Polar Bear Dippers ring in a new decade and bring clean water to communities in Rwanda

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- This year marked the 35th year of the Dip, and the 25th year of partnering with World Vision. 
- Participants raised over $125,000
(January 01, 2020)
Thousands of excited spectators descended on Bronte Beach in Oakville today to cheer on the over 700 courageous dippers as they took the icy plunge into Lake Ontario and a new decade, with a goal of raising funds for World Vision’s clean water projects in Rwanda. 

Participants surpassed the fundraising target of $120,000, raising over $125,000 with donations still coming in.

This year marked the 35th time that Todd and Trent Courage, along with their team of brave supporters, have plunged into the frigid waters on New Year’s Day, and the 25th year of partnering with World Vision. 

“The commitment the Courage Brothers show by holding this event year after year is so inspiring and we are honoured to partner with them,” said Sumair Mirza, Chief Operating Officer at World Vision Canada and second time dipper. “Over 600 million people in the world lack access to clean water, and the funds raised today will assist communities in Rwanda to address that.”

The Courage Polar Bear Dip for World Vision, the largest and the longest-running charity event of its kind in Canada, is held annually on January 1st, where chill-seeking dippers raise money for the privilege of plunging into the icy-cold waters of Lake Ontario.  

“It has been amazing to see this event continue to grow each year for 35 years,” says Todd Courage, co-founder of the Dip. “We want to thank all of the participants and supporters who came out today. We had a record turn out and the funds raised today will go a long way towards helping improve the health and safety of children and their families by providing clean water in communities in Rwanda.” 

Proceeds from the event have been contributing to World Vision water projects around the world since 1995 and almost $2 million has been raised in total. World Vision brings clean water to one new person every 10 seconds and by doing so also equips communities with sanitation and hygiene programs. 

Quick Facts: 
  • Over the years, the dip has welcomed over 10,000 jumpers.
  • Since 2015, World Vision has provided access to clean water to more than 2.3 million people for consumption and sanitation.
  • World Vision’s clean water initiatives have helped save the lives of thousands of children from water-related diseases caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation and lack of hygiene.

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Photo Caption: Over 700 brave dippers took the icy plunge into Lake Ontario on New Year’s Day at the Courage Polar Bear Dip with proceeds going to World Vision clean water projects. Source: World Vision Canada/Corey Scarrow