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Children on the Move

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Tents cover a field at a refugee camp in Serbia
​The camp​ where Ahmed, Sabrina and their family lived as of October 2015

With files from Kathryn Reid

Moving is hard. Saying goodbye to friends and family, deciding what to keep and what to leave, and starting over in an unfamiliar place all come with the territory. 

For many Syrian refugee families, the moving never seems to end.  

For Rania, a mother of two, being constantly on the move has meant that her son Ahmed, seven, has never been to school. 

A few months ago, while they were living in a tent in Serbia, World Vision spoke with Rania and her family. 

“School is number one,” she said of her hopes for the future.

After fleeing Syria, Rania and her husband Hassan lived in Turkey for two years to save money. Then they made the difficult month and a half journey to Serbia. Hassan’s dream is to have a new start for his family in Paris.

“I want a life for my family and school for the children,” he told us. 

The family was waiting in the camp to cross the border into Hungary, in the hopes of making it to France. ​​

Ahmed and his sister, Sabrina, have not had the kind of transition most kids have when they move. The friendships they make along the way are often cut off when families move on to a different camp or country. Relationships formed in Turkey are far behind them now. 

The toys that Ahmed and his sister, Sabrina, play with tell the story of their childhood. Each one is named after a country they’ve passed through. Sabrina clutched a broken doll. Their latest toy, a yellow plastic bus, they dubbed Serbia.

Sabrina and Ahmed play with their toys as they sit with their family. 

As we near the five-year anniversary of the conflict in Syria, children like Ahmed and Sabrina can find help through the remedial classes and child friendly spaces that World Vision provides. Educational and psycho-social support can get them a little closer to the life their parents dream of for them.

But there is so much more to do. Without peace, the future will always be uncertain for Syria’s children. Will you join us in supporting kids like Sabrina and Ahmed?​ Write or Tweet your MP and ask them to make sure Canada is involved in peace talks, putting an end to the #SyriaCrisis. 




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