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Video: Syrian Children Yearn for Home

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Syrian children are living a nightmare.
Please, help bring some comfort to children who've left everything behind. Your donation will help support World Vision's work with refugees in both Lebanon and Jordan.
Facing conditions no child should ever have to, they are escaping violence in their homeland, leaving behind relatives, friends, school, any sense of normalcy, to find safety in neighbouring countries. Many have lost loved ones to this conflict. This is what war does.
"Snipers came into our school," says Hoda, 11, when asked when she last sat in a classroom. "We left school with bombs going off all around us." 
Watch as Kevin Jenkins, President of World Vision International, visits with Syrian refugees in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, where World Vision is at work now.

World Vision has joined forces with UNICEF, Save the Children and other organizations for the 'Stand with Me' campaign. We need to be champions for the children of Syria, to ensure they don't end up a lost generation. Join us today by sharing this page and other stories using the #childrenofsyria hashtag. You can also give to our Syrian Refugee Crisis Fund.




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