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2 Planes, a Boat, 20 Days of Walking for Refugee Children

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​Ibrahim, Outayba, Youssef and Khatteb, all under the age of 11, have likely seen more horrors in their lives than we could ever imagine. 

“Our country Iraq is destroyed, we can’t go back there.”

It has taken two planes, one boat and 20 days of walking for them to reach the Serbia-Croatia border. After all their effort, their future is still uncertain. 

The goal of these children and their families is to get to Germany – where they hope to start their lives over, free from fear of war and violence. 

World Vision is present along the Serbia-Croatia border, providing refugees with hygiene kits that include diapers, wet wipes, toothpaste and shampoo. As well as food that they can carry on their journey across the border. Please consider making a one-time donation to help these desperate families, today. The Canadian government will match your donation.  




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