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Photos: World Vision Helping Syrians this Winter

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Published November 9, 2015
Across the Middle East and Europe, Syrian refugees are taking shelter from the growing cold.

Winter is coming and many of these families don’t even have proper footwear to protect them. Your generous one-time donation today will bring urgent support to Syrian children and their families.

Last year, winter wreaked havoc on refugees in the Middle East. On the day this photo was taken at this refugee camp in Lebanon, the temperature had dipped to -5 C, and the young girl on the left was wearing just a pair of flimsy sandals on her feet. 

To help families prepare, World Vision is distributing Winter Survival Kits. These include things like warm clothes, rubber boots, blankets, mattresses and more. 

Many refugees have made their way to Eastern Europe in the hopes of living a life free from war and violence.

On the Serbia-Croatia border, World Vision is providing refugees with hygiene kits to help make their journey a little bit easier. The kits include items such as: diapers, wet wipes, toothpaste and shampoo.

The organization also established a child friendly space at the border, where children can play and draw, and where mothers can rest and breastfeed their babies. 

"It is very important to have space for women and children where they can have protection and privacy as well as some normalcy," said Weihui Wang, World Vision's Child Protection and Participation Lead.

More About World Vision’s Response
The UN estimates that 12.2 million people living in Syria—almost half of these being children—are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance, as are over 4 million people who’ve taken refuge in other countries. 

World Vision is working in Syria, and in neighbouring countries including, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey, as well as along the Serbia-Croatia border.





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