Ordinary people. Extraordinary impact.

Throughout history, ordinary women and men have risen up to make a difference in the face of adversity. Now is our time.

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It’s time to rise up
That’s just what heroes do

From the Ethiopian famine, to HIV/AIDS, to the Refugee Crisis, Canadians have stood shoulder to shoulder with World Vision to provide relief. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the hero in all of us is needed more than ever. Honour your hidden hero today.

Hidden heroes are everywhere

Watch how everyday heroes are igniting
hope during this global crisis.

Courageous women taking action

#HiddenHero: Former sponsored child on the frontlines of COVID-19 Former sponsored child Lenny Lyn is part of the fight against her generation’s biggest threat yet: COVID-19.
#HiddenHero: Delivering food assistance in South Sudan amid COVID-19 Emilienne Cyuzuzo is leading a team in South Sudan to quickly and safely deliver much needed food assistance to displaced families during COVID-19.

World Vision’s Response

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Global threat

COVID-19 threatens to upend nations, communities and families. Children across the developing world with limited access to clean water and sanitation are particularly vulnerable, as are people living in cramped refugee camps.

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Determined impact

A global crisis requires a global response. In times like these, we all rely on the determination of ordinary people to take on the world’s most difficult challenges. Our heroes lend a hand, raise their voices and share their resources to make an impact.

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Focused response

We are responding to COVID-19 in 70 countries, aiming to reach 72 million people in the coming months. Our focus is on the immediate threat of the novel coronavirus as well as the secondary impacts of the pandemic.

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Funding a future of freedom for vulnerable children, families and communities.