Looming famine threatens child survival as 
5 million face starvation in Somalia

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The lives of hundreds of thousands of children are at risk as millions face the threat of famine in Somalia.
Animal carcasses are scattered across Somalia’s landscape as its people face acute malnutrition due to drought and conflict. Steph Glinski/World Vision
(January 19, 2016)
The International children’s charity says that the fragile country is facing a health and nutrition crisis as a result of continued drought and conflict.

Describing the country’s malnutrition situation as "alarming", World Vision Somalia’s National Director, Simon Nyabwengi, urged the international community to provide an immediate and concerted response to help save lives of the most vulnerable children.

World Vision aims to support 530,000 of the most severely affected people through:

-       Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programmes
-       Food security programmes
-       Health and nutrition programmes
-       Shelter and livelihoods programmes


Simon Nyabwengi, National Director World Vision Somalia

“The crisis in Somalia risks sliding into yet another famine unless we act urgently and swiftly. Some 320,000 children under age 5 are acutely malnourished, and 50,000 of them are so severely malnourished they risk dying without emergency intervention. Compounding the crisis is the continued displacement of people as a result of fighting. This is one of the key factors curtailing our effort to build the resilience capabilities of villagers and communities in especially remote parts of Somalia.”  

“Everyone in the humanitarian sector is on high alert and we don’t want to see children dying again. Humanitarian organizations have become better at predicting such disasters and there is a looming crisis at hand, with heart rending consequences for children and their families and we must act now to prevent deaths. The landscape in Somalia is littered with animal carcasses. We must save the children, who will surely follow if we do not provide food, water, and health and nutrition assistance now.”

  • According to the United Nations over 40 per cent of Somalia’s population are starving due to poor rains and continued fighting.
  • Famine was last declared in parts of Somalia is 2011, killing 260, 000 people.
  • The maternal mortality ratio for Somalia is among the highest in the world at 732 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births.
  • Around 3 million school-age children are out of school with numbers predicted to increase.
  • Over 20 per cent of all children under 14 are contracting TB.


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