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young sponsored boy carrying kettle



Welcome back! No morning coffee ­­today — your challenge is to drink only water.




bsponsored boy looking at camera, Matthew Day 2 Challenge


          Cheru’s Story

             Cheru is only 5 years old, and every day she has to walk 6 kilometers to collect dirty water in                     her mom’s tea kettle. It’s the biggest container she can carry.


Do you have a tea kettle at home? Fill it up with water and see how heavy it is for Cheru to carry every day.



Tonight, reflect on your challenge of drinking only water …

Did you miss having other beverages to drink? Get a caffeine headache?

Was the water you drank clean?

How would your life be different if you only had dirty water to drink?


Pray for everyone to get clean water, and for all to know the living water of Jesus Christ.