The power to choose in a child’s hands.

The Chosen Experience – From Launch to Reveal

See what's possible when the power to choose is provided to a child.


Let a child choose YOU. Introduce your church to a life-changing ministry experience built around the innate desire to be seen, known, and to matter. Empower a child to choose and join us in flipping the table on how Canadians have traditionally engaged with child sponsorship.

When your church hosts a Chosen event, and people sign up to be Chosen, children will be empowered to choose their own sponsors. This life-changing gift can help address the root causes of children’s poverty, empowering children, their families, and their communities to claim lives filled with possibilities.

Learn how your church members can join together, to grow hope for vulnerable children.

World Vision staff gathered children in the classroom for a sing and dance activity.

How does Chosen work?

  1. Launch Weekend - Your congregation is invited to sign up and have their photos taken so a child can choose them. World Vision supports you with comprehensive event planning, including on-site and virtual resources.

  2. Choosing Party - These photos are sent to the field and set up to allow See children select their sponsor from photos of your church family (including yourself!) — and be inspired by the impact of putting the power to choose in each child’s hands.

  3. The “BIG REVEAL” Weekend - Each church member learns who chose them — and receives a note, a photo from their sponsored child. It’s an invitation into a whole new relationship, where being chosen can be a reminder of God’s love. (And yes, every single person who takes part will be chosen!)

What’s it like to be chosen?

Sponsoring a child through Chosen has the power to transform lives – both the child’s and their sponsor’s. Watch these videos to hear from some of the very first Chosen sponsors on what it means to be chosen by their sponsored child.




World Vision staff gathered children in the classroom for a sing and dance activity.

Why should my church consider participating in Chosen?

We want to inspire your church to go deeper in their relationships and faith, using Chosen as a powerful reminder that Jesus also chose us out of His great love. Invite your congregation to experience this powerful, life-changing transformation through joining together in the lives of children, communities, and their futures. See what God’s love can do when your church rallies around the same cause and community through Chosen.

How is Chosen different than typical sponsorship?

Since 1953, World Vision has been inviting people to step into a relationship by sponsoring a child in the developing world. Traditionally, this means selecting a child’s profile, online or in-person. With Chosen child sponsorship, each child is empowered to choose their own sponsor from amongst the photos of those in your congregation who accepted the invitation and say, 'I want to be chosen!' This creates closer relationships; and offers children the chance to have real choices, and a voice for lasting change.

My church has done sponsorships before, why should we do Chosen?

We have found churches that have engaged in sponsorship before, LOVE the Chosen model, as they see deeper engagement and strong response by those new to sponsorship and those already engaged. It allows all involved to be seen and heard. It reminds us of God’s love, our greater purpose and helps us experience the fullness of life Jesus mentioned in John 10:10 "I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."

My church is hybrid (in person and virtual), can Chosen still work?

Chosen works on a hybrid model and we can accommodate either digital or in person as needed. When we originally test launched in 2019, we believed Chosen would change the future of the churches and of hundreds of thousands of children and their communities. NOW we believe more than ever that this LIGHT and LIFE is needed in our churches here in Canada AND in the areas hit toughest by poverty and by the global food crisis.

Can you help me plan Chosen at my church and answer any questions that I have?

Yes! After you fill out the form below, we will get in touch to share more about Chosen to answer any questions you may have and come alongside you as you prepare for this life changing experience.