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​Discover how Child Sponsorship helps families gain access to better nutrition.
Family gathered around a pot of food to share a meal
Food is a basic human right. Without proper nutrition, children can’t develop into the active, brilliant kids we know they can be. Sadly, lack of food is the reality for far too many of the world’s children.
Food crises affect the most vulnerable, as rising food prices, transportation costs and environmental factors make it difficult for families to meet their needs.
We provide children and families with the means to fight hunger and achieve food security. Food security means that families will know where their next meal is coming from — and that it will be nutritious and hearty enough to help them live an active, healthy life.
Specifically, we help by:
  • Increasing agricultural productivity through improved seed and farming practices
  • Improving access to markets so farming families can sell their surplus food
  • Teaching families and communities about dietary diversity and how to improve nutrition
  • Managing resources in a sustainable way to prevent soil erosion, maintain soil fertility, use water more efficiently and protect the environment
In 2013, World Vision’s food assistance programs delivered US$231.1 million worth of resources to help 7.5 million people in 33 countries, including those affected by natural disasters and conflict.
We are the United Nations World Food Programme’s largest implementing partner in delivering food to the neediest populations. Your cash donations help us provide:
  • Supplementary feeding programs for malnourished children e.g. Chad, Sudan
  • Food for emergencies, recovery and rehabilitation  e.g. Syria, Lebanon
  • Food for vulnerable groups, such as children, pregnant mothers, elderly, disabled, refugees, chronically ill or child-headed households e.g. Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia
  • Support for school feeding programs e.g. Haiti, Sierra Leone

Some of our food projects include:

  • Implementing food for work (or assets) to support building irrigation ditches, tree nurseries and other community assets.
  • Improving access to food for vulnerable households while assisting local shopkeepers through food voucher and cash voucher programs.
  • Making our processes more efficient by using mobile registration devices as part of our Last Mile Mobile Solutions.

Food in action

Real Impact

Seeds, tools and agriculture training create a sustainable food supply for families and children.




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