World Vision Gift Catalogue continues to provide gifts that matter

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Canadians have purchased almost 2.5 million meaningful gifts since 2001; this year’s catalogue contains new fair trade artisan gifts.

(November 26, 2018)
MISSISSAUGA, ON – Since 2001, Canadians have purchased almost 2.5 million items from World Vision’s Gift Catalogue which now features over 90 gift ideas, including new offerings from international artisans.

“When we created the gift catalogue 18 years ago, we had no idea that so many Canadians would embrace the idea of honouring a friend or family member at Christmas time by giving them a gift from our catalogue,” says Kathryn Goddard, Vice President, Products and Channels, World Vision Canada. “I am thrilled World Vision’s gift catalogue has become a valued giving tradition for some families and is an exciting discovery for others.”

An Ipsos survey conducted last year for World Vision found that the majority of Canadians (58%) would appreciate receiving a charitable gift in leu of a traditional Christmas gift. Canadians can choose from a wide array of gifts like goats, chickens, beekeeping kits, medicines, clean water and even supporting a small business, that all go directly to children and families in need. This year’s catalogue also offers new handcrafted fair trade gifts, directly supporting the artisans who made them.

“So many people already have what they need, but still want to get that good feeling from “giving” to a loved one. The catalogue provides a great opportunity to tailor giving to what others care about most,” says Goddard.

Quick facts:
  • Over 90 gifts available in the gift catalogue
  • Prices start at $10
  • Since 2001, Canadians have purchased almost 2.5 million gifts from the Gift Catalogue
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