World Vision Canada Statement: Government of Canada 2022 budget

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  • As the world’s most vulnerable children and their families suffer from conflict, climate change and COVID-19, World Vision welcomes the measures taken by the Government of Canada in its 2022 federal budget
  • Underlines the government cannot backtrack on these commitments and needs to ensure a solid baseline for its international development budget
World Vision Canada is calling for a clear, five-year path for financing the Feminist International Assistance Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals.
(April 08, 2022)

World Vision Canada is pleased that the international development budget grew to $8.1 billion this year, from the pre-pandemic level of $6.1 billion in 2019/20. But the international aid organization contends that much of that money is targeted for COVID-19-related global health spending.

“We’re encouraged by the government’s ongoing commitment to international assistance as an important pillar of Canada’s role in the world,” says Michael Messenger, President and CEO, World Vision Canada. “The 2022 budget recognizes the world is facing compounding challenges but does not fully address the severity of the impacts for the world’s most vulnerable children.”

World Vision Canada is calling for a clear, five-year path for financing the Feminist International Assistance Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals, similar to what the government has provided for its defence spending. Additionally, as Canada reviews both its defence and foreign policies, it needs to place international development at the centre of its approach. Canada’s global engagement can advance peace and security, reduce poverty and inequality, and advance the rights of the most vulnerable, especially children, while also contributing to global prosperity and stability.

“This budget clearly reflects the government’s commitment to respond to the humanitarian needs caused by the crisis in Ukraine with much needed support for those directly affected, however, indirect effects must be addressed as well,” said Messenger. “We urge the government to future-proof Canada’s humanitarian assistance by ensuring commitments to Ukraine do not come at the expense of other crises. As 45 million people across 43 countries are facing severe food insecurity, the knock-on effects of the Ukraine crisis are increasing the risks of devastating famines.”

Finally, World Vision Canada is very pleased with the government’s promise to amend the Income Tax Act, implementing the spirit of a bill sponsored by Senator Omidvar, the Effective and Accountable Charities Act. Partnerships with local- and community-driven organizations are at the heart of our work. The much-needed changes proposed by this bill will allow us to expand the way we work with these partners to accomplish both the Sustainable Development Goals and the objectives of Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy.

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