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When you work at World Vision, your passions and talents meet the greatest needs in the world today.

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People who have careers with World Vision stand among a group of smiling children.

Seek a rewarding career.

Even on your toughest days at the office, you’ll go home at night knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life. It’s a great feeling.

A man who works for World Vision Canada operating a video camera.

Have serious skills.

Bring your top-notch skills from inside or outside the charitable sector. We’ll keep you sharp with challenging work and professional development opportunities. 

A man, one woman on staff with an ambassador at World Vision Canada smiling while cutting a cake.

Enjoy solid relationships.

The people make the place, and the people here are amazing. United in our mission to help the poor, it’s easy for coworkers to become incredible friends.

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Kaitlyn Patterson, who works as the Social Media Coordinator for World Vision Canada, smiles.

“What I love most about working at World Vision is being a part of a global team working to improve the lives of vulnerable children and their families. Having moved from intern to coordinator, I feel supported in achieving my career goals. Every day, I wake up excited for work because I get to collaborate with people who challenge me to think outside the box and are genuinely passionate about what they do.”
– Kaitlyn Patterson, Social Media Coordinator

Carline Carreiro, Manager of Customer Segments at World Vision Canada.
“Working at World Vision enables you to engage in the best of both worlds - corporate and non-profit. We use industry best practices to execute our work with excellence, while at the same time fostering a culture of collaboration, humility and appreciation for quality work. I am challenged daily to be creative in order to develop opportunities for Canadians to engage in the amazing work World Vision is known for.” 

– Caroline Carreiro, Manager, Customer Segments
Carole Leacock, Regional Team Lead, Africa at World Vision Caanda.

“As I meet with people during our field visits, I am able see how the work we’re doing is directly impacting them. It is most rewarding when community members that World Vision has been working with for years say that they no longer need us to be there because they can now manage on their own. It means that we have done our job and the work has made a difference in the lives of children and of families.”
– Carole Leacock, Regional Team Lead, Africa

Work Place Awards

World Vision Canada is one of Canada's Top 100 Employers of 2018.
World Vision Canada is one of the GTA's Top 100 Employers 2018
World Vision Canada is one of Canada's 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures 2016

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