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sponsored boy looking at camera


Day 3


Today we’ll be learning about one of the world’s most pressing crises – the refugee crisis. Tonight, your challenge is to sleep on the floor. Once your family’s gathered on the floor for the night, take a photo and post it on social media using the hashtag #M25Challenge!




sponsored boy looking at camera

               Ali’s Story

                   This is Ali. He’s 13 years old and had to flee his home because of war.                       Now, he lives in Lebanon with his parents and four siblings.


Watch his story in 360 degrees. (Click and drag the video to see what Ali sees.)



Reflect on the experience of refugees around the world as you lie down on the floor to sleep tonight …

If you had to flee like Ali, what would you miss most about your home?
What would you take with you?
How would it feel to be a stranger in a new place?


Pray for children like Ali who don’t have homes, or are strangers. Pray for all to feel welcome.