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There's an Art to Changing the World

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If you’ve ever watched a child take a crayon and turn a blank piece of paper into a funny, fantastical drawing, you’ve witnessed the making of a new world.

Mother with her arm around her young daughter's shoulder
Teaching our children to care about others is an important way Canadians are creating a better future for everyone.

It is a deceptively simple idea, but changing the world really does begin with imagining that transformation, putting your heart into it, and plotting out a design. That is precisely what World Vision Canada does every day -- with your help.

What’s Different About That?
Part of what makes World Vision’s solution to hunger, sickness and poverty so unique is an approach that looks at all parts of the problem. From the very first day that World Vision arrives in a community, there are meetings with local leaders, families, and of course, children. 

Together with the community, challenges are identified, creative ideas are explored and plans are made. 

So, even helping a single child overcome hunger will have many interconnected ideas working as one. It might start with a powerful innovation like emergency food that is packed with super nutrients, extra calories and just happens to taste like peanut butter. Kids eat it up, and quickly become stronger and healthier.

Although the needs differ from community to community, the fight against hunger would also likely include giving families goats, chickens or even cows. 

World Vision experts teach locals the best ways to farm in their area, using drought-resistant seeds, and better tools. Resources sharing comes to life. Mothers are shown the best ways to prepare foods to maximize the good they can do for little, growing bodies.

Soon small businesses grow out of the new prosperity, and the entire village blossoms.

So far, we’ve only talked about hunger. It’s only the beginning. When a Canadian family sponsors a girl or boy, the child also receives clean water, school supplies, medicines and ongoing healthcare.

And the Puzzle Becomes a Canvas​
Every piece of the puzzle works together to create the big picture of a revitalized community and children’s lives saved. 

If you can imagine a better world, you can create it.
You could end hunger and sickness -- at least for one child. That’s a very good start.​

The depth of these interventions means this community, often in a remote and forgotten place, will not only survive today, but will build its own self-sustaining future, and will teach their children to do more of the same.

That’s a beautiful thing.

It all began with seeing the potential, believing in it and doing something to transform one corner of the world. This smart, creative and successful transformation for children only happens with help of our friends here at home who understand the power of imagining the possibilities.

Discover more about the art of World Vision sponsorship, and how it helps change the world for a child.​




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