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Nutrition for Kids

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bimala shows women how to make nutritious food in nepal
See for yourself how child sponsorship gives families access to nutritious food.
World Vision puts the most dollars into programs that benefit children and communities, than any other charity; like this nutrition program in Nepal.

Bimala, 28, has been volunteering as a guide mother for more than two years in Nepal. She teaches mothers of malnourished children to select and prepare nutritious food to help keep children healthy.

The Vitals: World Vision provided 30,000 metric tons of food to beneficiaries and treated 200,000 children suffering from acute malnutrition in 11 countries.

"Women [here] focus more on their fieldwork and less on children. They are not aware of the importance of nutritious food," says Bimala.

With World Vision's support, she received training on early childhood nutrition, health and hygiene.
Bimala now conducts early morning classes for mothers in her community. She uses this opportunity to show mothers how to prepare nutritious meals with locally available resources.

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