What We Do

Economic Development

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Mother and Father with child holding a surplus of food ready to sell at market
Posing with their successful harvest, this family now has the access they need to get their produce to market.
How would you manage your small business' finances if you had no collateral, no credit history and no bank account? How would you access the right markets to sell your produce if you didn't know where to go or who to talk to? How would you build up savings without a safe place to keep them?
We work to break down barriers to economic stability in communities, by providing the financial tools people need to succeed.
Through microfinance, we help to give people the chance they deserve to build their own enterprises.
Through local value chain development we make it easier for small entrepreneurs to get their goods to market. By training small business owners, we give them the skills they need to succeed.
Through savings groups we help women and men build their capital and start their own businesses so they can save for emergencies, provide for their kids and invest in their futures.

Economic Development in action

Real Impact

Micro-loans and business training enable families to build a brighter future for children.




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