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Education: The Key to Escaping Poverty

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Lucy is at home doing her homework
​Lucy's family take her education very seriously, because they don't want her to struggle like they do.
Lucy sits with her family outside of their home in Kenya.
​​Lucy's family received the gift of a cow from her sponsor. The cow has given them a source of nutrition and income!
​​​Lucy is 12, the youngest of six girls. She lives with her parents in a remote village northwest of Nairobi, Kenya. Her family couldn’t afford to send her other sisters to school, but they are determined to get Lucy the education she needs for a different future – one with options and hope.

A Family’s Struggle
Lucy’s education is so important to her family because they don’t want her to struggle like they do. They also don't want her to have to become a child labourer.

The family are farmers, growing potatoes, maize and beans, but they only grow enough to eat themselves. There is rarely enough left over to sell, and they need the money to pay for Lucy’s secondary school fees. And her parents know that education is the key to escaping the cycle of poverty.

World Vision Comes to the Community
In 2012, Lucy became a sponsored child and her Australian sponsor sent the family a gift of a dairy cow. This cow has provided Lucy and her family with a new source of nutrition – and income. They sell their leftover milk to buy items like salt, soap and sugar. But most importantly, they buy the things that Lucy needs for school: books, pens, and exam fees.

The community has also benefitted from World Vision sponsorship. Two new classrooms have been built and outfitted with desks and clean water. There are also hand-washing stations in the school to promote hygiene and sanitation. This is just one example of how your sponsorship changes lives, not only of your sponsored child but also of the entire community.

Bring Hope to Children In Need
Around the world there are millions of children, who unlike Lucy, are not in school. Rather, they work to survive. The jobs they're forced to do are dirty, dangerous and degrading. This is what poverty does. 

But you can change a child's future. Sponsor a child today and keep them in school and away from child labour. Sponsor Now




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