New video shows Canadians getting a real wakeup call on Canadian foreign aid spending

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Canada is ranked 14th on list of 28 major foreign aid donor countries
Video asks is Canada a generous country?
(November 14, 2016)
A new video by World Vision Canada reveals that Canadians view their country as a kind, open and generous global citizen. Many shared the view that Canada is a leader on the global humanitarian and development front, confirming the results of recent World Vision surveys and data from other organizations. 

However, current foreign aid spending does not fully reflect Canada's generous nature, according to World Vision, and humanitarian and development financial commitments are less than many Canadians think. 
  • Our rank is 14th on the list of 28 major donor countries 
  • Our commitments and contributions are actually below the average of 28 major donor countries 
  • Our commitment is only 28 cents of foreign aid for every $100 of Canada's Gross National Income. The international gold standard for donor countries is at least 70 cents. 
"When we broke this news to the Canadians we interviewed, many were shocked and disappointed. That's why it's time for a Canadian conversation on foreign aid. Generosity and giving are fundamental Canadian values. Canadians want our country to be a global leader in helping the less fortunate. People recognize our openness to helping Syrian refugees, but we can and should do more. Canadians want more Canada."
- Cheryl Hotchkiss, Director, #MoreCanada Campaign, World Vision Canada 
"The truth is, the Canadian government's funding is doing some remarkable things to ending extreme poverty and preventable diseases across the globe. Current Canadian commitments towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals are commendable. But achieving ambitious goals requires ambitious financing. To be a global leader we need to significantly increase our foreign aid commitments in the 2017 federal budget. Canada is capable of doing more and should do more – we can double our foreign assistance in the next ten years.  Never has the need, and the opportunity, for Canadian leadership been greater.  Children's lives depend on it." 
– Martin Fischer, Director of Policy, World Vision Canada 
  • Canadians can take action by telling Finance Minister Morneau that they want more Canada in the next federal budget. 
  • Join the conversation: at #MoreCanada 
  • Go to World Vision's website to ask for More Canada:​​​

Video with caption: "Video: Think the world needs #MoreCanada?". Video available HERE