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DAY 1  


Welcome to your first day! Here’s your challenge: Skip lunch! (Students skip snacks and desserts.)



sponsored child looking at camera

Ekai’s Story

Ekai is a 12-year-old boy living in Kenya. He experiences hunger every day. Today, when you are feeling
hungry at lunchtime, look around and consider how much food is available to you when you need it. Pray for kids like Ekai who don’t have enough to eat.





One of the only meals Ekai’s family has is tea. During your fast, make a pot of tea for your family and watch this video together.



Tonight, as you break your fast, reflect about the experience, either on your own or with others:

How did you feel today?

While you were fasting, could you concentrate?

What was the hardest part of the day?


Pray for kids who don’t have enough to eat, that they’ll get the food they need to be healthy.