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a little girl sits with a bowl of nutritious food on the table in front of her

See for yourself how child sponsorship helps give children the healthcare they need to lead better lives.

World Vision puts the most dollars into programs that benefit children and communities, than any other charity; like this health and nutrition program in El Salvador.

The "Nutrition Circle" is a project that tackles malnutrition in El Salvador. Each nutrition circle is led by a "mother guide," a woman in the community who is trained in the basics of food safety and family nutrition by World Vision staff.
Santos Idalia Escovar de Aviles, led a nutrition circle when her daughter Yeinmy was diagnosed with severe malnutrition.

The Vitals: World Vision provided 2.9 million long-lasting, insecticide-treated bed nets to prevent malaria and 34 million doses of medicine to local health clinics overseas. 850,000 people have better sanitation facilities.

Today, Yeinmy is transformed. She has gained weight, energy and enthusiasm.
"She used to eat only a cornmeal drink; now her favourite foods are beans and pasta." says her mother.
A healthy diet enables her to learn more effectively and boost her disease resistance, essential first steps toward a brighter future.
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