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Child sponsorship helps children overcome the challenges of poverty. You can meet any one of these children right now and start your sponsorship journey today.

How your $39 a month helps

Child sponsorship empowers children and their communities

Help a Child Thrive

Food, clean water, education and health care. Your support provides children with the essential building blocks they need to thrive.

Child protection

No child should suffer abuse. Your support helps educate families about child rights so they’re better equipped to keep their children safe.

Economic empowerment

Self-sufficiency can lead to opportunity and a brighter future. Your help provides skills training, microloans and much more that enables families to provide for their children’s needs.

What your support provides

Food & Nutrition

Nutritious food means creating sustainable food sources through agricultural programs and nutritional trainings, to ensure that children are well-nourished and healthy. In 2019, 45,115 malnourished children were enrolled in nutritional programs and monitored to ensure healthy growth.*


Good health is the foundation of a child’s life. Access to essential services, vaccinations, medical clinics and training in disease prevention provide better health for children and their communities. In 2019, 36,628 people benefited from medical consultations and treatment in health facilities.*

Safe Water

Access to safe water through well-drilling, pumps and training in hygiene and sanitation decreases child mortality and frees up time for education, instead of water collection. Thanks to improved water sources, 68,125 people now have safe water for drinking and cooking.*


Access to education, classroom repairs, school supplies and training for teachers and parents provide children with opportunities for a better future. In 2019, 34,711 parents learned about the importance of education and how to support their child’s learning.*

Child Protection

We advocate for child rights and encourage children to speak up against abuse and injustice. By educating families about child rights they are better equipped to keep their children safe. In 2019, 126,189 people learned about child rights and protection issues.

*Results of World Vision Canada’s projects funded by child sponsorship from October 2018 to September 2019

Your contributions at a glance

Funding a future of freedom for vulnerable children, families and communities.
Pie chart showing World Vision Canada donation breakdown. For every dollar, 80.4 percent goes to programs, 13.5 percent goes to fundraising and 6.1 percent goes to administration. This chart is based on a five-year average of World Vision Canada’s annual statement of total expenditures.

How Child Sponsorship Makes a Difference:
A Personal Story

When Nancy was a child in Kenya she thought she had no value as a girl. Her sponsor, Georgie, believed otherwise. That commitment transformed two lives.

When Nancy was a child in Kenya she thought she had no value as a girl. Her sponsor, Georgie, believed otherwise. That commitment transformed two lives.

We’re most concerned about how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact vulnerable children


That's why World Vision is providing protection and support to a new child every second of every day. 

Helping a vulnerable child means focusing on not just health, but also their safety, education, nutrition, and other risks they face due to this global crisis.

Sponsor the longest waiting child