ENRICH 1000 Day Journey Project Impact

2,475,210 Men, Women and Children Reached

For every Canadian dollar invested through ENRICH, five dollars were generated back to society in health benefits. Between 2016-2021:

  • 1,024 deaths were prevented
  • 5,334 cases of stunting were prevented
  • 13,685 cases of child anemia were prevented and
  • 18,755 cases of maternal anemia were prevented

We expect ENRICH’s efforts to prevent another 3,192 deaths over the next 15 years.

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Pressure Baby

PRESSURE BABY documents the emotional journey of Zin, a young woman living in one of the most remote communities in Myanmar. This intimate film grants a glimpse into the life of a mother, wife and daughter whose story seems so unique, but is sadly an all-too-common reality for millions of women. It’s a story of the realities of development and evolving family dynamics, which can make a life or death difference in the health and futures of communities everywhere.

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Impact Stories

Meet some of the local heroes in the countries where the ENRICH:1000 Day Journey project was implemented. Their stories of resiliency will give you a glimpse of the impact made and the resulting transformation.

Our Partners


The work of addressing maternal and infant mortality is no easy feat. World Vision Canada worked alongside expert organizations, academics and the Government of Canada to implement the 1000 Day Journey program. Get to know our partners.

Nutrition International
Harvest Plus
The University of Toronto

 The Government of Canada

A Thank You to Our Partners. World Vision Canada worked with our partners and donors for the success of the 1000 Day Journey program. Together, we empowered health care systems in four developing nations to carry on providing essential health and nutrition services to their citizens.