
Voices The 14-year-old charcoal maker
Robert’s favourite video game is League of Legends. Like most 14-year-old boys, he could spend countless hours playing it. But there’s one big thing that sets Robert apart from other boys his age — he makes charcoal for a living. 
From the Field A mother's strength and hope
Olivia wants the best for her two children, Julio and Tito. Julio wants to be a teacher one day and it is Olivia’s dream to see her son achieve his goal.
From the Field Muppets teach Syrian refugee children life-saving handwashing habits
A partnership between Sesame Workshop and World Vision is teaching young Syrian refugee children about safe drinking water, the importance of using latrines and good handwashing. 
From the Field These young women are paving the way for youth participation in Bolivia
As members of a youth network supported by World Vision, Viviana, Giovanna and Beatrice have changed lives in the community of Nueva Esperanza, Bolivia.
Voices What is the cycle of poverty?
The cycle of poverty is about more than a simple lack of resources. It's a complex issue that requires digging a little deeper for sustainable solutions. Read more.
Change Makers A different kind of Valentine
A World Vision Canada employee talks about how her children helped her think of Valentine's Day differently. 
Change Makers Meghan Markle: Humanitarian and Global Citizen
Meghan Markle has long been involved in humanitarian efforts and charity work from volunteering in soup kitchens as a teenager, to advocating for gender equality with the UN and raising awareness for the world most vulnerable children.
5 things I've learned from only eating ethical chocolate

I absolutely love chocolate, but I have decided to make a choice to start eating only ethically sourced chocolate.

From the Field Unleashing the power of the Super Tortilla

Families are fighting malnutrition in Honduras, with a new way of thinking about adding vegetables to the kids’ tortillas. Not rolled up inside, where they can be detected and avoided, but mashed into the actual dough.

From the Field How drama class set the stage for a change
When Nancy's behaviour finally lands her in the principal's office, her teacher takes action and signs her up for World Vision's drama program.
From the Field New home, new heart
Newlyweds Aimé and Bébé dreamed of starting a new life. But 10 years passed and still no house of their own. Until World Vision stepped in.
From the Field Little black boots
Keeping warm in harsh winter weather can be an icy challenge for school kids. TOMS shoes and World Vision team up for a better solution.
From the Field Soso's success
Getting water to Soso’s community was an uphill battle.  Thanks to support from Canadians, everything’s flowing much smoother.
Change Makers How one sponsor saved a life
We like to say all child sponsors are like guardian angels, but sponsor Soraya quite literally saved the life of her sponsored child, Maria.
From the Field Not your average grandmother
A widow at 50, Workayehu entered the workforce to support her family. With World Vision’s help, she’s now a successful farmer.
Village Protector
Growing up in Phom Penh, Cambodia isn’t easy. Nine-year-old Sothea dreams of becoming a police officer to help other kids feel safer than he does.
From the Field Our favourite photos of 2017
Check out this year's seasonal snapshots: World Vision Canada's highlight reel!
Change Makers What my time in Ghana taught me about resilience

Ten years ago, my life completely changed while working in Buduburam Refugee Camp, Ghana. To have the opportunity to return to Ghana last fall, once again changed me forever. As a child sponsorship ambassador, I am privileged to share these stories.

Change Makers How education took me from refugee to change-maker

Education took Sunday from child refugee to agricultural scientist. Now she is improving the lives of women and families in her community, by teaching them how to be food secure. 

From the Field Teenage refugee chases her journalism dream
Sixteen year old Tabarak is determined to be a journalist, despite the setbacks she's facing as a Syrian refugee. And education is helping her get there.
Change Makers It takes a village to feed a family
Aimée Wimbush-Bourque runs a blog devoted to real-life, delicious, kid-friendly nourishment that her readers can make themselves. She's also a champion of community and families, just like Delia from one of our projects in Bolivia.
Change Makers It takes a village to make beautiful music
The language of music is something that can transform a life. Isabel teaches it to her community in Guatemala through violin, in much the same way my high school choir teacher Laurelle passed it on to me.
Change Makers It takes a village to improve child health
Tolu is a passionate nurse working in a busy suburban hospital. Nurse Beate is on the front lines of child health in rural Burundi. It will take both of their strengths and resources to ensure children grow up healthy.
Change Makers It takes a village to educate a child
The It takes a village series we’ve been sharing with you over the past month has been exploring the universal understanding that “it takes a village to raise a child” by highlighting the importance of community. 
Change Makers It takes a village to build a business
Sara and Rabika may live worlds apart, but their passion and drive to reach their goals is parallel.
Change Makers It takes a village
Canadians talk about what community means to them. 
Voices Hadeel's story
Seven examples of countries in crisis. Seven girls, coming of age amidst unthinkable circumstances. They share a common courage, in the face of danger and deprivation. And they share something else: an urgent need for education. Hadeel is the first girl.
Voices Nikita's story
After the horror of Nepal’s 2015 earthquake, Nikita struggled to find the courage to step indoors. Her own home and school were badly damaged. Nikita joined the thousands of Nepali students who were trying to keep up with lessons in temporary structures, during the weeks and months that their schools were off-limits.
Voices Fatuma's story
After fleeing war-torn Somalia, Fatuma says education literally saved her life. She spent much of her childhood and adolescence in a refugee camp in Kenya, and is currently attending the University of Toronto. “Going to school gave me hope for a better future,” Fatuma says.
Voices Jipara's story
Jipara and her family were forced to flee their home in Myanmar when their village was burned down by the military, and it was no longer safe to stay. She attends a Child Friendly Space at the refugee camp where she tries hard to continue to learn and teach the other children.
In the News Making history and space for girls to be heard

For the first time, adolescent girls will contribute to the G7 leadership conversation. And with their voices front and centre, we all stand to benefit.

Voices Nyamal's story
When civil war first erupted in Nyamal’s village, four years ago, she became one of the four million people who were forced to flee their homes. At Nyamal’s school in the camp, students learn to read and write, tackle math equations, learn about science and how to be good leaders in the future.
Parents learn the value of health centres
Parents in the Sategui Plains community have learned the importance of their local health centres
Voices Child marriage: Facts and how to help
At its core, child marriage is a fundamental violation of human rights. Learn about how early marriage compromises a child’s development and opportunities in life.
Anamul finds his voice
Anamul is from a small town where kids are taught to be silent. When he gets involved in leadership, he learns to use his voice for others.
Cultivating fruit, veggies and family values
Omar, 38, talks about the agricultural association that’s helping families eat well, provide for their kids and cultivate strong values.
Baking by the dozen
Julio’s friends and family loved his baking so much, he formed a small company. Now, he’s creating jobs for youth like him.
A community’s quest for water
Imagine having to walk several kilometers to get safe water. Bertelene and her community had better ideas: a new well in their neighbourhood.
More than a bicycle
Irene’s lengthy commute to school—on top of her daily household chores—was keeping her from her potential. Enter: the Buffalo Bicycle.
Child clubs provide space for flourishing
Some kids have difficulty expressing themselves. Children’s clubs link kids to a community they can relate to and grow with.
Strong mothers make strong daughters
When Fazira is diagnosed with malnutrition, her mother joins a nutrition class. It’s not long before Fazira gains her strength back
Making health a priority for Konseguela’s women and children
Hundreds of women took hold of their education by learning how to care for themselves and their children while pregnant and breastfeeding.
Community savings group victory
Ramata was a single mom working hard to stay afloat. She flipped the narrative when she started a savings group and became an investor.
From unemployed to unstoppable
“I was unmotivated and idle when I was an unemployed,” says Dulamjav. Today, she’s anything but idle, thanks to a busy sewing operation
Valentina hears her mother’s voice for the first time
Imagine being without one of your five senses. Valentina, deaf from birth, hears for the first time with the help of hearing aids.
Former sponsored child inspires others
Israel lives and works in the capital, but every holiday he returns to Hluvuko, the place that shaped him into the person he is today.
A sponsor’s special surprise
When Sapana gets word that her sponsor has purchased a goat, it’s the tipping point for real change in her life.
Teachers learning along with their students in Nicaragua
“For me, the best part is that I’ve strengthened my knowledge as a teacher,” says Carolina, who champions reading in the classroom.
Water and toilets: Essentials for learning!
Hassana’s school days look a lot different now that her primary school has its own water and sanitation facilities.
Young girl, big ambition
With little confidence, Yurico felt she couldn’t contribute much among her peers. The leadership network changed all that
Salvador hopes he’s made his sponsor proud
“I am giving back,” Salvador says, “because someone I haven’t even met also invested in me while I was growing up—my sponsor.”
Lidia the leader
Despite the odds, Lidia’s love for education gave her strength to pursue her passion and eventually led to a community movement.
Mary had a little pig
Mary—a widow and mother of two—joined a community savings group in Matyazo. Among her first investments is a little pig fit for a family.
Awa becomes a “working woman”
Awa’s husband didn’t earn enough to support their family, so she seized an opportunity, ran with it, and is now a “working woman.”
Nurse Alice of Galliness
Alice’s nursing career led her to the child health centre where World Vision works. With the new equipment, she has everything she needs.
Educate a girl and see where she’ll go
If it wasn’t for her sponsor, Rose may never have gone to school. Today she has a diploma, a good job and strong prospects for the future.
Savings group equips and inspires women
Zondi was once dependent and alone. She joined a savings group in her community and began building a business with a neighbour’s help.
Women empowered through savings group
Juggling business and high interest loans doesn’t make for strong financial footing, but these women are eager to earn and save
Voices Angela's story
When rebels attacked and burned their village in Central African Republic, 15 year-old Angela and 11 year-old Innes escaped with their mothers during the night, carrying nothing but the clothes they were wearing. Now they are in a safer place, but at the same time, they’re facing a different kind of danger. One that lasts much longer. The prospect of no education and a difficult road ahead. 
Voices Your makeup might not actually be cruelty-free

Buying cruelty-free makeup may be a no-brainer. Then last year I found out that the “cruelty-free” products I was using might not be cruelty free for children.

From the Field This father is quietly tackling gender discrimination in Ghana
Tettey is a 40 year-old father of three who lives in Eastern Ghana. His life was changed when he participated in a gender and diversity sensitization training through World Vision.
Voices Tabarak's story
Even before armed groups came crashing into her town in the Kurdish region of Iraq, Tabarak’s education was pulled to an abrupt halt.
In the News Central African Republic Conflict: Fast Facts and How to Help
Ongoing civil conflict in Central African Republic has resulted in a humanitarian crisis impacting health care, education, nutrition and access to clean water.
Sponsoring a child changed my life
Five individuals from coast to coast. Five people with five different motivations. Five women and men with a heart to see the world’s most vulnerable children thrive. For these five Canadians, World Vision child sponsorship was the answer.
From the Field Making peace and stability a reality for refugees
In the midst of the biggest refugee crisis in history, Canadians can’t lose faith in international aid.
Change Makers Solomon’s Six Kilometres
Solomon grew up in a community where he had to walk long distances to find water. Now he’s walking 6K so children like him don’t have to.
Voices Girls’ education: facts and how to help
For all children, but especially for girls, education provide stability for today and opportunities for tomorrow. Learn more about the importance of female education and how you can help protect girls’ education rights.
Change Makers Seeking proof of Canadian impact in Kenya
A cross-party delegation of MPs, including Liberal MP Gagan Sikand, Liberal MP Pam Damoff, Conservative MP Len Webber, and NDP MP Cheryl Hardcastle, travelled to Kenya on a trip organized by World Vision.
In the News Child labour: facts and how to help
Canadians might categorize child labour as something that happens in the dark corners of far off places, but the reality is, child labour remains a rampant issue today, both at home and abroad.
Change Makers Rodney Blyth takes a walk of faith
When I think about retirement, I picture myself sitting in a rocking chair on a porch. Rodney Blyth, 63, has taken a different approach. The retired school teacher walked across Canada last summer for Raw Hope.
Change Makers Cycling across Canada
Manjit has taken on the challenge of cycling across Canada to raise funds and awareness for girls continuing education in India
From the Field Having a baby in Tanzania: Mwivano’s story
A miscarriage brought Mwivano face to face with the realities of healthcare in rural Tanzania. Now, she's on a mission to make a difference in the lives of other moms. 
Change Makers I’ve replaced my imaginary aid worker with a real-life hero
Real-life aid workers do far more than distribute aid to “people in other countries.” Many of the world’s humanitarians hail from the very countries, or communities they serve. Luna is one of them.
From the Field How a chicken co-op created a safe space for teens
In a community where gang violence is prevalent, a chicken coop gives youth a chance to dream of a better future. 
Change Makers Former street child brings hope to Nairobi’s slums
Samuel Omoll has come a long way from living on the streets at just 11 years-old. Given a hand up, he’s now giving back.
In the News Flooding in Kerala, India: updates and World Vision’s response
Incessant rain and severe flooding has led to deaths of 324 people and affected more than 32 million people across the Indian state of Kerala.
In the News What is a refugee? Facts and how to help
Every day, thousands of refugees are driven from their homes by conflict and persecution. Learn more about who refugees are, where they're going and how you can help.
Children leading the way
In Alwar, the community you partner with, children are working together to break down social barriers in a village once marked by division.
A happier, healthier childhood
In Bhopal, the community you partner with, a young mother finds the courage to step forward and take control of her daughter’s health.
The power of a child's voice
In Faridabad, the community you partner with, children are being empowered to speak out and create lasting change.
A father's transformation
In Bogawanthalawa, the community you partner with, a father decides to stop abusing alcohol and play a more active role in the lives of his three children.
One family's journey to financial stability
In Khan Uul, the community you partner with, a hardworking mother starts over in a new city and builds a brighter future for her four sons.
Helping children find their voice
In Diamagadio, the community you partner with, a child from a family shunned by their community finds acceptance and belonging.
Education brings a brighter future
In Jubileo, the community you partner with, a rural school receives computers so local youth can finish their high school diplomas.
Space to learn and grow
A school in a rural part of Jubileo received computers so youth can continue their education beyond Grade 9. Photo: World Vision
Renewed hope for a single mother
In Gweri, the community you partner with, a single mother resurrects her dreams for her children with the help of her teenage son.
Happier, healthier students
In Kamuda, the community you partner with, a school is saved and a community finds new hope for their children’s future
Seeds of hope
In Nkayi, the community you partner with, families work together to grow vegetables and build a brighter future for their children.
New hope through gardening
In Sikobokobo, the community you partner with, a widow struggling to support three daughters finds new hope for her family’s future
Early education: the foundation of a brighter future
In Narsinghpur, the community you partner with, renovations to an early childhood centre give young boys and girls a stronger start in life.
Change Makers Stephen's Story
Stephen's journey with World Vision Canada started in 2014 and shows no signs of slowing down.
Why our makeup isn’t actually cruelty-free, and what we can do about it
Makeup is a pretty important part of my everyday life. So when I found out that the glowy products I used could be made with child labour, I needed to find out why- and what I could do about it. 
From the Field Ethiopia providing hope for a Hunger Free Africa

When people think about Ethiopia, many immediately think ‘famine’. But that's not the whole story. 

A little love for the garden
An injury prevents Patrick from maintaining his garden – but with a little help from his friends at World Vision, he’s back on his feet.
Community collaboration makes a sick baby well
When Sokha was born, she was six pounds and declared a healthy newborn. It was after the birth that the baby girl’s health took a scary turn.
A dream fulfilled
In Guwahati, the community you partner with, a young girl’s passion for martial arts paves the way for her to attend college.
Reading isn’t just a skill, it’s a habit
Zambian children’s reading levels are low, what are teachers and parents to do? Reading clubs work to change the game of reading for kids.
Happier, healthier futures
In Dungarpur, the community you partner with, parents are learning to help their children recover from malnutrition and thrive.
From the Field Breakfast with Sadiya

Breakfast with Sadiya's family is like being invited in by a favourite aunt you loved to visit as a child. Few would guess that in this little oasis, Sadiya’s children were once malnourished because of extreme poverty.

In the News Typhoon Mangkhut: Updates and facts you need to know

Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall in the Philippines early morning, local time, on Saturday, September 15th as a Category 5 hurricane.

Preparing for twins...or triplets?
Can any family really be prepared for the news of surprise triplets? Maybe not, but Hovsep and Satenik are armed with all the right tools.
The power of scrambled eggs
As part of her recovery from malnutrition, Noemi eats scrambled eggs from her family’s chickens, thanks to World Vision’s feeding project.
From the Field Making Ethiopian flatbread with Tsehay

These hands have baked injera for more than three decades. Bellies throughout the community are filled with her nutrient-rich flat bread.

Voices Voluntourism: the good and the bad
Understanding the criticisms, possible benefits and statistics of voluntourism and how World Vision ensures the communities it serves are protected from potentially harmful practices. 
From the Field Having lunch amongst the trees with Debabash

Just a few years ago, this hilltop was bare and barren. Debabash’s life was vastly affected by the deforestation in her area. Now, “Deb” is a park ranger who is cultivating and growing the forest above her home.

In the News World Vision responds to the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia
World Vision is on the ground in Indonesia responding to a devastating 7.4-magnitude earthquake and tsunami that has so far killed more than 1,400 people.
Voices World hunger: Facts & how to help
Over 800 million people around the globe – most of them in developing countries – suffer from chronic food deprivation on a daily basis. Learn more and how you can help.
From the Field Afternoon coffee with Ejigayehu

The aroma rising from the pan is something the world’s fanciest coffee shops can’t touch. It’s the scent of roasting coffee beans, plucked by Ejigayehu’s own hands, reminding us that a hunger-free world is possible.

Change Makers 5 tips for conquering your first marathon
“What was I thinking?” ran through my mind several times after I committed to run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. One way or another, though, I will cross that finish line and will stay true to my commitment to clean water for developing countries. 
Change Makers 5 ways to reduce stress this holiday season
Christmas comes but once a year – and that’s plenty for most of us. Many people meet life’s pressures quite well. And then December arrives. Why are we so vulnerable during that time?
Change Makers A Tanzanian lesson to BEE the change this Christmas
Since the late 1990s, the global bee population has been in decline, as a result of climate change, increased pesticide use and mite infestations. People across the globe have taken steps to help save the bees by setting up beehives right in their backyards. Meet Ernest from Tanzania, and read how beekeeping has changed his life.
In the News Local heroes pick up the pieces in Sulawesi Indonesia
What happened in Sulawesi at the end of September was complete and utter chaos- and it will take years to pick up the pieces. The heroes of this story are the local staff who stay long after foreign aid workers and the news media have left.
Change Makers Head over Hooves: refugee families welcome new “kids” into their homes
Amelia and her 10-year-old granddaughter, Susan, eagerly await the arrival of their two new family members. They aren’t alone: dozens of families are here today, all equally excited for the delivery of kids (baby goats) from World Vision’s Gift Catalogue. 
Change Makers Five ways to have a greener Christmas
The holiday season can be so hard on the planet we love. All too often, the traditions we embrace come wrapped in layers of paper, reams of plastic and mountains of disposable shopping bags.
In the News Remembering Rohingya refugees on Universal Children’s Day
It’s getting cold in Canada, but on Universal Children's Day, I haven’t forgotten the scorching heat in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh.
Inspiring girls' education
Once in need of an education herself, teacher Marie-Francois vowed to sponsor girls across the world.
A sponsor unites his two worlds
Andre travels with his family to Armenia to see his sponsored child where they rediscover faith, heritage, community, recreation and hope.
“Now that I have seen, I am responsible.”
Friendship, community and giving unto others: these are pillars of being a WV ambassador and what makes up Kristin’s story.
A child is a child
How one woman’s desire to teach her grandchild about kindness created a bond between two girls in two different parts of the world.
Change Makers Changing lives - starting with theirs
After a trip with World Vision to Honduras in 2015, mother-daughter duo Monica and Carolyn embarked on a mission to bring ethically-crafted items to the Canadian market. 
Change Makers Chicken power
This summer, Brett Tarver got to witness first-hand what most generous Canadians don’t have a chance to see - chickens provided by World Vision’s Gift Catalogue being distributed to Ethiopian families in need.
Change Makers Power of Her: engineering a collective future
Power of Her is a movement that aims to create space for girls. Space to learn, to heal, to participate. Space for girls to express themselves, with opportunities for the community at large to hear what is of importance to them. 
Change Makers How to make the holidays truly wondrous for kids
Discover seven ways to experience holiday wonder with your kids, without abandoning traditions or breaking the bank.  
Change Makers Chickens and Childhood Dreams
One childhood dream came true because of a simple gift of chickens.
Change Makers Christmas traditions around the world
Have you ever wondered how your neighbour celebrates Christmas? We asked some sponsored children from several countries to share their holiday traditions.
Change Makers Christmas gift ideas for 2020: Ideas for a year like no other
Find the perfect present for everyone on your Christmas gift list with our comprehensive gift guide!
Change Makers Make a splash with these costume ideas for the Polar Bear Dip

With each passing year, Polar Bear Dip costumes get more imaginative! Here are 10 ways past dippers have made a big splash. What will your costume be this year?

Change Makers More than enough: How one child sponsorship helps a whole community
Because of World Vision’s community-focused solutions, for every child you help, four more children benefit, too. Debby and her friends are all benefiting thanks to the fact that she’s sponsored.
Emergency relief preserves futures
When natural and man-made disasters threaten to crush children’s dreams, you help World Vision preserve them. Read Alif’s dramatic story from Indonesia. 
Developing communities helps children
World Vision and Canadians are working hard to improve life for children overseas. Learn how a water ambulance is helping Zin Mar’s baby thrive.
Advocacy empowers children in need
World Vision empowers children for brighter futures. Read how Canadians are helping young people like Karina in El Salvador, who risked her life for an education.
World Vision partners with Canadians
Canadians are critical partners in World Vision’s work to transform children’s lives. Read how one hungry girl in Africa catalyzed Stephen’s movement for change.
Sponsorship has taught me is a thankful heart
Sponsorship has taught me is a thankful heart
Change Makers Giving back as a way of life for teachers turned alpaca farmers
Kathy Enright and Corinne Côté have spent their lives giving back, first as teachers, and now as alpaca farmers.
Change Makers Turning outrage at injustice into action for good

For 65 years, we’ve turned our outrage at injustice into action, going wherever children are most vulnerable. One person can do something, but many, together, can make a greater impact. Justice requires action. Will you join the movement?

Change Makers Fred Penner pens “Somebody Believes” after hearing sponsored child's story
The improbable friendship between Fred Penner and former sponsored child Edgar Gonzales inspired the newly-released, "Somebody Believes".
From the Field The challenge and the beauty: a dancer's trip diary from El Salvador
In July of 2018, I travelled to El Salvador with a group of dancers to meet youth affected by violence. It was the most eye-opening, inspiring, and fulfilling nine days of my life.
From the Field This 25-year-old #girlboss is saving babies’ lives
Seeing first-hand the positive change that community midwives bring to their communities, I have a deep appreciation for the work of Born on Time in bringing valuable training to women like Mahlet.
From the Field Helping moms and babies succeed in Bangladesh
On a hot and humid day, I met Ajmira, a courageous community facilitator in Bangladesh. “This is my community, I have a responsibility to better [it],” Ajmira told us. 
Change Makers Youth council makes great ripples of generosity

Karen Ng didn’t set out to become a leader, but through her involvement with the Toronto Multicultural Youth Council she has impacted the lives of 15 sponsored children.

In the News Venezuela crisis: facts and how to help
Food shortages, lack of medicine and violence have led an increasing number of Venezuelans to flee the country and seek safety in neighbouring countries. 
The voice of a community
Leonardo is a civil servant, ensuring his community has clean water—something he could only dream of as a child.
Spreading blessings
Discover how former sponsored child Josephine’s life was impacted, and how sponsorship changed the future for her own children.
Inspiring to empower
With the help of World Vision, former child sponsor Magna's newfound confidence is helping Syrian refugees find their voice.
A tale of two women
Two continents and 7,000 miles can’t break the bond between these women who believe in the life-changing power of educating girls.  
Change Makers 8 tips for being a youth advocate
Our generation today is rising up, knowing that we have the power as youth to change the world through our voices. Here are eight tips I've learned on how to sustain your fire for changing the world.
Change Makers These gender equality warriors are breaking down barriers

These community leaders are gender equality warriors, breaking down the barriers that hold women and girls, men and boys back from experiencing life in all its fullness.

Voices Why do the poor have large families?
Learn about the factors behind poor families having large families such as child mortality rates, lack of health services and forced early marriage.
In the News 2019 Cyclone Idai: Facts and FAQs
On March 14th, Cyclone Idai made landfall near the port city of Beira in Mozambique's Sofala province. At latest report, more than 750 people are known to have died.
Voices Child soldier: Marie's story
It was evening in Marie’s village in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Supper was finished. Families enjoyed the cool of the evening, lingering around the lantern, laughing and telling stories. Suddenly, gunfire pierced the night. And Marie’s life was split in two.  

From the Field How World Vision field staff go above and beyond
Get to know a few of our dedicated and devoted colleagues working on the front lines, often going above and beyond to serve the needs of the most vulnerable children, in some of the most challenging contexts.
In the News Plight of the child soldier: facts, foundations and how to help
1 in 6 children—that’s 357 million girls and boys—live in areas of the world affected by war or armed conflict. Many are recruited to be child soldiers. Learn why children are the target of armed forces and what you can do to help.
In the News South Sudan conflict: facts and how to help
South Sudan has been gripped by civil war for the past six years, affecting millions of people in so many ways. Learn what ignited the war and what you can do to help.
Voices Child soldier: Lionel's story
Lionel became a soldier at age 11. He did it to stay alive. The soldiers who gunned down his terrified community members, killed is parents. Lionel was alone in the world. 

Voices Child soldier: Agnes' story
Even before her abduction, Agnes’ childhood had already been shaped by war. Millions of South Sudanese children endure chronic hunger in the chaos wrought by violent conflict. They’ve endured illness, gone without schooling, grown up in fear. 

In the News 10 of the most dangerous places to be a child
Being a kid should be magical, filled with wonder, adventure and fun. But for millions of children living in the world’s most dangerous places, childhood is often the first thing to go. 
Voices Child marriage: Benesh’s story
Benesh was married at age 11 in exchange for a "bride price". Ongoing conflict and drought left her family with few options. Now at 14, she has a son and is pregnant with her second child. 
Hunted by Hunger
As drought wreaks havoc in Afghanistan, Gulbibi gently rocks a cradle inside of the small tent she now calls home. 
Refreshing Hope
Chata no longer has to walk a long distance for her water. 
Khon's troubles have been washed away
In the past, Khon, a 39-year-old father or two from Phonelay, Laos, relied on the local well for water.
Voices Refugee children: Jehovanise, Rebecca and Diane’s stories
Jehovanise, Rebecca and Diane fled conflict, malaria and flooding in Burundi. They lived in Tanzania for three years, but life in the refugee camp is hard. They've returned to Burundi seeking hope for a better future, but is it too soon? 
Change Makers Running for water in the face of adversity
After finding out this year’s World Vision Global 6K coincided with the anniversary of her diagnosis, Valerie Switzer took it as a sign.
Road to Recovery in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp
See how Monira’s children overcame malnutrition in the world’s largest refugee camp.
Voices Drought and malnutrition: Amina’s story
Amina is just two years old and severely malnourished. Her family lost everything in a drought that began long before she was born. Read her story.
Voices Violent conflict and disability: Raja’s story
Ten-year-old Raja was badly injured by a bomb during the battle for Mosul. She lost her left hand and is unable to walk. How will she overcome the physical and emotional scars of war? 
Voices Child labour: Shahid’s story
Nine-year-old Shahid started working nights with his dad when his parents could no longer afford school fees. He's angry and scared about his future, but what choice does he have? 
From the Field Unlocking a brighter future

Govinda shows us how literacy helps contribute to a brighter future.

From the Field Empower youth to change the future
Youth are agents of change in urban centres in Lebanon.
Voices Refugee: Shames’ story
17-year-old Shames and her mother lost everything when they fled civil war in Syria. Now they live as refugees in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. She worries about her mother's health, and how they will make ends meet from day to day. One day she hopes to return to Syria and complete her education, but for now it's out of reach. 
In the News These youth are determined to improve women and girls’ health
World Vision’s delegation at Women Deliver 2019 included 12 youth leaders selected from groups across Canada determined to fight for gender equality. 
Change Makers Canada to Cambodia: How a glowing heart can change a life
Kaitlyn Weaver talks about her experience as a child sponsor and the impact her trip to Cambodia will have on her work for children in the future.
In the News Gender-based violence: facts and how to help
Women and children are disproportionately affected by gender-based violence. We are taking steps, across the globe, to combat this unfair treatment. Learn more about how you can help.
In the News How story can change the way we see refugees, if we let it
70.8 million people were forced from their homes due to conflict, violence, or human rights violations by the end of 2018. The numbers can feel overwhelming, but if we let ourselves be touched by the stories, we might just be able to move beyond overwhelmed to act.
Voices Refugee: Nesadin’s story
Nesadin and his family escaped conflict in Sudan for a refugee camp in Kenya. But what does the future hold for a boy growing up on the run?
In the News Why do we need International Literacy Day?
International Literacy Day is September 8. Literacy is a human right and transforms children’s futures. What happens to a child’s prospects when he or she is illiterate?
From the Field Choosing the best child sponsorship program
Choosing the best child sponsorship program in Canada involves many factors. Make the right decision by asking the right questions and getting all the facts.
In the News What you need to know about the Ebola Virus Disease
Ebola is a highly contagious viral disease with a 60% mortality rate. Learn more about its symptoms, how it spreads and how to help children in affected areas.
Change Makers 8 ways to help change the world
As people grapple with how to create a more livable world, there are simple steps each one of us can take. Learn more about how you can help bring about change in the world.
Change Makers Afghan humanitarian Narges will not be silenced
Afghanistan is one of the world’s most dangerous places, especially for women. But for humanitarian Narges Ghafary, this is all the more reason to speak out for those whose voices have been silenced. 
Change Makers Ottawa youth take a stand for gender equality

In 2019, youth advocacy is arguably what fuels the fire of global movements. Meet two young women who are fighting to put an end to violence and discrimination against women.

From the Field What is poverty? It’s not as simple as you think
Poverty refers to a lack of the necessities of life, food, shelter and clothing. In reality, poverty is more complex than that and includes other factors.
A silent child
After Ngala’s father was killed by militias last year, her mom left her hometown with her six children to find safety. However, they’ve struggled, often eating only once every other day. At just four-years of age, Ngala is severely malnourished.

Hunted by Hunger
Almost three months ago she and her family of five were forced to leave their home province due to hunger and drought. Learn more about her story.
Change Makers A reading camp awakens Milan
A reading camp in rural Nepal is using games, song and dance to improve literacy levels of children, like Milan
Change Makers A force to be reckoned with: Sarafina’s Story
One young girl whose broken past inspired her bright future.
Change Makers Finding his rhythm through music
Gustavo spends his Saturdays teaching the next generation how to play the violin and viola at World Vision’s music school.
Change Makers For a chance at a future
A mother only wants a chance for a better future for her children. For Shamsa and her seven children, it came at a cost.
Expanding minds in Laos
An educated child is a child with unlimited potential. Helping them learn and grow is an opportunity that should never be missed.
From the Field Bringing back the spark: Make healthy children a priority
When the children arrive at the refugee camp in Uganda from their native South Sudan, they’re sick and frail. This was how 27-year-old Rose arrived with her three children after a week on foot.
From the Field Why goats make the greatest gift
Goats are a popular pick with Canadians when it comes to charitable giving. Goats nourish children, grow gardens, start businesses and even save lives. Learn more.
From the Field The story behind the catalogue cover girl
Get to know Bethlehem, the little girl with the infectious smile on the cover of this year's Gift Catalogue.
From the Field Lucky Iron Fish: A conversation with social entrepreneur and CEO Gavin Armstrong
We chatted with Gavin Armstrong to learn more about the story of Lucky Iron Fish, how they're impacting hundreds of lives and his hopes for the partnership with World Vision.
Voices World Prematurity Day: Ending child marriage supports girls' empowerment and reduces premature birth
Assamoni, Morion and Hafcha - three teenagers in rural Bangladesh - are working to reduce preterm birth by ending child marriage.
Voices Martine advocates for children in dangerous places
16-year-old Martine is advocating for vulnerable children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world’s most dangerous places.
Change Makers Too much stuff: How one small gift made a huge difference one Christmas
When Andrea started writing her Christmas wish list, she discovered she already had too much stuff! So she switched gears and asked for something a little different.
Voices Three ways to show your kids what generosity is all about amid this COVID-19 Christmas
Generosity is a learned behaviour, and Christmas is the perfect time to start. Here are three ways to show your children the joy that comes from helping others.
Voices The Christmas gift I needed the most
When Dan Wilcox was 12 years old, he unwrapped a gift that changed his outlook on life. 
From the Field Providing expert health care in Myanmar for healthy moms and babies
Before Ma Hla Hla came to this remote community in Myanmar, the local health centre was empty. Now this public health worker is making a significant difference in lives of vulnerable children and families.
Jackline’s goal: Prevent the spread of Ebola
How do you prevent the spread of Ebola across borders? With people like Jackline, a World Vision health worker.
Motivated by Motherhood
In Iraq, women often face challenges finding work. Goran is overcoming the odds to help citizens receive the medicine they need.

Rachel Wolff: Leading from the frontlines in the Rohingya refugee crisis
Every day, children face the risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation in the world’s largest refugee camp. Rachel is helping combat this.
A calling to strengthen family bonds
Doris strives to create strong relationships between parents and children in Bolivia. See how.
In the News Haiti earthquake: 10 years later – Facts, FAQs and how to help
Learn more about the 2010 Haiti earthquake, which sparked one of the most severe humanitarian crisis the country has faced to date.
Change Makers The ‘courageous’ mom behind the Polar Bear Dip
For the past 25 years, Gaye Courage and her sons have taken the plunge into the beautiful but frigid waters of Lake Ontario on New Year’s Day with hundreds of other enthusiastic dippers, to raise money for clean water. 
In the News 2019: The year in review
As 2019 draws to a close, we’re taking stock of the year that was – the challenges we faced and the places where we see hope. Here are seven stories that had a big impact in 2019
In the News Fair trade: what you need to know
The products we buy are sourced all over the world. Without fair trade, we could be contributing to the exploitation of workers – including children. Learn more.
From the Field Tackling gender-based violence in the world’s largest refugee camp
At 19, Smirna was a widow living in the world's largest refugee camp in southern Bangladesh.
Flooding in Laos can wash away childhood
Travel web sites describe Laos as a place of stunning beauty, filled with glistening monuments and breath-taking mountain vistas. It’s all true.
From the Field Innovative technology is saving lives
Thanks to better detection and more rapid treatment for anemia, regions like Shinyanga will be better positioned to save the lives of more children like Jumanne every year. 
Change Makers Silfab Solar helps unlock the power of the sun for clean water
Silfab Solar is partnering with World Vision to use solar technology to bring clean water to vulnerable communities in Somalia benefitting more than 23,000 children.
From the Field Cyclone Idai: Long-term recovery lifts off with Food for Assets
Food for Assets reached more than 161,000 individuals in Mozambique and helped empower Cyclone Idai survivors like 15-year-old Paulito and his mom to take ownership over their community’s rejuvenation.
From the Field Creating equality through sport
When 16-year-old footballer Arpana, from Nawada, India, talks about the challenges of being excluded because of her gender, she’s referencing a reality for millions of Indian girls.
From the Field 8 ways we’re working to achieve the SDGs
It’s the 30th anniversary of International Development Week and we’re celebrating the steps we’re taking together to fulfill the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Here are just eight of the many ways we’re working to achieve the SDGs, with your help.
In the News Locust swarms devastate East Africa
Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are facing a [deadly] locust infestation that is threatening food supplies and decimating agricultural lands.
We were there  - We will always be
World Vision began because one man was challenged by one woman to see the need of one child. Motivated by concern, love and a desire for justice, she understood that knowledge comes with responsibility and thus it requires action. One person can do something, but many, together, can make a greater impact.
Cyclone Idai - Food for Assets 
Across southern Africa, more than 2.5 million people were affected Cyclone Idai when it struck Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in March 19 including Paulito, his mother and two siblings. In and around Beira, Mozambique, where the family home is located, torrential rains and flooding killed more than 600 people and orphaned thousands of children.
From the Field International Women's Day: Meet women and girls who inspire us
Working for equality is not something we can do alone; we each have a role to play. Meet some of the women and girls who are inspiring us as they work to create a gender equal world:

A reminder of the why supporters of World Vision strive to improve the lives of children and families.
Kids explain why giving is important
Kids explain why giving is important
A helping hand, a promising future: News from Laos!
It’s not that Ban Xae village’s government in Soukhouma, Laos, is unaware of the community’s lack of resources for education and economic development.
In the News Coronavirus crisis: Helping stop the COVID-19 outbreak
COVID-19, or coronavirus disease, has been topping headlines as more than 26,093,544 people and counting have been infected worldwide, with more than 864,563 deaths (as of Sept. 2). Learn more about how World Vision is responding to the crisis.
From the Field The DR Congo Crisis: many tragedies combined
The Democratic Republic of Congo crisis is no single disaster. Conflict fuels the fires of poverty, rape and the deadly Ebola virus. And that’s just the start of what people here endure. You can help through Raw Hope.
In the News Humanitarian crisis in Idlib: Fadi’s story
15-year-old Fadi lost his arm in an airstrike in northern Syria. Now he and his family are navigating life in a displacement camp with close to one million other people whose homes have been destroyed.
From the Field Pump it up: Solar-powered network delivers clean water to refugees’ doors
Funded by Global Affairs Canada, World Vision recently completed construction of a solar-powered water network in the world’s largest refugee camp. This innovation comes just as the COVID-19 pandemic is gripping the world. 
From the Field COVID-19 in South Sudan: Preparing for the worst, praying for the best
In South Sudan, World Vision staff are working hard to help families prepare and protect themselves from COVID 19. 
Together, we’ve made a big difference in 2019
Together with Canadians like you, we made a big difference in the lives of children across the world. Take a moment to fill your day with joy.
From the Field Why the COVID-19 pandemic will be catastrophic for refugees
Global aid groups are growing increasingly concerned that the novel coronavirus could decimate some of the world’s most vulnerable populations. 
From the Field The power of a bar of soap in the world's largest refugee camp
Simple soap and water are one of the best defences against COVID-19. But, without soap, children aren’t amply armed to ward off deadly viruses like the novel coronavirus.
Voices Secondary impacts of COVID-19 can’t be secondary concerns
As governments ask millions to stay home and close schools and public spaces in order to contain the outbreak, children, especially the most vulnerable, will face increased risks of psychological distress, violence and social exclusion. 
Change Makers Compassion in the midst of crisis: 5 ways to help
We're in the middle of a crisis that requires each of us to play our part to keep ourselves and others safe. This should be our primary focus but not our only focus. 
From the Field Hitting 'Send' on digital emergency aid during COVID-19
From her home in Canada, Elizabeth Araniva is helping World Vision teams in Venezuela to ramp up an emergency response approach proven to work – even from a distance: cash transfers.  
From the Field Lessons from Ebola: Helping communities prepare for COVID-19
World Vision is training faith leaders to promote lifesaving messages and practices to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.
Voices The endless benefits of volunteering
The benefits of volunteering can be physical, emotional, social and professional. Learn how your life can get more fulfilling when you become a volunteer.
Voices Why COVID-19 is a chance for us to “regreen our mindscapes”
After the COVID crisis is over, if we continue business as usual, where are we headed and what will be the impact on ourselves and our children if our behaviour towards the planet and each other remains the same?
From health practitioner to community advocate; one man’s commitment to new life
For 32-year-old Dadiri Ramadhani Muya, who was forced to leave his home and settle in a new land, supporting others has helped him create a new normal.
Voices 5 ways to celebrate your mother – from at least two metres away
COVID-19 has changed how we do most things including how we celebrate Mother's Day. Here are five safe, virtual ways to celebrate the mom in your life.
From the Field Fragile contexts: The world’s most dangerous places
Two billion people live in places classified as fragile contexts. Marred by conflict and violence, fragile contexts are some of the most dangerous places to live.
In the News The basics of food security (and how it’s tied to everything)
What is food security and why is it important? Discover its links to health, agriculture, women's empowerment, climate change and how you can help.
In the News #HiddenHero: Former sponsored child on the frontlines of COVID-19
Former sponsored child Lenny Lyn is part of the fight against her generation’s biggest threat yet: COVID-19.
Voices #HiddenHero: Delivering food assistance in South Sudan amid COVID-19
Emilienne Cyuzuzo is leading a team in South Sudan to quickly and safely deliver much needed food assistance to displaced families during COVID-19.
In the News The rising risk of child labour due to COVID-19
COVID-19 has the potential to increase child labour risks in multiples ways. Here are three ways you can help.
How child sponsorship prepared us for the greatest impact
For children living in the world’s most desperate places, COVID-19 is a serious threat to their already fragile situation. But the community skills, knowledge, infrastructure and relationships that child sponsorship has invested into year-after-year has created a lifesaving line of defence.
How your sponsorship contribution is being used to combat COVID-19
It was child sponsors who allowed us to respond to the coronavirus crisis immediately. They’ll also ensure we’re there for the long term.
There’s a hidden hero in all of us
In times of adversity, ordinary Canadians rise to the occasion. These hidden heroes often go unnoticed, but their stories are worth sharing. Tell us your story.
In the News Baby Beto bounces back from severe malnutrition
Baby Beto is bouncing back from severe malnutrition thanks to something called ready-to-use therapeutic food provided by World Vision Canada partner, Food for Famine.
Voices What young Canadians are saying about COVID-19
Young Canadians share their hopes and fears amid a tumultuous year and a global pandemic.
Voices “The hardness of life” for an unaccompanied child in a refugee camp
“The main problem I have is the hardness of life,” says Muombi. At 15, she's on her own and living in an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp near Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.
Test your Raw Hope Knowledge!
Raw Hope works to help vulnerable children and families in unstable regions. Learn more about how your donation impacts the lives of vulnerable children.
Change Makers Called to the toughest places: Four change-makers responding to COVID-19
The global pandemic has transformed millions of ordinary people into heroes, quietly stepping forward to help the most vulnerable in some of the toughest places. Meet four women having extraordinary impact.
Change Makers #HiddenHero: Priscillia is an agent of change in her community
At just 12 years old, Priscillia is using her advocacy training to share coronavirus prevention messages with her friends and neighbours in Camp Bili, a refugee camp in Democratic Republic of Congo, and she's making a difference.
Change Makers Hidden in plain sight: A different kind of hero
World Vision has a history of responding in a crisis. Meet six heroes from our history who had extraordinary impact.
Change Makers #HiddenHero: Teaming up to save lives in Sierra Leone
An unexpected partnership between an Imam and a Pastor helped slow the spread of the Ebola virus.
Clean water helps protect people from COVID-19 in South Sudan
Because of COVID-19, the need for clean water is even more crucial. Learn more about how World Vision is evolving programming to keep our communities safe.
A mother’s brave choice
It isn’t always easy to break away from tradition, or what you know, but one mother makes a decision to choose a better future for her new baby after visiting a health clinic.
Change Makers #HiddenHero: Breaking the cycle of child marriage in Afghanistan
Fariba is a teacher and a community leader working to break the cycle of child marriage in her community.
4 important ways we’re tackling COVID-19 around the Globe
COVID-19 continues across the globe, but the work of World Vision continues. This video shows some of the great ways support like yours is helping children across the world.
In the News Climate change can drag families deeper into poverty
Floods, droughts, cyclones - climate change is hardest on the world’s poorest people, as weather patterns turn deadly, destroying homes and disrupting livelihoods.
Voices The Overcomers: War orphan finds peace
Masika, 12, was forced to flee her home in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) after rebel forces murdered her parents. Masika shares her story in her own words.
Voices The Overcomers: Surviving child marriage
Benesh, 14, lives in Afghanistan. Her parents sold her into marriage when she was 11 and she now has an 18-month old son. Benesh lives in a displacement camp with her new family, forced from home because of conflict and drought. Benesh tells her story in her own words.
Voices The Overcomers: Healing the scars of war
Raja* is a 10-year-old survivor of war. During the battle for Mosul, Iraq between ISIL and coalition forces, she was severely injured by a bomb. She lost her hand and her legs were badly damaged. Raja shares her story in her own words.
Voices The Overcomers: Escaping child marriage
When 11-year-old Ilham found out that her father and grandmother had promised to sell her into a marriage, her mother Rowaida bravely challenged the marriage. Ilham and Rowaida share their story in their own words.
Voices World Humanitarian Day: Dreams for my people
Masouma Rasouli is the first female WASH engineer with World Vision Afghanistan. Read her story in her own words.
From the Field Like MANA from heaven
A young mother’s struggle with her malnourished child takes a turn when she meets a World Vision healthcare worker.
From the Field The Magic of a Mom Group
Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to support a new mother.
In the News Child marriage and COVID-19: What happens when no one’s looking?
A World Vision report predicts a sharp increase in violence against children and child marriage , as a result of COVID-19. At least four million more girls could be married in the next two years. Find out why.
Change Makers 5 innovative ways kids are going back to school
Families around the world are preparing for an uncertain return to school. Read about five innovative ways kids are going back to school around the globe.
In the News Northern Triangle: terrifying to live in, dangerous to leave
Each year, 500,000 people risk their lives migrating from the Northern Triangle – El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras – fleeing the cruelty of gangs.
In the News Our reasons why - stories from our sponsors
The reasons that a person decides to sponsor a child vary. We asked our community of sponsors their why. These are their stories.
Change Makers 'Girls Power Group’ on the front lines preventing child marriage
'Girls Power Groups' in India have helped to stop 13 child marriages in the first two months of the pandemic alone.
Voices The Overcomers: Surviving gang violence
With an average of 20 homicides per day, San Pedro Sula, Honduras is one of the most dangerous cities on the planet. Eight-year-old Juan shares his story in his own words.
In the News COVID-19 threatens to increase malnutrition globally
The risk of increased malnutrition looms large for children, especially those in low- and middle-income countries, with potentially long-lasting and harmful impacts on health, well-being, and future global stability, thanks to COVID-19. Find out why.
In the News What it takes to end child marriage
12 million girls under 18 are married every year. The practice of child marriage can be stopped when an entire community comes together. Read the story.
In the News International Day of the Girl: What it is and why it matters
Despite global achievements towards gender equality, girls continue to face barriers to full, equal participation both at home and in the world. Find out why we need Day of the Girl more than ever.
In the News Microfinance and its world-changing potential
Microfinance offers key financial services to some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Millions of women and men are not viewed as valuable clients by traditional banks and consequently, lack access to services.
In the News Femicide: a global tragedy, no matter your gender
Femicide is the killing of women and girls simply because they are female. Perpetrators can be gangs, militia, even fathers and husbands.
From the Field Checking in with Cover Girl Bethlehem
We caught up with Bethlehem, the little girl who graced the cover of our 2019 Gift Catalogue to find out how she's doing.
From the Field Helping instil confidence in new moms
Mary, 27, lives in Kenya and she’s a first-time mom to a baby boy born this past May. Even though caring for baby Festus is new to Mary, she is confident because she’s armed with the right knowledge to help Festus achieve his development and growth milestones.
Voices How to celebrate what matters most, this Christmas
Christmas may look different this year, but the meaning behind the season hasn’t changed. Here are some ways you can celebrate the most important things.
Change Makers Alex Trebek, Humanitarian
World Vision Canada pays tribute to Alex Trebek, television personality, host of Jeopardy! and long-time ambassador and advocate for children living in poverty.
Change Makers Acts of Kindness: Ideas to brighten up the world around you
It is possible to perform acts of kindness even in a pandemic. Here are 13 simple ways for you to brighten someone’s day any time of year.
From the Field Follow the journey of a gift this Christmas (with a honey bee as your guide!) 
When you donate through the Gift Catalogue, you join a hive of people committed to helping families around the world make their dreams for their children reality.
In the News A child’s right to speak out: lessons from World Vision’s child participation models
On Universal Children's Day, find out why children's voices must be at the centre of policies and programs that affect them.
In the News Global leaders, invite kids to the COVID conversation
We ask the G20 leaders to make stronger funding commitments for health, education and other services that protect children from harm during the pandemic that are guided by children’s voices.
In the News Our reasons why - a story from Carol Hyatt
I first heard about World Vision through the media, decades ago. At the age of 40 I lost my mother from a heart attack. The grief was unbearable. I felt alone. I had no husband and was childless. But I had purchased a Bichon Frise the previous year with the option of breeding her. She became my best friend. I could not have loved a creature more and knew having a human child without a husband was nothing I wanted to handle. The decision to sponsor my first World Vision child was made the same year my mother passed.
In the News New Canadian gender equality solution for global hunger
World Vision launches a groundbreaking new framework and commitment to reach over 1 million women, girls and boys to prevent malnutrition.
From the Field Christmas traditions from around the world
Have you wondered how people celebrate Christmas around the world? We wanted to give you a glimpse of different traditions in places like Brazil and Georgia.
Change Makers 7 ways to stoke the fires of social justice this Christmas
As 2020 draws to a close, here are 7 ways to honour children's rights and further equality and empowerment among the most marginalized people in the world.
Voices Keeping hope alive this COVID Christmas
This year has been disruptive for all of us, and COVID-19 has left an indelible mark. But hope has not been cancelled. Our President and CEO Michael Messenger shares how we can keep hope alive.
From the Field Why giving a goat is still important this Christmas
Looking for a simple way to make a difference this Christmas? Give a gift that will help support long-term development and outlast the coronavirus pandemic by many generations.
In the News Our most read stories from 2020
We look back at the year that was and the stories you read most in 2020. Find out how they reflected our lives in a tough year.