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Milantha's Family Gets a Fresh Start

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Milantha, 10, was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a farmer in his Sri Lankan​ village. But this wasn’t the future he wanted because the farming life posed so many challenges.

Constant drought meant their crops didn’t get the water needed to thrive; this meant that there was rarely enough money for the family to make ends meet. 
Milantha sits in the doorway of his home smiling and holding a school book  
Milantha was on his way to becoming a struggling farmer like his dad. But then he became a sponsored child; his parents received training on how to better grow their crops, along with animals to raise - securing a better future for Milantha and his baby sister.​

Milantha’s mom Koinmanike cradles her baby girl who is just nine-months-old, and explains, “It was very difficult, especially with a baby in the house. We had to buy vegetables from the market, but they were too expensive for us to buy enough.”

The Transformation Begins
World Vision had recently started working in Milantha’s community and identified his family as one in need. 

And with that, the transformative work of child sponsorship began. 

Now, Milantha’s family is thriving. 

“We’ve learned about agriculture from World Vision, including about livestock management,” Koinmanike says, “We didn’t have this knowledge before. They even taught us how we could use our resources to earn extra income.”

Milantha holds on of the chickens his family raises
A cow and chickens means Milantha's family has fresh milk and eggs for their meals and to sell.

The family received a cow and chickens, as well as seeds and seedlings to kick-start a home garden. 

Milantha is excited about the new additions to his household, and loves helping his parents with the animals and garden when he gets home from school.

Smiling broadly, he says: “I like watering the plants in the evening. I also help to feed our cow and collect eggs.”

Healthy and Happy
The assistance the couple received has not only improved their farming skills, but also the health of their children.

Milantha stands with his family outside their home.
Now the family is saving up to build a better home, and with each day, they're also building a better future. 

Milantha’s mother says, “Our children often used to be sick because of what they ate, so we had to go to the doctor all the time. But now we get the vegetables from our garden, so the food is fresh and grown without using chemicals. The kids are healthier now, and we also save about 5,000 rupees ($44CDN) a month on meals.”

Having their own cow also means that Milantha can have a glass of milk every morning, and that his family has extra income from the milk they sell.

The children are happy and healthy, and as each new month passes, the family’s hopes and dreams increase. They are even saving up to build a new house. 

This is only the beginning of Milantha’s journey to a promising future, thanks to the generosity of a child sponsor, and the commitment of his family and community. 

Sponsor a child​ and help him, his family and his community break the cycle of poverty. 





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