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Sponsor has the Perfect Match in Peru

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When Sandi Hamm travelled from her home in Winnipeg to the Miramar community in Peru to visit her sponsored child, she brought a soccer ball and an air pump.

Sandi presents Cesar with a shiny new soccer ball. A riveting game of soccer soon follows.
“I knew Cesar was a soccer lover,” she says. Cesar’s eyes lit up as he accepted Sandi’s present. She asked him if he wanted to play. Their match was on.
One-on-one with Cesar
The game didn’t go as Sandi planned. “I'm an avid runner and Cesar is only nine, so I thought it would be a breeze,” she says.
Well, it wasn’t. Cesar left Sandi wanting to come up for air.
“Oh my gosh! Running my full marathon was easier than trying to keep up with him,” she admits. “I would like to say I didn't try, but I really did. Cesar won hands down.”

Sandi and Cesar jockey for position on the ball. Sandi finds she is no match for the fleet-footed Cesar.
Skilled with feet and hands
After the soccer match, Sandi had lunch with Cesar and his family at the school their visit took place. On the menu was a dish of chicken, rice and vegetables.
Next, the two spent some time hanging out. Cesar also had a gift for his sponsor: a handmade breadbasket made out of Popsicle sticks. “It’s so beautiful,” Sandi says. “He very nonchalantly told me that it only took him a few hours to make and how easy it was.”
To work off lunch, Sandi and Cesar took up another game. This time they played catch. “I thought this wouldn’t kill my lungs as bad,” Sandi jokes. “He has a pretty good arm on him. He’s a natural athlete.”

Cesar wins the ball and the game. Sandi is classy, even in defeat. In the end, they are both winners because of the bond they share.
Soon it was time to go, and Cesar and Sandi said their goodbyes. “What a blessing it was to have all this time with him,” she says. “I will never forget that day.”

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