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Water in Action

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a young boy draws clean water from his community's borehole.

See for yourself how child sponsorship helps give communities access to clean water.

World Vision puts the most dollars into programs that benefit children and communities, than any other charity; like this borehole in Tanzania.

Maganga Donald was just eight when he faced death after falling sick with diarrhea.
During his treatment and recovery, Maganga learned what caused his illness: I was sick because I drank dirty water." Snails had contaminated the family's only source of water.

The Vitals: World Vision provided 1.8 million people with access to clean drinking water, 5,340 new or rehabilitated wells and 126,660 latrines.

Today, the cycle of contaminated water and illness has been broken. With sponsorship funds, World Vision created a borehole that Maganga's family and the rest of the community use to extract clean water from deep within the ground.
World Vision also helped the family stay healthy by installing a simple handwashing station in their home.
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Sponsor a child, and help give them the education, clean water, food, healthcare and protection they need to thrive.

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