Double Your Impact Without Giving another Cent!

Double Your Impact Without Giving another Cent!

Double Your Impact Without Giving another Cent!

Now you can unlock the power of employer gift matching to double, or even triple the impact of your donation to World Vision Canada. Use the tool below to search for your employer to see whether they offer a gift matching program.

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Get your gift matched in three easy steps!

1. Search

Use the search tool above or consult your HR department for details on your employer's matching gift policy.

2. Send

Complete your employer-provided form and submit.

3. Match

Your company sends the matched gift to World Vision Canada.

Charitable Registration Number: 119304855RR0001

Frequently Asked Questions

Your personal donations to World Vision Canada are tax-deductible, not the matched donation made by your employer.

Employee matching gift programs are a way for companies to match the donations their employees make to charities. By doing this, the company itself engages in philanthropy that supports the interests and concerns of their employees and effectively doubles the impact of your donation, supporting causes like ours and helping children in need.

If your employer's matching gift program is not in our search tool, you can still request a match. Check your company’s intranet or ask your HR department for the matching gift form. To add your employer’s program to our tool, email

Each company sets its own minimum and maximum amounts for matching donations. For specific information on your employer's matching program, use our search tool or contact your HR department.

Yes, you can request to have your matched donation allocated to one of the following causes:

  • Water: Supporting projects that provide access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.
  • Health: Contributing to initiatives that improve health and nutrition for communities in need.
  • Economic Empowerment: Aiding programs that promote sustainable livelihoods and economic development.
  • Climate Change: Supporting efforts to mitigate climate change impacts and promote environmental sustainability.
  • Emergency/Fragile Contexts: Contributing to our rapid response in emergency situations and supporting communities in fragile contexts.
  • Child Protection: Aiding in the protection of children from violence, exploitation, and abuse.

To have your matched gift allocated to one of these causes, please email us at with the details of your donation and your chosen area of interest. We will do our best to ensure your donation is directed accordingly, making a significant impact in the lives of those we serve.

Many employers match a variety of donations including Child Sponsorship, pledge commitments, or Single Gifts. Some may also match donations made by your family. Check your employer's matching policy for specific details. 

Yes. Many companies offer retrospective gift matching for donations made up to a year ago. Check your company’s specific guidelines to see if your past donations can still be matched. 

To confirm if your donation was matched, refer to your company’s gift matching form or contact their HR department for details on the status of your matched donation. 

We welcome your interest in volunteering! Please visit our volunteer page for details on how you can join us in making a difference.

Your original donation will be reflected in your annual tax receipt. Matched funds from your employer are directly donated to World Vision and will not appear on your personal tax receipt. 

Companies who offer Volunteer Grant programs provide financial donations to charitable organizations, such as World Vision, where their employees volunteer. If you volunteer with us, your company may offer to give a donation to World Vision to recognize your volunteer time, providing further financial support for the causes you care about. 

Our Registered Charity number is 119304855RR0001. We are proud to share World Vision’s registered status, an indicator that the work we do is for the public good and making a positive impact in children’s lives worldwide. 

If your company is not listed in our tool, they might not offer a matching program. We recommend confirming with your HR department. 

If you experience any issues with the matching process, please reach out to or assistance. Our team is here to help ensure the impact of your gift is maximized.