ENRICH:1000 Day Journey Photobook
Learn more about the ENRICH program through an interactive photobook.

Breastfeeding and maternal and child health in Myanmar: Soe Myat Thu’s story
Soe Myat Thu is sharing maternal and child health information, she is the lead mother in a care group model. In a remote village located in Myanmar.

Short Story of Raymond
He is cultivating a brighter future for his family and becoming a changemaker.

Rick Campanelli in Bangladesh
Rick Campanelli travelled to Bangladesh and learned some parenting tips from local dads from a Men Care Group.

A Critical Welcome into Fatherhood
Men around the world need to know they can be great husbands and fathers – and not just by providing. Even here in Canada, men have struggled with this idea for generations.

Strong, Dignified - With a Passion for Cooking
Rick Campanelli travelled with World Vision Canada to learn more about the field work. Learn more.

Two Artists Travel to Rural Tanzania
Two artists travel in Tanzania and create a painting in honour of the strong women who live there.

Breaking Barriers with Brushstrokes: Art and Feminism
Artists Lauren Brevner and Sungi Mlengeya travelled to a remote community in Shinyanga Region, Tanzania.

Is Breastfeeding Anti-Feminist?
A woman's right to breastfeed her child is a human right. The Canadian Human Rights Act (the Act) prohibits discrimination related to pregnancy.

Five Essential Takeaways from Women Deliver
As a woman and mother living in Canada, I know the privilege of being able to access the health services that I need.

Moms receive a heartwarming surprise
For Mother's Day, World Vision Canada brought 12 moms together with a special message to share with their own mothers.

Dr. Joelene: Canadian Doctor in Bangladesh
What a Canadian doctor learned from a Local Health Worker in Bangladesh.

What does it takes to save a baby’s life?
At the age of 24, Zin Mar had given birth twice in her life: to a daughter May, now four-years-old, and a few years later in November 2016, to a baby boy.

1000 Day Journey Trailer
1000 Day Journey is an initiative launched by World Vision Canada to support and promote the health of pregnant and new mothers and their babies across 5 countries.